Restart Notes: Older Coaches, Roberts, Power Rankings, Disney Employees

The league won’t prevent older coaches and staff members from working at the Orlando campus, Tim MacMahon of ESPN tweets. “We’ve been assured by the league that no one will be red-flagged by the league from going to Orlando based on age alone,” according to Mavericks coach and NBA Coaches Association president Rick Carlisle. All coaches and staffers will go through a medical screening process, MacMahon adds.

We have more news related to the NBA’s restart:

  • National Basketball Players Association executive director Michele Roberts is unconcerned about losing some fans due to the players’ desire to make social justice messages during the resumption of play, she told The Athletic’s Michael Lee. Among other things, the league will paint “Black Lives Matter” on the Orlando courts. “Anybody that says, ‘I’m done with the NBA,’ see ya,” she said. “I can’t even abide someone that says that because we are saying killing Black people is something we need to talk about. If they don’t want to hear that, I don’t really think they have a place in our game.”
  • After perusing each team’s eight “seeding” games prior to the playoffs, The Athletic’s Zach Harper places the Bucks and Lakers in the top two spots in his latest Power Rankings. Harper previously had the Lakers on top. The Clippers and Raptors remained in the third and fourth spots, respectively, with the Heat moving up two notches to No. 5.
  • While NBA teams will be subject to rigorous testing, Disney World employees won’t have similar restrictions, Rich Greenfield of LightShed tweets. There will be no COVID-19 testing of employees at Disney parks before they return to work next week. Instead, they will only be administered temperature checks.
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15 thoughts on “Restart Notes: Older Coaches, Roberts, Power Rankings, Disney Employees

  1. Sillivan

    There will be no COVID-19 testing of employees at Disney parks before they return to work next week.

    Disney employees want to know the list of players who have COVID.

  2. x%sure

    That argument by Roberts could be applied to any topic… The problem is advancing that slogan above others, not to mention painting ANY slogan onto the court. There’s already enough crap on them. Plus, BLM is itself racist, not anti-racist, so it doesn’t even do what it says.

    There are going to be a backgrounds behind the benches that could be billboards for whatever, since showing empty seats is no attraction. The NBA should have some foresight and prepare that space, but that would require the making of predictions and predicting is not a power move. I’m sure corporate sponsors will fill the void with seat-section covers telling us to buy one car or another.

    Nations already prosecute murderers; if we don’t it’s because of public sector union protection, not racism. Whites get hassled too, and lied about in court. There should not be anyone killed like Floyd was.

    All that talk from city councils about getting rid of cops, ha. If they’re still there, it’s not because they’re in charge, it’s because there’s no way for society to function without them, and who else is willing. Typical educational prerequisites are already set aside to hire cops.

    Chris Paul is trying to bail himself out of his role in getting the restart started.

    I guess it’s going to be called “restart” not “resumption”.

    Everything revolves around covid19.

    There, the idea raised discussion, and it hasn’t even been painted on the court yet.

    • earmbrister

      How is Black Lives Matter racist?

      It doesn’t say ONLY Black Lives Matter.

      It doesn’t say Black Lives Matter more than other lives.

      Just Black Lives Matter.

      If you have a problem with that, you need to take a long look in the mirror.

        • Reflect

          When taken literally no. Of course all lives matter. The issue is that nowadays when people are saying it, it’s only ever used as a dismissal and invalidation of the significance of black issues.

          No one saying “all lives matter” ever really means it. They’re just trying to validate themselves.

  3. So the people cleaning the rooms, making meals, etc., won’t be tested? In a state that is having 7,000 new cases per day?

    • x%sure

      It’s a union thing. They do get surveyed & temperatured. That should be a word now, temperatured.

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        I was just talking to my Executive Director about tentative plans for the fall and I worked “temperatured” into the discussion. It was accepted.

    • Magic 24/7

      Disney’s employee union wants testing for ALL Disney corp employee’s in the US under their umbrella, not just the ones in the bubble. They’re holding a line of all or none…at least for now.

  4. Sillivan

    When I stayed in the hotel I got massaged by hotel workers every night.

    Are the Disney workers going to massage the players? The risk is scary high.

  5. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    It’s pretty easy to see where the biggest potential flaw in the bubble will be… Considering the efforts that the NBA is taking to be as sure as possible that healthy athletes will be entering the bubble, I’m literally in disbelief that allowing workers inside without demanding testing was accepted.

  6. x%sure

    That is the favored rhetoric for the force-feeding of the slogan. But the assumptions required to interpret BLM that way are so counter-intuitive that it would rather seem that divisiveness was the larger goal. BLM only lists one race as mattering.

    If they painted “Tuesdays matter” on the court, I would ask *Okay but who said otherwise? And what’s up with the other days of the week?* Nazis might claim “Aryans matter” as a way of sneaking in a preference.

    • x%sure

      That was for earmbrister above. The “reply” button is always needing refreshing.

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