New York Notes: Stoute, Thibs, Temple, Crawford

Knicks “branding manager” Steve Stoute is confident he can recruit stars to the team, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post.

Stoute, who joined New York’s front office in January, mentioned in a recent conversation with The Breakfast Club show that he, team president Leon Rose and senior vice president William Wesley have strong relationships with some of the NBA’s top stars. Stoute anticipates they will be able to capitalize on these friendships, making the Knicks an attractive free agent destination once again.

“With having Leon in, World Wide Wes and myself, the three of us, we’re the best sort of team as it relates to being able to speak with free agents,’’ Stoute said of the Knicks’ new front office team.

Though every club’s cap situation is fairly up in the air following the anticipated revenue loss caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Knicks could have one of the lowest payrolls in the NBA next season, with only about $55MM currently committed to guaranteed salaries. The club could have even more cap flexibility in 2021.

There’s more out of the Empire State:

  • While speaking in a recent press conference, Knicks GM Scott Perry detailed how new head coach Tom Thibodeau won him over during a series of Zoom interviews, according to a separate Marc Berman piece for The New York Post“During this process, it allowed me personally to get to know the man better and really see how our personalities could come together and mesh,” Perry said. “I felt really good about our time talking basketball. He’s got a lot of the same values about the game that I was raised in that came through clear to me throughout the process.’’
  • Despite the Nets being one of the most injury-ravaged squads among the 22 NBA teams in Orlando, wing Garrett Temple expects his Brooklyn teammates to compete, according to Brian Lewis of the New York Post. “We’re trying to win,” Temple said after the seventh-seeded Nets defeated the East’s top-seeded Bucks today. “We’re not going out here to just mess around or have moral victories.”
  • Nets interim head coach Jacque Vaughn is cautiously optimistic about the health status of injured 40-year-old guard Jamal CrawfordBrian Lewis of the New York Post noted in a separate article. Crawford played just five minutes before apparently suffering a strained left hamstring. “I’m telling you, I love having him around and it was awesome to see him on the floor, and look forward to him being on the floor again,” Vaughn said.
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12 thoughts on “New York Notes: Stoute, Thibs, Temple, Crawford

  1. Noel1982

    They’ll try and fail for Davis this summer and next , they’ll try for Giannis next summer and fail and after that I’m curious to see if they maintain patience or just spend on the best of the rest

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Davis will sign a 1+1 deal with LA and keep his options open in 2021.

      • GabeOfThrones

        I would have definitely agreed with that pre-Covid, but tough to see players turning down a little more financial security now. Could see him taking a 3 year deal with an opt-out after year 2. Not sure if NBA allows Boras type deals, but players at Davis’ level have the leverage to have an opt-out every year.

        • Noel1982

          Even if Davis explores free agency the odds Knicks improve enough to entice a star free agent like Davis or Giannis is the same as anybody here getting a nba contract it’s not happening! It’s gonna take years to even find out if ri and Robinson are players you can win with , nobody is taking on that task before knowing though !

    • Sillivan

      Lakers future look dark without Davis
      ESPN thinks Lakers have better future than Warriors

  2. hoosierhysteria

    Stars won’t come to play for thibs unless the money is stupid. He is old school…not a charmer…gruff…I am sure the word is out with the kids. Doesn’t fit BLM stereotype either. New stadium with clippers/doc or old MSG/thibs. Not to mention that NYC is toast!!!

  3. hill

    Is anybody in here old enough to remember Stuart Smalley sketches on Saturday Night Live?

    That’s the New York Knicks.

    Equal parts insecure and delusional

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    We don’t care about who’s coming. This board sounds like the school of Espn. Get a real idea. With real info. No one is coming here next yr or any yr. Unless this rebuild builds success. That takes commitment from all phases. Mostly from the young players. And that all starts with Thibs and this draft. First off Perry is a a@@. He’s the one who hired Fizdale. AD has a contract for next yr. Why would he leave Bron after one yr. Giannis will test FA. Cause that what he should do. It’s nice to be wanted. He will have better options than Knicks. But we have a yr to at least make him give us an interview. We invented B-ball. MSG is called the Mecca for a reason. Indiana wants to talk smack. You better read how you even became to know basketball. The richest and longest history of Black AmerIca basketball. Is in NYC. Real ballers know this is where you really make a statement. It’s why the school of espn uses us for likes, hits, numbers, legitimacy. We have not a title since 1973. Not been to Finals since 1999. Have not been a contender since Ewing. Yet every yr including this yr. We are the highest valued franchise in NBA. Twice as much as most of the teams you root for. We have been in top 10 in attendance since 2001. Only team that can say that. Yet we are the 7th largest capacity arena in NBA (19,812). You want to diss Knicks that’s fine. But be careful when you diss NY basketball.
    We are the Only NBA arena Not named after corporate sponsor (MSG) The Mecca. There are plenty of players who would want to win here. And we only want those players.
    link to

    • MikeWiz

      Just like a Knicks fan to talk about basketball like they’re a student of the game instead of just a fanatic. Knicks shouldn’t have traded Ewing, but LeBron ruined the Knicks just like he did the NBA. NBA sucks, the bubble is a joke. James Harden ruins the game each time he steps on the court. The only bright spot dropped 5 points and a few dimes and then left with a hamstring injury after 6 minutes.
      Knicks should develop Nitlikina and Payton and be the only team that actually plays defense anymore. officially a Nets fan now until Crawford retires and then I’m switching to a republican and going to stop watching the Roman Circus.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Bubble is what it is. Best you can do of a terrible situation. I’m just happy to see competitive gms. Basketball is probably safest sport you can do this with. Bron is a product of his generation. He wants to be in control. MJ was same way. Just didn’t have options Bron has. I never wanted Bron here. I want to see a real rebuild. You draft right, free up cap room. You can build a serious team. If you look at Sixers. They would have been there if not for Fultz.?Warriors did it. As a real fan. Nothing better than to see your draft picks develop into stars or players. That’s the beauty of the game. Most outside NY just believe the hype. Knicks haven’t rebuilt since Ewing was our lottery pick. Dolan has just been trying to buy his way back. It’s always failed. It’s why this is a good time to be a Knicks fan lol.

        • MikeWiz

          Knicks don’t rebuild, they renovate and then collapse. Idk about the 76ers Process either, yeah Embid and Simmons worked out but theirs a long list of careers they practically ruined. MCW was looking like the next Magic then idk what happened to him. Dario, Noel, Okafor, Turner, Fultz, Covington. That’s all I can remember, so they’re like 2/8 on their Trust the Process process. Knicks did have something going for them a few times: that team with the vets, if Kidd and BDiddy and Sheed, and KMart didn’t get hurt they woulda beat the Pacers; and that team they traded for Melo wasn’t bad, if he woulda just waited til the summer to sign… and then if Shump doesn’t get hurt while he was shutting down D Rose… I liked that team they broke up for LeBron too, right when ZBo became a solid player they traded him. Prob what will happen with Randall too, they’ll trade him and RJ for Tim Hardaway Jr

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