Bucks Players Boycotting Game 5 Vs. Orlando

3:46pm: Bucks players are in their locker room attempting to contact Josh Kaul, the attorney general of Wisconsin, reports Charania (via Twitter). According to Charania, the Magic are refusing to accept the Bucks’ forfeit of today’s game.

“Some things are bigger than basketball,” Alex Lasry, the Bucks’ senior vice president and son of team owner Marc Lasry, said in a statement (via Twitter). “The stand taken today by the players and org shows that we’re fed up. Enough is enough. Change needs to happen. I’m incredibly proud of our guys and we stand 100% behind our players ready to assist and bring about real change.”

3:21pm: Bucks players have decided to boycott Game 5 of their first-round series against the Magic this afternoon in protest of the recent police shooting of Jacob Blake, according to reports from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter links).

As the Magic took the court for pregame warmups this afternoon, the Bucks remained in their locker room, prompting Orlando players and the game’s referees to eventually leave the floor. Charania and Wojnarowski reported that the Bucks were seriously considering a boycott as league and team officials gathered outside the team’s locker room.

The shooting of Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which is less than 50 miles south of Milwaukee.

The Bucks met before practice on Tuesday to discuss the incident and other social and racial justice issues, as Matt Velazquez of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel details. Multiple players expressed reservations about being in the NBA’s Disney World bubble with more important things going on, with George Hill suggesting that players should never have gone to Orlando to restart the season.

“I think it was said by multiple people there’s nothing more important than getting social justice and getting the wrongs that are happening in our country right and creating real and lasting change,” head coach Mike Budenholzer said of the meeting. “There’s literally nothing more important.”

It’s also worth noting that Bucks swingman Sterling Brown has first-hand experience with police brutality and racial profiling, having been tased and arrested by Milwaukee police officers over a parking violation in 2018. He has an ongoing lawsuit against the city, alleging that the officers used excessive force and targeted him because he is Black.

Earlier reports had indicated that NBA players – particularly members of the Celtics and Raptors – were mulling the possibility of boycotting games. Now that the Bucks have done so, it’s unclear what sort of domino effect the decision might have or how exactly the league will handle it.

As Bobby Marks of ESPN notes (via Twitter) the NBA’s Operations Manual includes “failure to appear” language that would subject a team to a forfeit and a fine of up to $5MM. However, that doesn’t mean those penalties will be applied in this situation — especially if this isn’t the last game to be boycotted.

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81 thoughts on “Bucks Players Boycotting Game 5 Vs. Orlando

  1. kylegocougs

    It is worth a forfeit. Cops routinely show kindness to white mass shooters and murder African Americans.

    • bostondynasty

      Right on! People of color being dragged out of bible study to take a public beating by the cops. They’re victims of circumstance.

  2. acarneglia

    Shouldn’t we address the fact that they had every right to shoot him. You cannot reach in your car when cops tell you not to. It doesn’t matter what color he is or what color the cops are.

    • kylegocougs

      We could address the specifics of the case, but it doesn’t even matter anymore. The cops kill plenty of innocent men who do nothing wrong.

      • acarneglia

        People deny the facts. If the cops see an immediate threat, they must shoot. It’s unfortunate but it’s a fact.

        • harden-westbrook-mvps

          It’s unfortunate that people and police actually feel this way. You can subdue someone without trying to kill them. It’s sad how rational thinking escapes so many people.

          • acarneglia

            That’s not it! You are so ignorant. If someone has a gun and you can’t see it you have to act.

          • bdpecore

            I will say police are in a no win situation these days. They cannot use physical force to subdue someone because it’s considered police brutality which allows these unfortunate situations to escalate to the point where guns need to be drawn.

            The one thing most of these recent tragedies have in common is the victim wasn’t being compliant with the officers’ requests. Right, wrong or indifferent the majority of these unjustified killings could’ve been avoided if the victims would’ve simply cooperated with the police as opposed to ignoring them or getting hostile.

            I 100% support making changes to police procedures, training and hiring process to help weed out the bad apples. But we also need to support our local officers and not take away their funding and the tools which allow them to do their jobs safely.

            This is a complex and delicate situation which requires level heads and cooperation to achieve. So can we please quit with the finger pointing and taking sides.

