Kings Notes: Divac, Bagley, Ranadive, Perry

In an interview with Marcos Breton of The Sacramento Bee, former Kings general manager Vlade Divac discusses his most controversial moves, including the draft day decision from two years ago that likely ended his time with the franchise. Divac got a phone call Friday from owner Vivek Ranadive telling him that Joe Dumars was taking over the front office, but Divac’s fate was probably sealed when he used the second pick in the 2018 draft to take Marvin Bagley III instead of Luka Doncic.

Bagley has played 75 combined games in two injury-filled seasons, while Doncic has quickly become an All-Star. Divac admits the decision became a source of tension with the owner, explaining that he saw Bagley as a better fit and remains confident he has a bright future.

“That was my decision,” Divac said. “I still believe Marvin has big upside. But I needed more time to prove it. I’m sure Marvin is going to prove everybody wrong. But in this league, you need to produce right now. People don’t have patience but I’m OK with that.”

Also in the interview, Divac talks about his decision not to pick up Harry Giles‘ option, the hiring of Luke Walton as head coach and Buddy Hield‘s frustration with his reserve role.

There’s more Kings news this morning:

  • Divac turned down Ranadive’s offer to remain in the front office and share power with Dumars, according to Sam Amick and Jason Jones of The Athletic. After conducting exit interviews with Kings players, Divac spoke with Ranadive again later in the day, but the owner hadn’t changed his mind. Sources tell the authors that Divac will be paid for the remainder of his contract, which runs through the 2022/23 season, and that Walton’s job remains safe.
  • Knicks general manager Scott Perry may be a candidate to replace Divac, suggests Marc Berman of The New York Post. Perry spent a short time with the Sacramento front office before coming to New York and reportedly left on good terms. He also has experience working for Dumars in Detroit. Knicks president Leon Rose recently exercised Perry’s option for next season, but he may not have much job security with a new management team in place.
  • The Kings will take their time finding a new general manager, and the search could extend into next season, writes Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports. Goodwill thinks Dumars might opt for a younger executive, similar to his experience with the Pistons when he took over the front office at age 37.
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10 thoughts on “Kings Notes: Divac, Bagley, Ranadive, Perry

  1. acarneglia

    In Divac’s defense they didn’t have much of a need for Doncic at the time of that draft. They had Hield and Fox, obviously Doncic is the way better player.

    • Luka doncic.. a thorn in my side. Two major Hall of Famers that I’ve missed on will haunt me forever. Luka and Tim Duncan. I didn’t think Tim Duncan was athletic enough to be an All-Star. I just thought he was “a guy.” Oh well…, better men have been fired from making the wrong draft choices.

      • Oh one more. I thought pervis Ellison was going to be really really good. I thought he had the skills to score and with his length, even though he was only 6- 9 he had pretty long arms and athleticism I thought he could be a good Defender as well. Yikes.

    • hopper15

      I disagree. Kings needed a SF and Doncic certainly could have filled that hole better than Harrison Barnes.

      • x%sure

        There was other reasons, like Doncic at any position would mess with Fox’s offensive development.
        I might be wrong, but I think by draft time Divac was already planning to get Barnes, who was considered overpaid in Dallas, thus not a difficult get for Sacto.

        Also Divac knew Doncic’s father from national teams. Even if there was no dislike there, party-hearty Doncic did not seem the type to hang around a town like Sacramento.

        These are vague issues. Bagley was not perfect either, someone that Coach K had to holler at to get positioned.
        But Divac did not choose well.

        • hopper15

          Yeah I’m not buying this argument Doncic was going to mess with Fox’s development. He’s very easy to play with because he has amazing feel for the game.

          The Warriors during their 5 year run had multiple playmakers. The more you have the more dynamic you can be offensively.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          That’s a good point. Cause they didn’t give up anything for Barnes. Randolph n J Jackson. Personally I like Bagley. You have to give him more time. Luka is a star. Yes we can look back now. But getting Barnes and Bagley. Basically your starting front court. Is pretty good move. I wait on judging Bagley. Give him at least 2 more yrs.

  2. Sillivan

    Like Pelicans,3 years away to make playoffs
    No one wants to trade with Perry
    Never make good offer
    Never sign top free agents

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Perry and Dumars would be a solid front office duo. Both worked together in Detroit taking them to the ECF and to winning a ring. Perry also left on good terms and knows the kings team.

    I’d then look at getting in a new coach cause Walton sucks. I like Jerry Stackhouse think he has potential to be a solid NBA coach. I also would think with Dumars there maybe they look into Tyronn Lue and Chauncey Billups. Billups and Dumars are friends, Lue is a solid NBA coach and both players are point guards and could help develop Fox into a superstar

  4. Moreilly8

    Hire Perry. Fire Walton. Trade Hield. Find a new coach. Draft Nesmith or Vassell.

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