Bradley Beal Won’t Play In NBA Restart

Wizards star Bradley Beal won’t participate in the NBA’s restart this summer due to a right rotator cuff injury, the team announced today in a press release. According to the Wizards, the decision was made in “full consultation” with Wizards doctors, Beal, and the guard’s representatives.

“Bradley did everything possible to be ready to play, but after closely monitoring his individual workouts we came to the conclusion that it was best for him to sit out the upcoming games in Orlando and avoid the risk of further injury,” Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard said in a statement.

“Although he was able to play through the majority of the season with the injury, the layoff from March until now did not leave any of us feeling comfortable that he would have enough time to be ready to perform at the extremely high level we are all accustomed to seeing and agreed that not participating in the games in Orlando was the right decision.”

The Wizards’ announcement indicates that Beal first experienced discomfort in his right shoulder early in the 2019/20 season and managed the issue throughout the year before it worsened during the hiatus. He won’t travel with the team to Orlando as he continues his rehab process through the summer.

Since today’s announcement suggests Beal is being ruled out of the restart due to an injury rather than voluntarily opting out, he presumably won’t have to forfeit his remaining salary for 2019/20. It also means Washington won’t be able to sign a substitute player to replace him on the roster.

Previously, the Wizards signed Jerian Grant to replace Davis Bertans, who chose to opt out of the restart due to his upcoming free agency and a history of ACL injuries. However, players who are sidelined due to injuries aren’t eligible to be replaced by a substitute player. That applies not only to Beal but to fellow All-Star guard John Wall, who continues to recover from his Achilles tear.

While the 24-40 Wizards still technically have a shot at the postseason this summer, they’re 5.5 games back of Orlando and six games back of Brooklyn. They’d have to make up at least two games on one of those teams to force a play-in tournament, then win two consecutive games against the Magic or Nets to earn the No. 8 seed. That seems like a long shot without Beal, Wall, or Bertans available, and it seems clear the club is focusing more on 2020/21 than this season.

“This was a difficult decision and one that I did not take lightly as the leader of this team,” Beal said today in a statement of his own. “I wanted to help my teammates compete for a playoff spot in Orlando, but also understand that this will be best for all of us in the long term. I appreciate the support of my teammates, the fans and the entire organization and look forward to returning next season to continue the progress we have made.”

The Wizards’ eight seeding games in Orlando will be against the Suns, Nets, Pacers, Sixers, Pelicans, Thunder, Bucks, and Celtics. Each of those teams figures to be more heavily favored against Washington now that Beal is out of the picture.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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18 thoughts on “Bradley Beal Won’t Play In NBA Restart

    • Did you actually read the article? He’s injured. Do NBA players normally take a pay cut when they’re hurt? No.

  1. dust44

    So the Wizards have any dudes left to play? Bertans and Beal out. So it’s gunna b a bunch of young dudes playing 8 games getting smoked

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      They’re no worse off than the Nets right now so whether it’s Brooklyn or the Wizards winning the #8 seed they’ll definitely get swept by the Bucks.

  2. DynamiteAdams

    So the NBA gives the Wizards a chance to still make the playoffs and all the players were like “Nah I’m good”

  3. Buckman

    Whether hurt or not a good decision. The latest is that Orlando area ICUs are full. FLA is one of worst states to restart anything. Exponential growth, when not understood, makes fools of decision makers. I am a big NBA fan and the Bucks rarely achieve their level of current success but, to me, this is looking more and more like a health and PR disaster for the NBA. Abort!

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs

      Players, of all people, have little to worry about in terms of COVID.

      I guarantee any player that tests positive isn’t going to some random hospital you’d visit if they get super sick.

      There’s probably a privately set up hospital they’ll take players to with covid and treat them there.

      Teams being sent to one city probably aren’t going to be allowed to go out much, if any, at risk of catching it.

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs

      Players are going to get the best modern medicine has to offer for covid and will receive special treatment in many ways you or I would not concerning medical issues and precautions taken.

      • Buckman

        So you guys think that the NBA has somehow procured what state governments and hospitals couldn’t? A prof at the Baylor School of Med said you can’t even do contact tracing in FLA anymore because the transmission rate is so high. NBA restart is FUBAR!

  4. mlbnyyfan

    Wow Beal refusing to play. Sounds like he should be punished and traded to the Knicks

  5. Simple Fan

    To Phoenix with Wall for Booker, Ayton, and another… Then it will be a real restart

    • x%sure

      Beal talks about getting along with Wall now, but that could change after half a year or so of sharing leadership on court and off. Beal would be like, Now I’m remembering why I wanted to punch him.

      There would be a window of opportunity to trade them both to the same team, before they tangle again, but GMs would be inclined to wait and see first.

      Not sure if that’s what “Dogs like real deer” means.
      Fear the Beer!

  6. Simple Fan

    The Wall/Beal dynasty seems from so long ago. Switching up will give them a chance to restart but trying to say, “it would be great to accommodate” is false. It would suck to anxiously wait for them to scrum

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