          • x%sure

            Wether or not someone can in theory subdue someone without shooting, it doesn’t mean anyone can all the time, and these days its risky to even try. So the question is, just let the other guy go. (Not seen a tape of this one, just speaking to the philosophy of it)

    • sidewinder11

      So they couldn’t have apprehended him in a non lethal way? They were standing close enough to grab him. I agree that he shouldn’t have been reaching into his vehicle, but that’s not an offense that warrants being shot multiple times

      • acarneglia

        If the guy has a gun and starts shooting you are screamed. I agree they didn’t need to shoot multiple times though

      • cjmask

        Have you worked a day as a cop? First, they tased him and it didn’t work. Second, if he’s got a weapon such as a knife hidden on his person, he would have a much easier time stabbing a cop if they “grab” him. Stop blaming the cops when all the guy had to do was comply with their lawful orders and not reach into his vehicle. Did the cops have to wait until he came out with a gun and shot one of them? No they didn’t. They full details aren’t even out yet and people are calling it an “injustice”.

    • Reflect

      You are clearly not a legal expert. You absolutely can reach in your own car. There’s no law prohibiting that. Cops aren’t gods. Constitutional rights still apply, especially up until the exact second one is placed under arrest. He wasn’t under arrest so he was free to do whatever legal action he desired.

      • acarneglia

        The guy resisted and refused to listen and cooperate. Also has a rap sheet a mile long.

      • cjmask

        Ah so you were there listening the entire time to know he was never placed under arrest? The guy had warrants, he was 100% being arrested and resisted the police. Imagine if he had simply complied. We don’t have a police problem, we have a problem with people not complying with simple orders.

        • Reflect

          It doesn’t matter if he was going to be arrested, what matters is if he already was. That’s what Miranda rights are for. Until the cop formally tells you that you are being detained and under arrest, you are not being detained and are not under arrest.

    • ‘they had every right to shoot him’

      No, they didn’t. The Constitution affords citizens rights and police not exhausting every single available method before attempting to execute someone violates those. You have a right to a trial, a judge, and a jury of your peers. Shooting an unarmed citizen at point blank range in the back seven or eight times is an egregious violation of a citizen’s Constitutional rights.

  3. bdpecore

    Pretty sure it will be considered a forfeit which still leaves the Bucks in a favorable position to take the series in game 6

  4. Point-Special

    I’m done with the NBA… my in-state team (the Bucks) were the only reason I watched in the first place… not a fan of the league in general…

    • mcmillankmm

      Understand their point…but regardless if a team doesn’t show up to play when they are able to…should be a forfeit….the people commenting may just be here for the hoops

    • raiders

      Them boycotting a game because of an incident where all the facts aren’t known yet? You don’t honestly believe cops are just out there gunning down people, right?

    • hiflew

      I think you are missing the point of what a boycott actually is. A boycott is where yo SACRIFICE something in order to draw attention to your cause. In this case, they would sacrifice a win. If they don’t forfeit, and then end up playing the game tomorrow, then what is the point of the whole thing? At the end of the day, all they are choosing is to take a day off for this man that was shot.

  5. dirtbagfreitas

    NBA won’t call it a forfeit. Not a chance in hell they risk pissing off the rest of their players.

    • mcmillankmm

      Question is whether the LA LeBrons will boycott….you know he’s so eager for another title would he really risk it by boycotting the season?

  6. Curtisrowe

    You guys seem to think this one game is the only thing that might happen. It is going to be a snowball effect. I wouldn’t be surprised to see all the games boycotted over the next few days. Maybe the season might be over.

    • Nah at the end of the day LeBron runs this league right now. Silver is his hostage, and LeBron isn’t gonna let his last best hope for a title get thrown away.

        • He has 3 and I meant another title because he has an inferiority complex to MJ’s 6 and Kobe’s 5 when he should just be happy to be a top 3-5 all time legend.

          • x%sure

            It’s not about the omni-pan-Lebron-mangod. Not even up to Lebron the guy, strolling around Disney world by himself.

        • mcmillankmm

          He’s got 3 George…but I think what he was getting at is if LeBron wants to chase a title this year…Silver will finish the season

      • Curtisrowe

        I don’t think LeBron tells all the other NBA players what to do. You’re missing my point.

  7. dustyceltics

    So if they boycott does that mean they forfeit and the game is given to the Magic?

  8. I would give my opinion on this, but it’s been made abundantly clear dissenting opinions aren’t allowed to be expressed on this site.

    • I see plenty of dissenting opinions on this very comment thread, so please stop whining and simply share whatever opinions you feel are not ‘allowed’. You’re allowed to share your opinions here and people are allowed to vehemently disagree with you.

      • They literally closed the comment section on the other article after I commented a dissenting opinion and several ppl were agreeing with me. They deleted my comments on another thread too.

