Heat Viewed As Threat For Oladipo In 2021?

Pacers guard Victor Oladipo isn’t set to reach free agency until the 2021 offseason, but now that he has been ruled out for the remainder of the 2019/20 season, he’ll likely be entering a contract year the next time we see him on the court. As a result, there has been increased speculation as of late about his long-term future.

As J. Michael of The Indianapolis Star details, that speculation only figures to increase following Oladipo’s decision to sit out the NBA restart. Although Oladipo is considered to be sidelined for injury reasons, meaning he won’t forfeit his remaining salary, the two-time All-Star made the decision and announced it himself without giving the Pacers a heads-up.

As Michael notes, the Pacers consider themselves a player-friendly organization and have given Oladipo the leeway to make such decisions — he also announced his return date from his torn quad tendon in January. On top of that, Michael points out that Oladipo was always expected to test the free agent market in 2021 rather than signing an early extension with Indiana, since that will give him the opportunity to maximize his earnings.

A pair of league sources tell The Indianapolis Star that Oladipo will be prioritizing two things in free agency: The most money possible and the chance to compete for championships. The Pacers, who will hold Oladipo’s Bird rights, will be in position to offer him more money and more years than any rival suitor, so if he feels good about the club’s chances to make deep postseason runs, Indiana should be in the driver’s seat to re-sign him.

Still, Oladipo may consider other options. If he does, Michael suggests that the Knicks aren’t the most logical landing spot, despite the presence of Oladipo’s former agent Leon Rose in the front office. According to Michael, the “strongest preliminary indication” is that the Heat would be the biggest threat to sign Oladipo.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the Heat linked to Oladipo. Miami is expected to have cap room available in 2021 and president Pat Riley intends to go star-hunting. Giannis Antetokounmpo has frequently been cited as the team’s No. 1 target, but if Giannis re-ups with the Bucks, Oladipo could emerge as Miami’s top priority. Shams Charania of The Athletic reported last month that the Heat have “made it known” they intend to pursue both Antetokounmpo and Oladipo in 2021, if possible.

As Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald details, there would be a number of cap obstacles to overcome if the Heat try to land both players, particularly given the uncertain impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the salary cap going forward. But as we saw when they acquired Jimmy Butler last summer, the Heat have shown a willingness to get creative with sign-and-trades to a acquire a maximum-salary player even when they don’t have the cap room to sign him outright.

We’re still a year away from Oladipo reaching the open market, and plenty could happen between now and then to shift the outlook of his free agency — he’ll need to look like his old self in 2020/21 to even be assured of maximum-salary offers, for instance. For now though, based on Michael’s report and others, it sounds like the Pacers are preparing to have to ward off the Heat to retain their 28-year-old star.

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23 thoughts on “Heat Viewed As Threat For Oladipo In 2021?

  1. Noel1982

    Confident prediction heat get oladipo and another quality guy but Giannis goes the way of Durant Hayward and Aldridge and spurns the heat ! Guaranteed

    • The heat are not bad shape as they currently stand. They’ve had some fantastic draft picks for 1. Incredible job by the Miami Heat scouting department and Pat Riley making the big decisions. If they could Land one more All- NBA type player they’d be in business.

      • Noel1982

        As good as they are now all they need is a close to right as possible oladipo ! Just think Giannis will choose to stay with bucks or go with raptors ! He’s not from the states so he’s not partial to the big coastal cities !
        Under the radar and not a moves fan but he should consider teaming with luka

  2. I love the article Luke. Good speculation. But allow me make the following comment please if I may.

    Wow that is such a looong waaay off and lots of Hope for a B all-star. So much money and so much roster manipulation to fit in a guy who’s constantly hurt and has questionable impact on the floor.

    Does he give everything, is he a decent Defender, can he make shots? Yes to all those things. Will he put Miami over the top? Wow I guess there’s not much to choose from. With that in mind it’s still tough for me to get excited about Victor Oladipo. Jimmy Butler yes he will put you over the top. Oladipo? Not that exciting to me. Isn’t there anybody else to go after with full force?

