Pacific Notes: Clippers, Rubio, Caruso, Bjelica, Warriors

The Clippers‘ proposed Inglewood arena took an important step forward on Tuesday, according to Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN, who writes that the Inglewood City Council unanimously approved the environmental impact report for the building.

As Youngmisuk details, the Clippers intend to build a “sprawling campus” that will include an outdoor plaza, as well as the club’s corporate offices and practice facility. Barring any setbacks, the plan is for construction to begin in the summer of 2021 and for the team to begin playing in the new arena at the start of the 2024/25 season, after the Clippers’ Staples Center lease expires.

Here’s more from around the Pacific:

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15 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Clippers, Rubio, Caruso, Bjelica, Warriors

  1. Sillivan

    Looney is Warriors 9th man

    5th man Gallo via TE 4 years 80 million

    6th man John Collins via this year pick and a future First

    7th man Luke Kennard Wolves pick plus other picks

    8th man point guard via MLE

    Collins and Kennard salary is 4 million each

    • Hard no on gallo. He’ll get more money on the open market and he gets hurt too much. He’s strictly an offensive player not much on defense so he won’t see time in big playoff games in the fourth quarter.

      John Collins is not available. No way he leaves Atlanta at all in any case.

      Luke Kennard is a good player. He plays 110% and us gets hurt often as well. He leaves everything out there and is so Scrappy that he gets nicked up and is unavailable. There’s other guys you can have in his price range that are veterans.

    • I do agree the Warriors bench needs help. Looney, Damion Lee, Eric paschall, who am I forgetting?

      I think that’s about it. Can’t really count on KY Bowman or Jordan Poole just yet if at all. But Warriors know how to get a bench we saw it last year with Alec Burks and Glenn Robinson.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      And if they manage to pull of all of the miracles they will win 65 games?

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      This can’t possibly work for one simple reason. If the Warriors use the full MLE to sign two players for $4M each, then they become hard-capped and cannot exceed the luxury tax apron. If they use their $17M trade exception, it will put them well over that mark (assuming they’re not over it already). They could however use the mini-MLE to sign them for just under $3M apiece.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Plus you can’t use a trade exception to sign a free agent anyway.

        • mlbnyyfan

          If Caruso went to the Wedding LBJ would of had him off the roster by next year.

        • I did not know that about creating a second year in a row of hard cap situation by doing that. Shows what I know LOL.

        • What I see the Warriors doing is bringing back the core Plus Wiggins and then taking a look to see what can they do to get another Superstar. You’ve heard me talk about this before. They have this year’s top 5 pick, they have next year’s first-round pick, they have next year’s wolves first round pick, and they have a 17 million trade exception. Plus Andrew Wiggins 26 million-dollar salary. All that could possibly bring in a super stud. If that doesn’t happen (Giannis and I don’t know who else would fit that bill maybe nobody,) then you run it with the big three plus Wiggins who is not a terrible player. He’s actually pretty amazing.

          Then surround those guys just like they have in the past with veterans willing to play for a little less. Guys like David West Javale McGee Alec Burks Glenn Robinson.. they had Jermaine O’Neal. Guys like that.

          Someone said 65 wins average? Are you kidding me.. they’ve learned by now and especially now that there are 32 years old.. don’t burn out in the regular season. Low 30 minutes for 65 games, sneak in as the 3 seed 4 seed. Then make some noise. Three-year window. Maybe they can win one? It would be nice if they did and exciting to watch even if they don’t.

          • harden-westbrook-mvps

            Wiggins now has the chance to prove himself after being labeled a bust in Minnesota. Of course the Wolves have proven multiple times how much they can ruin player’s careers. Luckily KG finally got his opportunity with Boston, and maybe KAT will be lucky enough to find another home before it’s too late for him. As a Rockets fan who remembers how Wiggins’ father derailed his own career with drug abuse (and the suspension that ensued), I hope the younger Wiggins enjoys a more successful career than Mitch did.

            • I loved Mitchell Wiggins. Even in college he wore those old-school knee braces with the metal things on the side. I watched him play in San Diego Sports Arena during his junior or senior year can’t remember. Just a great fundamental scorer kind of like Phil Smith. Would dribble, back you in and jump above everyone and shoot an 18-footer, think he average 20-something.

              It’s funny he came into the pros with a defensive reputation.. I didn’t even realize that watching him in college. But yeah always loved Mitchell Wiggins. Good trip down memory lane. Thank you.

            • You also bring up another memory in a sideways sort of way. Many years ago I was playing basketball in a local park in San Diego and there was a teenage girl shooting around and I noticed she had a pretty good-looking shot. Started talking to her about her basketball career and she said yes she loved basketball etc. I told her she probably will be great in high school because her shot looked good. She said she trained quite a bit and that her father was a professional athlete !!

              I asked her name, she said Candace Wiggins… so I said, oh, Mitchell Mitchell Wiggins? She said no, Alan Wiggins, Padres, which is why she was in San Diego.

              Of course we know Candace Wiggins went on to be a fantastic college and WNBA player. It was fun bumping into her as a 14 year old kid with a nice little jump shot LOL.

            • El Don

              KG’s career was made in MIN, in BOS he only won a ring, but was a shadow of the great player he had been in MIN.
              Wiggs career is already super stellar compared to his fathers! Wiggs is been 6 years in the league averaging 20ppg, I mean very few players can do that, right?

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