And-Ones: Jackson, Holland, Box Scores, Video

Mark Jackson hasn’t coached since the Warriors let him go in 2014 but his desire to patrol the sidelines hasn’t waned. He told Marc Berman of the New York Post and other reporters he’d relish another chance to be a head coach.

“I truly look forward to having the opportunity to coach again,” the ESPN/ABC analyst said. “I had a blast at Golden State, built incredible relationships that will last a lifetime and I look forward to the challenge of coaching again.”

Jackson expressed similar feelings in an ESPN interview in May. However, he did not receive an interview in the Knicks’ coaching search before they chose Tom Thibodeau.

We have more from around the basketball world:

  • Former Cavaliers guard John Holland has signed with Russia’s Unics Kazan, Emiliano Carchia of Sportando relays. Holland played in Israel last season. He saw action in 25 total games with Cleveland – all but one during the 2017/18 season – and averaged 2.2 PPG in 7.0 MPG.
  • Add a new line to NBA box scores due to the pandemic — NWT (Not With Team)-Self Isolating, Shams Charania of The Athletic tweets. That will apply to players who miss games due to the coronavirus or are in quarantine for a given reason. The league has also developed rules regarding player participation at the Orlando campus, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweets. Teams must designate participation status in a league portal by 5 PM the day before games. In instances when teams are playing the second game of back-to-back, teams must submit player participation status five hours prior to tip-off.
  • More than 300 fans will be invited to appear live on the 17-foot video boards surrounding the court during each game of the restart, according to NBA press release. It will give participating fans the feeling of sitting next to one another at a live game without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes, the release adds. The league’s national broadcast partners, ESPN and Turner Sports, will have more than 30 cameras — including many in robotic form — repositioned closer to the court and showcase never-before-seen camera angles.
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21 thoughts on “And-Ones: Jackson, Holland, Box Scores, Video

    • Al Hirschen

      Jackson. Kidd. Mike D’Antoni. The three men who should get the Brooklyn head coach job

    • Maybe. Mark Jackson will bring you from the the bottom of the league to respectability. The Big Apple is a huge Market with a giant spotlight and I’m not sure those in the NBA and with the Knicks think Mark Jackson can handle that. He lost control in Oakland with immaturity so how will he do in New York City?

      I say give him the Timberwolves job or something like that. A Team that’s struggling and needs to get back to respectability. The Knicks.. I don’t know, kind of a maybe.

  1. hoosierhysteria

    Jackson deserves better boss than dopey Dolan. Way overdue. He is being avoided because of his faith.

      • I don’t know if I would say “got a lot better.” That’s sort of right but I sure give a lot of credit to Mark Jackson for putting respectability in the bay. He brought defense and accountability and a winning attitude. That did NOT exist before Mark Jackson arrived. My hat goes off to him for the incredible job he did.

        Steve Kerr took that improved team and locker room and atmosphere and built them into a winner. That’s even tougher to do so I tip the cap to Kerr as well. Maybe he and Phil Jackson are those types that take a good team over the hump to win it all. But let’s not overlook the excellent job Mark Jackson did in Oakland.

      • pj68 rather than wear his Christianity as a badge of honor, Mark Jackson wore his Christianity with an isolation Island mentality.

        I’m a Christian and if you speak bad of me that’s fine, it rolls off my shoulder and I move on. In fact I’ll still pursue our friendship because really it’s not about me. That’s the Christian attitude.

        Mark Jackson took those naysayers and banned them from practice, fired assistant coaches, wouldn’t speak to team employees, and stuff like that. As a pastor he should know that we need to live peaceably among ALL men. Naysayers, backstabbers and the like. It’s not about me. I’m a servant to others, what can I do for you? You hate me, fine, can I buy you lunch?

        Being a Christian I know Mark Jackson has learned from that first experience and I sure hope he gets another shot at it. But there’s those in the business that when bridges are burned they are so tough to rebuild that connection again.

        Here’s a hint… in the NBA if you want to succeed, you don’t ban Jerry West from your practice. That’s assassination guaranteed.

        • El Don

          That one calls himself a christian doesn’t mean he is! What one believes doesn’t matter. What counts is that one have to live his life showing he is one by obeying & doing all the things in the Bible… hence there are only very few christians in the world, maybe 1/1000 people in the world!

        • CobiEven

          Very, very well said Gary. I do not agree with how he handled things at Golden State but he turned around the franchise because he is a good coach. We all make mistakes and he deserves a second chance. I think he would be great in Brooklyn.

          El Don, I used to hold people of religions to a higher standard myself. I then came to the understandings that nobody is perfect. No one is %100 living their life according to the Bible. People do not go to church because they are saints but because they sin like the rest of us and seek guidance.

    • There are plenty of guys with faith in the NBA. I’m a Christian I know plenty of guys. Strong biblical men. But Mark Jackson didn’t handle it the right way. He had too much pride because he was a little bit successful and he took the Warriors from the dregs of the NBA to the playoffs and respectability. He was great for the Warriors in that regard.

      But he didn’t handle the position well. He alienated people. But that’s okay it’s a learning process. It was his first NBA coaching job. You learn from it. But some guys don’t get that second shot. Some guys burn bridges that can’t be rebuilt.

  2. madjob33

    Jackson isn’t being considered for any job. Why ? Listen to him do games and then listen to Hubie Brown. “Mama, who’s dat man ? “ Really ???!!!????

  3. GoLandCrabs

    Mark Jackson is a glorfied Byron Scott who has no clue how to coach modern basketball. His comments on how a team with LeBron and AD have no pick and roll option is evidence enough. Theres a reason no one wants him.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Mark Jackson definitely deserves a place in this league because there isn’t 30 coaches better than him. I’d have him at my Sixers over Brett Brown every day.

    As for where I think he could actually go how about with Chicago or Atlanta. Both are young teams with young talent. Both teams need to build that culture, mentality and the right tactics that the coach sets. Jackson would be great at either

    • El Don

      Keep him away from PHI & ATL… don’t care at all about CHI, so they can have him if they want him, right?

    • I give no fox

      If the sixers move on from Brown, I highly doubt it’s for a guy who hasn’t coached in half a decade and never won anything.

      • I give no Fox you’re absolutely correct. Give Mark Jackson a team in shambles. He’ll get them to respectability.

        Almost reminds me of Marty Schottenheimer in the NFL. He would take a team that was going nowhere and get them to the playoffs every time. No matter where he went he could get that done. But he just couldn’t get the team over the top. Never won a Superbowl. In fact if I remember correctly he could never do well in the playoffs period. They’d be great in the regular season, expectations would be high and then they fall flat.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Mark is from Queens. And he failed as a Knick. So I believe he learned. He knows what it takes to be in NY. It’s a different animal. For all who have never been there long enough to know. Don’t believe the media. They are only concerned about the story. Most of them don’t know NY either. Mark built the foundation in GS. He built a solid team. But his views we’re anti LGBT. That’s why he’s on the outs. I believed he’s learned. I would be ok with him in NY. But it’s over. So I’m all in on Thibs. As far as Nets go. I think they have their eye on DAntoni. His contract is up. Rockets not bringing him back. He’s good for Nets, KD n Kyrie like him. Played on USA team with him. If I was Mark at this point. I would not give up that job to go back to coaching.

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