Fred VanVleet Expected To Draw Interest From Pistons, Knicks, Suns

The Pistons, Knicks, and Suns are among the teams expected to emerge as suitors for Fred VanVleet once the Raptors guard reaches unrestricted free agency this offseason, sources tell Shams Charania of The Athletic.

VanVleet projects to be one of the top free agents on the market when the 2020/21 league year begins. The 26-year-old is coming off a career year in which he averaged 17.6 PPG, 6.6 APG, and 3.8 RPG on .413/.390/.848 shooting in 54 contests and is off to a hot start in the postseason, with 21.3 PPG, 7.8 APG, and 4.0 RPG on .527/.559/.800 shooting in four games against Brooklyn.

Only a handful of teams project to have cap room available this offseason, so the Raptors are in a good position to re-sign VanVleet. However, a team like the Pistons or Knicks could certainly make things interesting — and make signing VanVleet a more costly endeavor. Neither club has a long-term answer at the point and both will have cap space at their disposal this fall. VanVleet also played for current Pistons head coach Dwane Casey in Toronto.

As for Phoenix, the fit there is less obvious, considering the Suns already have Devin Booker and Ricky Rubio in their backcourt and may not have the cap flexibility to make a competitive bid for VanVleet if they hope to bring back contributors like Dario Saric, Aron Baynes, or Frank Kaminsky.

Still, VanVleet has plenty of experience playing alongside another point guard in Toronto, where he started this season alongside Kyle Lowry, and Suns GM James Jones showed last year in his pursuit of Rubio that he’s willing to make moves to carve out cap room if there’s a target he likes. Bobby Marks of ESPN recently suggested the idea of trading Rubio to a team like Atlanta to open up cap space for VanVleet.

The four-year, $85MM contract signed by Malcolm Brogdon in 2019 was recently cited as a potential point of comparison for VanVleet’s next deal.

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26 thoughts on “Fred VanVleet Expected To Draw Interest From Pistons, Knicks, Suns

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Product ???? Relax lol
        Nobody is going to spend on him. Next yrs FA class is what all teams are watching for.. He’s not a Thibs kind of guy. Take the word “Knicks” out of your vocabulary. We can’t sign everyFA. Draft or trade for every player. So relax dude. He doesn’t fit our team. Woods is only FA they will go after. We will draft a a PG or trade for one. OK

  1. Sillivan

    Normal True Value = 70 million
    Market value = 140 million
    Market value is current true value and is overpay value.

    If Knicks or Pistons offer $120 million contract, VanVleet would sign 5 years 137.5 million to stay with Raptors

    What should Knicks and Pistons do?

    • Curtisrowe

      The article itself states experts think is the market is 4 years 85 million. Why are you saying 140?

        • Sillivan

          Prices change everyday by market forces. By this we mean that price change because of supply and demand. If more people want to buy a product (demand) than sell it (supply), then the price moves up.

          • abgb123

            Except the market hasn’t changed, at this point 4 teams have been mentioned as a possibility. With the majority of the league either unable to accommodate his contract demands or not in need of his services, I have to wonder where the upward market forces are going to come from. Unless a team like the knicks decided to roll the dice on a max offer and/or the raptors decide they just can’t live without him, but that’s not market forces, that’s impulse and an itchy trigger finger.
            Also where are you getting your numbers from? Your response to Curtisrowe was kind of condescending but where are you getting your facts from?

            • Sillivan

              Market model indicates when demand increases and supply remains the same, market price moves up.

              • x%sure

                What is with the complete sentences Silli? Cut n paste?
                Anyway. The estimate of 4/80-4/85, reached only a couple days ago, already accounts for that.

                Also it will be supply increasing, not demand, when the 2020 draft delivers a surplus of PGs.

    • Sillivan

      Al Horford
      Normal true value = 55 million at the time of signing because of age 34-38

      Normal true value = 3 years 40 million
      Market value = 4 years 80 million

  2. dust44

    I can c it getting close to 100. No way it gets to 140. I’m going to say if NYK doesn’t pull off a trade to move up and get Ball or Killian Hayes doesn’t fall to them I could c them going 4-90ish and Detroit going around that as well. Just to drive up the price. Final contract at 4-95 is my guess. Just because of the 2 needy teams and the draft having 2 real PG prospects and 2 guys who r more combo guards in Haliburton and Cole Anthony.

    • Sillivan

      Knicks and Pistons have new GM. They want to win.
      Sign VanVleet and Draft Vassell

      VanVleet and Vassell >>> Cole

      • deusXango

        Vassell at #7? You’re calling this a serious conversation by mentioning Cole Anthony? WOW!

  3. I could see the Knicks being interested in him. He’s a 2 way player with position flexibility. The right age and experience level. I don’t see Rose & Co. chasing him (or anyone else) in their first year. They have a lot of work to do. Getting a good player, fully priced, isn’t a game changer.

    • x%sure

      Rose/Wes needs a get, and their boss would like to fleece Ujiri.
      But probably they would prefer Lamelo.

      • I don’t think they need to, at least not for show. Despite the media depiction, Dolan, at this stage, is largely an attenuated owner. He won’t get involved in FO decisions for a few years, and then only if things aren’t going well. Rose, in particular, has been a confidant of Dolan for a long time, and the CAA-MSG relationship transcends sports. He’ll be held accountable for the end product. But he won’t be micromanaged.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    VanVleet has come a long way. He deserves all he can get. No one is paying more than a Brogdon money. And only Raptors will do that. Pistons Knicks are in total rebuild. They will draft a PG before signing one. Pistons best outcome is Hayes. They can wait for him. Knicks can trade for one (Rozier). Or I hope Halliburton drops to us. I doubt it. Plus Lowry is 35 and is on last yr. Why would Raptors let him walk. Personally I want no part of VanVleet. I wish him well.

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