Jason Kidd Emerging As Frontrunner For Knicks’ Coaching Job?

1:17pm: Thibodeau is the Knicks’ first choice, but if he doesn’t reach an agreement with the team it could open the door for Kidd, according to Marc Berman of The New York Post, who hears from a source that Kidd “really wants” the job.

One source who spoke to Berman estimated that Thibodeau still has about a “65 percent” chance to end up with the job. Berman also reports that a final decision isn’t expected to be made until next week.

11:27am: Jason Kidd is emerging as a frontrunner in the Knicks‘ head coach search, a “plugged-in” source tells Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News.

According to Bondy, Kidd’s odds of becoming New York’s next coach increased after negotiations with presumed frontrunner Tom Thibodeau hit a snag.

Considered a player-friendly coach, Kidd is viewed by the Knicks as an asset for attracting top free agents. However, according to Bondy, some people within the organization aren’t entirely sold on the former Bucks and Nets head coach, given how his stints in Milwaukee and Brooklyn played out.

Bondy suggests that if the Knicks go with Kidd, the front office would want to pick “at least some” of his assistant coaches. A source tells The Daily News that Kenny Payne, Rod Strickland, and Mike Woodson – who all have close ties to new Knicks exec William Wesley – would be candidates to join the staff as assistants.

Bondy hears from a source that the Knicks and owner James Dolan have been unwilling so far to agree to Thibodeau’s contract requests. According to Bondy, Thibodeau remains a possibility for the open position, but one side or both would have to make concessions. Retaining interim coach Mike Miller hasn’t been ruled out either, Bondy adds.

Ian Begley of SNY.tv reported on Thursday morning that the Knicks weren’t currently engaged in negotiations with any of their head coaching candidates and hadn’t made a contract offer to anyone. That doesn’t necessarily contradict Bondy’s report — it’s possible the team had earlier negotiations with Thibodeau and never got to the point where an offer was made. It’s also possible negotiations took place in the last 24 hours, after Begley’s report was published.

Begley also indicated on Thursday that there’s a “strong likelihood” the Knicks will have conversations with multiple candidates next week, so it may still be several days before the team finalizes its decision. The club is expected to have a new head coach in place by the end of the month.

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23 thoughts on “Jason Kidd Emerging As Frontrunner For Knicks’ Coaching Job?

  1. Sillivan

    Thib is worth 4 years 28 million contract?

    Atkinson would take 4 years 14 million contract

  2. mrshyguy99

    why do teams keep wanting thibs what has he done to earn job after job? do teams really like his coaching style? who really like a coach who like burn out it players and only use 7-9 players a game.

    • Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

      Thibs has a reputation as getting good defense from guys, when they actually buy in and want to play defense. A young team with young players I’d give thibs a shot. An older more veteran team I don’t see it working out well.

      • jump shot

        Theoretically (and in years past) you’re absolutely correct. But these young dudes are different now. U ever see much defense in aau? Sure there’s always a couple youngsters that will get after it, but most of them that make it to the nba level haven’t played much defense in the last 8, 9 years. It’s frustrating to the college coaches, but they figure, “Hell, I only got him for a year (actually, about 6 months) – I’ll worry more about his strengths (buckets) than his weaknesses.”
        Good luck to Thibs or whoever gets them at the next level.

    • The Knicks are a total disaster. I’m not a huge Thibs fan, but at a minimum, the Knicks would be competitive and could make the playoffs with Thibs. That would be an enormous improvement.

      In other words, they could do a lot worse. As a fan, I just want to see some competitive basketball again. I’ll take what I can get at this point.

  3. I will look forward to the day when Kidd has a complete meltdown on the media and scrutiny and ownership meddling and perhaps his players.

    Maybe then he can garner enough sympathy that everyone unequivocally recognizes how debased the franchise is of any hope of sustainable growth or a hint of satisfaction. It’s a torture chamber for anyone who enters with any desire for success and accomplishment.

  4. hiflew

    When your coach is going to be the best point guard on your roster, you still have problems.

  5. bens04ter

    As I lifetime long and true honest and real KYK fan I feel the best coach would be someone that is NOT based on his past defensive accolades or the hope he can recruit some free agents BUT someone who can develop and relate to the players of the modern era…Hire Atkinson and make Woodson and Miller assistants!

    • mlbnyyfan

      Jackson name never comes up with the Knicks. Thibs I know is purposely stalling waiting for another team to call. Stop wasting my teams time.

  6. Lionel Muggeridge

    Kidd is so overrated as a coach and he has a history that I wouldn’t trust

  7. bowserhound

    Jackson and Van Gundy should co-coach them. At least it would be entertaining.

  8. x%sure

    So Rose & Thibs get along, but Dolan & Thibs don’t. Kidd as a backup Thibs?— Rose should say no to get even. As the world turns.

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