    Oladipo is one of those leaders and stars for someone like…, the Indiana Pacers or the Orlando Magic or the Utah Jazz. Those four through eight seed teams and he’s the best player on that team. He’s not a championship lead #1 guy. I think that’s what Miami wants. Those kind of guys.

    • They’re just one whale away from being near the top of the East and in contention for playing in the finals. They better not settle for a fish.. that would be disappointing.

      • x%sure

        Yes the Fish have not done well there lately.
        Although dolphins are mammals not fish.

  3. Sillivan

    Trade idea
    Bucks get Bam, Herro, Robinson and Salary release
    Heat get Giannis

    Are Hart title contender after the trade?

    • Warriors can beat that trade.
      W’s 2020 1st round pick top 5,
      W’s 2021 1st round pick 19-23 or so. Wolves 1st round pick probably top 10, Andrew Wiggins,
      Eric paschall.

      That’s 5 for 1 and great quality. Lakers can’t beat that either.

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        Curry, Thompson, Giannis that pick won’t be 19-23.

        Anyways. If bucks trade him they’ll want a kings ransom of young players and least 4 1st round draft picks.

        • Noel1982

          The heats package of players is really good I just don’t think they have many first they can trade and this is all presumptions anyways ! Still think it’s a great chance he takes the bucks offer of the super max this off season

    • Sillivan

      Bucks will trade Giannis if he doesn’t stay. There is zero chance that he will become free agent.

      What is your trade proposal?

      • Noel1982

        He’s not likely to decide if he will stay with bucks till free agent meetings happen ! At that point bucks will be lucky to get a sign and trade for him !

  4. Bill Simmons used the wording “pre-agency” to discuss players trying to change teams at least two years before contracts expire; it is not good for the NBA.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Oladipo has had only two gd years. He has shown he is prime time. But Pacers haven’t done anything yet. He is not worth max to me. As far as Knicks go. He’s not really the type of PG we need. Why is every player associated with Knicks. I find that hilarious. These are same media that kill Knicks every chance they get. Yet somehow we are suppose to go after every player available. Knicks should only be looking at stars 22-26. This is a rebuild. So our core players are just starting to show. So far it’s only been RJ, Mitch. Still waiting on Knox, Nttilikina, Smith. IMO they should resign Dotson. To backup RJ, and play him. Oladipo is a nice player. If Pacers let him walk. They are pretty much giving up on this team.

    • mlbnyyfan

      Dotson should definitely stay. Disappointed Trier was let go. Move RJ to the 3. Hopefully draft a PG

  6. think they are more likely to get Jrue Holiday who is similar to Oli.
    Jrue is also an amazing two way player but unlike Oli is isn’t much of a clutch scorer that’s where Jimmy gets to keep that role and is happy. Jimmy Butler is also a huge fan of Holiday so that would make sense and with Dragic likely to retire around that time it would be like a direct replacement.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to make a trade package for the pelicans player now. Pelicans are an obvious young team building around Zion and Ball and kept Jrue mainly as a vet to lead. Heat have vets like Iggy they could offer away, but they don’t have first round picks.

    maybe Iggy plus Herro plus Olynyk and 2 seconds for Jrue plus Josh Hart.

    pelicans get a vet leader in Iggy who doesn’t require loads of minutes, they get a young star with personality in Herro who fits that team and Olynyk for a spacing big and to make contracts work plus some picks.

    also think Josh Hart would be a great Miami Heat player. would love the help from solid stars like Butler and Dwanye Wade and is a two way player. could grow into a starter an franchise piece with Adebayo

  7. hoosierhysteria

    VO needs to get back on court and show the injury is behind him. He wasn’t dominant this season. It looked like the injury was in his head…he was afraid to go all out. Yea…..prove it again.

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