      • fezzik

        I posted several comments that were removed . They were pertaining to mr Blake being a sex offender and having warrants for his arrest. Apparently this site doesn’t like those facts

  9. George Ruth

    You Players don’t play back your bags & return home & your team will forfeit the rest of your games. OH you don’t play you don’t get paid

    • windycitykid89

      Yeah. Sterling Brown has had an issue with Milwaukee PD in the past. He posted a Players Tribute article about his incident, and said the MPD offered him $400k to keep quiet lol

      • fezzik

        Yeah he double parked in handicap parking spaces and was aggressive toward the officers that questioned him about it. If he had parked like a normal person and not took up two handicap spots there would have been no issue

        • ‘aggressive toward the officers’

          Those officers are meant to de-escalate the situation, not assault the person. You should hold officers to a higher standard because they were absolutely at fault.

          • bostondynasty

            Alan Dershowitz is here. Pull F. Lee out of the bar and have a look at the victim’s rap sheet.

          • imindless

            @rct by your logic when criminals and rapists resist they are suppose to try to convince them to get into the cop car with almost no form of power to do so. Get off your high horse being a police officer is a thankless hard job no one wants to do but like to criticize. Sit down.

          • fezzik

            Did you watch the video? Do you disagree that he was aggressive? Do you disagree that had he not occupied two handicap parking spots he wouldn’t have had an issue?

      • x%sure

        Yes, as is that the incident happened near Milwaukee, which puts the Bucks on the hotseat. Having on the team, SBrown and Goerge Hill, who plays like he’s tired of the game, as well as being well up in the series, makes an action less than shocking.

        But will it snowball, and how much of that is grumpiness over the environment?

  10. meatloaf213

    The only thing I question is what does them boycotting this game actually do for the movement. With them nba allowing them to put different things on the jerseys couldn’t they have done something a bit differently

  11. case7187

    I’m just curious what do these players think they are accomplishing ? It’s not going to stop or change anything the only way things will change is if people stop pointing out the color of individuals cops kill one group of people that’s poor or lower class people if your rich you can do what you want when you want and they will do nothing to you

    • x%sure

      The NBA has so emphasized social change that some action may be obligatory. I mean, I appreciate that cops are out there sniffing up the viruses. Someone has to be the cops. But lets put a foot down.
      That will make the camp last even longer though.

  12. Oklahoma Native

    It has also been announced that OKC and Houston are boycotting. To what end? As a long term fan of MLB, NBA, and NFL, I’ve thought about the players consideration of their fans. Just who do they think pay their massive salaries? NBA average is over 7 mill a year and NFL is almost 3 mill. It is a job for them but entertainment for us. And just what are they accomplishing by kneeling and politicizing the games? Not much. Instead, take the millions you are banking and help those in need. Start some reform programs. Do some outreach programs. Actually take action and do something. Stop portraying this emotional disparity attitude. If you are really that upset by current events and the way things are done, then put your money where your mouth is. I totally agree that there are instances where the policing force uses unnecessary force; however, you are talking about people who are paid just over the poverty level to protect our rights, our property, and our lives. You are not in their shoes and do not see the full picture that causes them to do what they do. As officers of the law they are taught to use judgement and use force only where necessary and to shoot only if lives are threatened. Only 10 to 12% of the US citizens make over 200k a year. Only a very small percentage get the chance for that golden ticket of riches. Meaning, not only are you playing in a bubble, you live in a bubble. A bubble that is not the reality of the normal citizen. So again, if you want to make a difference, then instead of buying million dollar homes and multiple fancy cars, put that money back into the communities that gave you the money in the first place!

  13. Dr. King

    Well he will have the rest of his life in a wheelchair to think about his actions which led to him being shot. Hes definitely not gonna be playing in the nba

  14. fightinfisch

    You throw the ball through a hoop. A trained seal can do that too. I wonder your tv ratings are tanking. This will only confirm
    People are DONE with your sport.

    • Luckylefty2

      Wtv makes you sleep at night. Boycott community will never affect proffesional sports. Billionaire owners will always give their players massive contracts.

    • You seem to have a very negative view on what basketball is and no respect for the work and skill of the players. So… why are you on HOOPSrumors.com? Just kidding, I know why.

  15. bradthebluefish

    Bucks have the right to boycott the game. But the consequence of it would be a forfeit.

    • hiflew

      Of course you have to realize the protests that would destroy the Magic and the NBA if they accepted a forfeit. The Bucks not playing makes the most sense since the shooting happened in their area. I think everyone else did it to avoid bad PR.

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