NBA Announces Finalists For 2019/20 Awards

The NBA has announced the finalists for several awards as the seeding games on the Orlando campus move forward and the postseason nears. It was announced in July that all awards for the 2019/20 season would be based on games up until March 11, when the coronavirus pandemic shuttered play. Media members made their votes before the seeding games began on July 30.

NBA Most Valuable Player Finalists:

NBA Defensive Player of the Year:

NBA Rookie of the Year:

NBA Most Improved Player:

NBA Sixth Man of the Year:

NBA Coach of the Year:

  • Mike Budenholzer (Bucks)
  • Billy Donovan (Thunder)
  • Nick Nurse (Raptors)

The winners for the awards will be announced during the NBA playoffs after the seeding games period concludes on August 14.

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42 thoughts on “NBA Announces Finalists For 2019/20 Awards

    • wagner13

      Exactly what I was thinking. The Bucks are exponentially better with Giannis on the floor, Morant could carry the Grizzlies to a postseason berth, Luka has developed into a potential superstar, and Nurse has adjusted well without Kawhi. Schroeder has been deadly off the bench next to Shai and Paul

      • natsfan3437

        The only argument for me On this is Luka but average player to good player is a really good jump but fringe all star to mvp candidate is an elite jump. That needs to be recognized more than Ingram finally figuring it out.

        Schroeder is the only choice for me I won’t vote for people on the same team who is 6 and who is 7

        • wagner13

          Agreed on Schroeder. Especially since Harrell and Lou are only bench players by status. If the Clippers were to start their absolute best players, those two would make the cut over Beverly and Zubac

  1. jump shot

    MVP: LeBron James
    DPOY: Giannis Antetokounmpo
    ROY: Ja Morant
    MIP: BAM
    6MOY: Trezl
    COY: Nick Nurse
    NBA: TOR
    New 76ers Coach: ?

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Must be a Lakers fan, everyone knows Giannis will win. They might give LBJ second place since this is his last time as an MVP finalist while Giannis and Harden will continue being finalists for many years to come.

      • x_burner_X

        Give second to LeBron?)) What did Harden do to get second place over James?

  2. king beas

    30 14 and 6 and being a DPOY candidate but somehow people don’t think he’s the mvp???

    • jump shot

      Yep… he is – like Jordan was EVERY year and didn’t get it.
      I can see a LJ Lifetime Achievement Award (possibly) coming.

      • natsfan3437

        It’s not just a LJ lifetime achievement award it’s also a Kobe. I don’t like saying that about they keep bribing him up attached to Lebrons mvp candidacy and finals run.

        • jump shot

          Imo, this will be the last “opportunity” to give LJ an mvp award. I think he’ll still have a few more seasons where it’d be a GREAT season for 99% of players, but down for him, personally. I don’t see him in the mvp hunt anymore, so I can see him getting in this one. Sure, Giannis is certainly deserving.

            • jump shot

              Well, that would give him plenty!
              But, I remember a draft lottery in 2003 and the balls came out that the Cavs would have the 2nd pick and Stern said, “Nope…throw’em back in and do it again…”

              • x%sure

                Yeah and nobody actually in the room complained! Nutso.

                I would still rather have LJ on my team over GA, who relies on refs calling the foul on who he barges into. LJ can do that too but on good drives, he just does not always get the call when GA nearly always does. His trick is to just throw the ball up like he was overwhelmed… but that was his choice and unlikely anyway.

                Harden is also clever but if you look at replay, yes he did draw it from the defender.
                It’s a question of how much value is put on tricks instead of strategy, leadership, planning, the variety of plays made… broader mental attributes for the game, if for LJ only so-so offcourt. And he still bounces and is into it.
                People preach LJ’s decline annually… fans (or haters) can be forever hopeful.

                  • x%sure

           via wiki:
                    “The actual Lottery procedure will take place in a separate room just prior to the national broadcast on ESPN. Select media members, NBA officials and representatives of the participating teams and the accounting firm of Ernst & Young will be in attendance for the drawing.”

                    NNY42 quit making noises over there!

  3. joeyrocafella

    There is no way that Zion wins ROY… He played 19 games. He barely qualifies. I’m a little surprised that he’s even in the discussion.

  4. demuelle

    MVP: Giannis
    DPotY: Giannis
    RoY: Morant
    MIP: Luka
    Sixth: Schröder
    Coach: Nurse

    • jimmyduz0523

      Really… I think this happened last year also, But How is 2 players on the same team a finalist for 6th man of the year award?? lolol…

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        It just happened a few years ago when Lou Williams was traded during the season to Houston and lost out to his new teammate Eric Gordon.

        • jimmyduz0523

          I get that situation when somebody gets traded to a team, but Lou Will and Harrell played all year together on the same team. It just shouldn’t be.

  5. jump shot

    I think Lou Williams took himself out of a 6man award possibility the second he went in for those hot wings. No way he wins the award after that.

      • hiflew

        That’s how they are SUPPOSED to vote, but you can’t ever forget it. It’s like when lawyers ask that they know will cause the other lawyer to object. They know it’s wrong to ask the question, but everyone still hears it. Even if the jury is instructed to ignore what they heard, you can’t. You cannot unring a bell.

        For better or worse, Lou Williams will be known as the strip club hot wing guy for the rest of his career, if not the rest of his life.

        • ThePeople'sElbow

          you’re conflating the incident with his candidacy. he’s not the same 6th man this season who’s won 3 times. Harrell has been the best but he’s only a “sixth man” because he doesn’t start, he plays starter minutes. Schroeder should win because he balled out and actually plays the 6th man role. we’ll see what happens.

  6. El Don

    MVP Giannis
    DPOY Giannis/AD (shared)
    ROY Zion
    MIP Luka
    6MOY Trezl
    COY Budenholzer

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    MVP – Giannis
    DPOY – Rudy
    ROY – Ja
    MIP – Ben
    6thM – Schröder
    COY – Nurse

    DPY can be all three. But Utah without Rudy. Just think he is their D.

  8. nentwigs

    What about the following awards?

    NBA Most Overpaid Player ?
    NBA Defenseless Player of the Year?
    NBA Most Worthless 2019 1st Round Drafted Player?
    NBA Most Worthless 2019 2nd Round Drafted Player?
    NBA Most Deteriorated Player?
    NBA Best Looking Player While Sitting on the Bench?
    NBA Next Coach to be Fired ?
    NBA Most Worthless Trade Acquisition?
    NBA We Should Never Have Traded HIM Away?
    and finally….
    NBA Best looking Player Wife/Girlfriend?

  9. x%sure

    Nunn selected oVer Brandon Clark is bizaare. Nunn has mediocre stats and may get dislodged.

    • El Don

      Totally agree! When you look at per 36 Brandon Clarke has been much better than his team mate Morant!

      • El Don

        Also I would be placing K-Nunn in the 2nd All-Rookie team, so one must wonder how on earth does he makes it to the final 2??? Really puzzled!

  10. xtgeezy

    Y’all **** ride giannis too much harden never gets anything for what he does he’s one of the best one on one player to ever play in the league. He doesn’t run down the court and dunk every time he got skill and the nba always finds a way to not give it to him

    • ThePeople'sElbow

      GTFOH! are you serious with that comment? Harden hunts for fouls every trip through the lane and is constantly finding ways to travel without being called for traveling. And with his 36-40% usg rate, he should probably be doing more.

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