Nets To Formally Launch Coaching Search When Season Ends

Although interim head coach Jacque Vaughn has done an admirable job with the Nets during the NBA’s restart this summer, the team still intends to formally launch a full head coaching search when their season comes to an end, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic.

As Charania explains, team owner Joseph Tsai wants to identify the best possible “partner for team ownership, the front office, coaching staff, and players.” The team will be prioritizing building its culture based on relationships and “pursuing sustainable success.”

It’s possible the Nets’ search will lead them back to Vaughn, as Charania indicates he’s expected to receive serious consideration to retain his current position. Since replacing Kenny Atkinson in March, Vaughn has led Brooklyn to a 6-2 record, and four of those wins have come with a depleted squad in Orlando. Although the seventh-seeded Nets aren’t expected to win a playoff series, putting up a spirited fight against the defending-champion Raptors in the first round could further bolster Vaughn’s chances.

Still, Brooklyn is expected to consider several outside candidates as well. Charania identifies former NBA head coaches Jason Kidd, Tyronn Lue, and Jeff Van Gundy as possible targets, echoing an April report from The New York Times.

Sixers assistant Ime Udoka is also among the Nets’ potential candidates, according to Charania, who notes that more contenders could emerge “as job statuses around the league change.”

Of course, with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving due back from injuries for the 2020/21 season, an ability to connect with and command the respect of those superstars will be a major factor the Nets consider as they decide on a permanent head coach.

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16 thoughts on “Nets To Formally Launch Coaching Search When Season Ends

  1. wagner13

    Vaughn absolutely deserves to be rewarded for his efforts in leading a depleted Nets squad to success. Winning two games in the bubble would’ve been impressive, but four? He must be doing a good job motivating his players

      • phenomenalajs

        Not to the extent the Nets are. The Bucks started the game playing Antetokounmpo and Middleton before they clinched the #1 seed. The Nets sat their three best remaining players, had primarily a G-League squad, and still won. Even considering those two didn’t play the second half, it still is an amazing feat. Three of JV’s six wins came against the Lakers, Bucks, and Clippers. I don’t see what else he has to prove.

      • jump shot

        I’m certainly not saying he’s doin a bad job. But do u sincerely think he’s the guy to get the Nets to the Finals next year or are u just saying he’s done enough to earn the opportunity (and 3yrs/10 mil)?

        • wagner13

          Why not? He seems to be doing a pretty good job developing their youth. How do you know Vaughn isn’t the next up and coming coach? Discovering hidden ability requires giving people an opportunity. The Nets won again today without Levert, Harris, Allen, and Temple btw

          • mlbnyyfan

            Do we know if JVG even wants to coach again. I’m sure he’s loving his job calling games or would be a coach somewhere already.

            • x%sure

              Not sure JVG enjoys the current setup, with no home crowd to fire him up.

              And what is this with phenomenalajs agreeing with phenomenalajs? BTW what sort of phenom is that?

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    D’Antoni is a good fit for them. Plus he knows NYC. Rockets not keeping him. He ain’t going back after not being offered a contract. He’s a good offensive mind for KD n Kyrie. I believe he’s their top choice.
    Remember D’Antoni had Warriors beat. If not for CP3 getting hurt. Dude they had them. But last yr Warriors remember that. And it was pay back. They spanked Rockets without Curry.

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