Bucks Close Practice Facility Following Rounds Of COVID-19 Testing

The Bucks have shut down the team’s practice facility following results from COVID-19 testing on Friday, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Milwaukee isn’t expected to re-open its facility for workouts before the team travels to Orlando on Thursday for the NBA’s resumption, Wojnarowski adds.

Along with the Bucks, the Clippers, Heat and Nuggets have all been forced to close their facilities within the past week due to positive coronavirus tests. The Suns and Nets also had to shut their facilities down in June.

The Bucks currently sit atop the Eastern Conference standings at 53-12, winning six of their last 10 games before the season was indefinitely suspended on March 11. They hold an impressive 28-3 record at home, going 34-5 against teams in the East this season.

Milwaukee is slated to play its first game on July 31 against Boston. To this point, only individual workouts have commenced at team practice facilities — group workouts won’t be allowed until the 22 teams enter the NBA’s campus in Orlando.

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11 thoughts on “Bucks Close Practice Facility Following Rounds Of COVID-19 Testing

  1. This playoff season for 2020 is going to be the survival of the “healthiest.” Your NBA Finals MVP could be a role player who steps up while the stars are in quarantine. Should be very interesting if we even go through with this at all.

  2. x%sure

    Everyone wants to blame the practice facility. The players are barely near anyone when they’re there. The facilities have been closed awhile.
    Doesn’t matter really.

    Writers who say the NBA is working on a separate camp “already” is the big problem. There’s a few idols to worship in the group of 8 too, if that be the measure.

  3. ThePeople'sElbow

    How are they going to prevent an outbreak for 3 months when their letting Disney employees come and go as they please with only a temperature check?

    What if LBJ, Kawhi, or Giannis test’s positive – what then?

    • That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Like I said above, it’s going to be some scrub who wins Finals MVP LOL.

      Introducing the 2020 Bill Russell Award winner, Briante Weber !!

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      If any of those guys tests positive, it will be their own fault for not being careful and protecting themselves from getting infected. How hard is that?

    • x%sure

      Silver says he worries about an outbreak, not missing a star. There’s a number of deserving players. IDK what you mean “what then [the stars]” … Bend the rules? Give the winner an asterisk? I Think everyone should get an asterisk in the “GP” column for statistical purposes but the power-mongers won’t care about that. No asterisk for titles won.

    • I’ve been saying that since they announced plans for Bubble Ball. Do we know if they have any sort of contingency plan if half a team comes down with it?

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Not looking good. They all need to follow strict protocol. And Disney workers will be an issue. Players gonna have to be in hazmat suits lol. I hope it works. Really want to see playoffs. Stay safe

    • x%sure

      There should be consumer hazmat headcovers for consumers in the general population, available, in addition to the regular devices for pros who have to work in it. I mean Walmart-variety protection starting at $80 or so, with ones with motors available, comfortable for three-hour stints.

      I’m surprised it hasn’t really happened already.
      Anyone want to sell some tickets? Sell headcovers too… it wouldn’t be that much more. Then consumers have it for messy jobs around the house!
      There should be day-passes sold in Orlando.

      At some point people should think about gaining some immunity while still young.

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