Bulls Notes: Boylen, Mini-Camp, Draft, Deng

Bulls executive VP of basketball operations Arturas Karnisovas is keeping his promise to evaluate head coach Jim Boylen and his staff before making a decision on their future, writes K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago. The Bulls have plenty of down time for Karnisovas to interact with Boylen and the other coaches. The team isn’t part of the restart in Orlando and is awaiting word on a possible mini-camp with the other seven non-invited teams.

Karnisovas and new general manager Marc Eversley have been encouraging the staff to focus solely on coaching-related matters and avoid other distractions that arise, Johnson adds. They want management to be in charge of any other issues that involve the team.

Since joining the Bulls, Karnisovas has met frequently with Boylen to watch film, get his opinions on player development and discuss the draft and free agency. Although Boylen remains unpopular with Chicago’s fan base, Karnisovas has pledged not to let public opinion sway his decision.

There’s more from Chicago:

  • The Bulls would probably be well represented at a gathering of the eight teams not in Orlando, though all players may not participate, Johnson adds in the same piece. One of the most intriguing decisions would involve Lauri Markkanen, who will be eligible for a rookie scale extension this offseason and may not want to risk an injury with nothing at stake.
  • Point guard may again be a position of need as the new Bulls management team prepares for the draft, writes Joe Cowley of The Chicago Sun-Times. Kris Dunn hasn’t developed into the play-maker the front office expected, and Coby White, last year’s top pick, seems better suited to play shooting guard. Cowley sees LaMelo Ball, Killian HayesTyrese Haliburton and Cole Anthony as the best point guards available.
  • In an interview with Carol Tshabalala, Luol Deng blames former GM Gar Forman for destroying the Bulls’ chances at winning a title. “The guy who traded me obviously ruined the team,” Deng said. “I don’t mind saying that now. I would never speak about him as a person, just the decisions he made.” Tom Thibodeau was irate that the front office opted to trade Deng rather than give him a contract extension, Deng adds.
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11 thoughts on “Bulls Notes: Boylen, Mini-Camp, Draft, Deng

  1. x%sure

    A lot there to grate a Bulls fan!
    Deng was never committed to the Cavs. Anyway Lebron signed on. He was best with the Bulls style, never had an allstar-level PER.

    There’s a lot of pressure in Chicago… if the Bucks win a title I think there would be more. Seems like a duh prediction!

  2. tomjoadsghost

    If the front office keeps Boylen into next season they lose massive amounts of credibility. Bulls fans want real change not tokenism.

  3. x%sure

    Seems like Anthony Edwards migrated from being a 6-5 PG to a 6-3 SG. Coby White may have taken a similar route already. Writer Cowley said that having White also blocks another Anthony, Cole A., also from UNC.

    Also, RJ Hampton, Tyrone Maxey and Theo Maledon are ranked in the same area by espn and may “shrink” in the NBA. My opinion. Ball has legit size, could get taller like Shaq Harrison, not mentioned by Cowley, who also ignored Arci., Sator., and Valen. Hmm Bulls were not associated with getting a PG.

    • bryzzo_2016

      Way too early to label White as a SG. I believe he was the only top 10 pick not to start. Boylen shoulda given him the keys to at least see if he’s a NBA PG especially when their season was in the tank.

      • wagner13

        I don’t understand why they didn’t move Satoransky to small forward and start White at point guard once Porter got hurt

  4. Sportsfantatic

    Honestly iff i were the Bulls id consider giving Thibs another chance but a 2 yr agreement.. He wasnt a bad coach The only reason whyy the Bulls let him go is because Forman only hires or keep guys he likes.. Thats whyy they dumped Thibs bc Forman hated him and was good friends with Hoiberg.. That didnt pan out soo they went the back up plan got desperate went with Boylan..

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Why is Boylen even still around. They absolutely need a new direction. PG should be their pick. Ball will never be PG. He don’t play D, and his handle is not there for a PG. Halliburton is best PG in this draft. I’m hoping Knicks take him. Hayes in long run could be better. But he is yrs away from playing major mins. It’s why I want Halliburton. Bulls have young talent. Anthony could work for them.

  6. Sportsfantatic

    The last good PG theyve drafted was Rose and some say that wasnt even a good draft pick bc of his injuries.. He had maybe what 2 good years.. Realistctly Jordan was the last good PG theyve drafted.. They just cant draft PGs idk if they are cursed or what devp PG.. They might be better signing a FA PG and draft the best Swing Forward that can score points That can play SF/G

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