Pacers Notes: Coaching Search, Oladipo, West

The Pacers intend to be open-minded when it comes to picking their next head coach, president of basketball operations Kevin Pritchard told reporters on Monday. As Eric Woodyard of writes, Pritchard said the Pacers would consider a college coach or an established veteran, and will focus on candidates who have the ability to connect with young players.

Pritchard said he has solicited advice from former Pacers forward David West, as well as Indianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard. Indiana’s head of basketball operations added that an ability to put together a reliable group of assistants will also be something the club takes into account.

“We’ve seen some of the hirings over the last few years, and they’re coming from all over the board,” Pritchard said, per Woodyard. “The way I’ve set up this process is, we want to start with a big pool then get down smaller and smaller. I don’t want to rule that out. If there’s an existing coach who has experience, who knows how to build a program, but maybe has a little mark or has something he needs to improve on.

“I believe this, that the head coach is critically important, but nowadays, that second, third and fourth coach almost are more important. So how they build out their structure and their coaching staff is critical.”

Here’s more on the Pacers:

  • Pritchard also said today that he wants to hire a head coach who takes a “modern approach” to the game, and suggested that the team won’t be compromised by financial constraints when making a hire (Twitter links via J. Michael of The Indianapolis Star). He wants this to be a great organization,” Pritchard said of team owner Herb Simon. “If it was just about money, we probably wouldn’t have done what we did (firing Nate McMillan with money left on his contract).”
  • Pritchard said today that he sensed some “relief” from McMillan when the team informed him of the coaching change, according to Woodyard. “The coaching ranks in the NBA are ever changing, and I give Nate a ton of credit for instilling a hard-nosed tough culture here, and again, I really believe that he’ll get another job and get another job quickly if he wants to,” Pritchard said. “And boy, we would do anything we can to help him do that.” McMillan has said he likely won’t pursue a head coaching job for next season.
  • Victor Oladipo is entering a contract year in 2020/21, but Pritchard said he doesn’t feel “any rush to make a quick decision” on the two-time All-Star. It will be up to him,” Pritchard said (Twitter links via J. Michael). “He will have the choice. It’s his first time to have autonomous choice. He can go and do whatever he wants.” There has been speculation that Oladipo could become a trade candidate if the Pacers get the impression he doesn’t want to remain in Indiana beyond 2021.
  • According to J. Michael (Twitter link), the Pacers have tried repeatedly to get David West to work for them. To date, however, West hasn’t been interested, since he’s involved in a number of enterprises and doesn’t want to commit to a single job.
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6 thoughts on “Pacers Notes: Coaching Search, Oladipo, West

  1. Sillivan

    True value 4 years 80 million
    Market value 4 years 110 million

    There is no way Pacers are not offering market value salary
    Trade trade trade
    Did Lakers or Mavs have enough assets to get him?

  2. x%sure

    I wanted David West as a Bron-mentor in ’03. I don’t think he had one pro-level and that was actually discussed on sports shows, but it was always assumed to be a coach smh. In those straight-to-pro days the Cavs did not come up with someone an 18-yo can “run with” and help keep him in town. West, another rookie, would be good at demonstrating his strengths: hand usage and intracacies; at being physical and getting a hand on the ball without fouling; at going from small Ohio catholic school to MVP role model. Arguably those are not LJ’s strengths.

    I wonder about LJ at the player boycott meeting leading the Lakers out, saying “We’re out”, supposedly to quit the bubble. It’s like Doc Rivers’ speech the day before probably putting the Clippers in a bad frame of mind and later leaving also. Not good. LJ in behavior, tries to credit elemental factors like it’s his job to represent that, and this can confuse people and compromise leadership respect.

    This bubble camp is such a test. West should be in it somehow.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Oladipo should go to TWolves. They got two top picks.
    There are stories about Oladipo wanting out. He might want to go to bigger market. I guess we’ll find out soon. Cause Pacers are not letting him just walk.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Victor Oladipo ideas:

    1. VO and McConnell for Dinwiddie and LeVert
    2. VO for Gary Harris, 2020 first (22nd) and a protected future first
    3. VO and Myles Turner for Gordan Hayward (sign and trade), the 14th and 30th picks and 1 protected future first.

    It’s hard to guess Oladipos value after his huge injury. Pre injury he was a top 5 SG cause not only was he a 20-5-5 per night guy but he was also clutch and a great defender. After a huge injury and on a 1 year deal it would be a big risk in dealing for Oladipo but I think in an offseason with a poor FA class and in a poor draft teams will be desperate.

    Brooklyn will be looking for a third star and Oladipo I could see fitting well with Irving, KD and Jordan plus with Joe Harris T. Prince Allen.

    The second deal, Nuggets might be looking for a big upgrade. Last year they scrapped through the Spurs and this year they are struggling with the Jazz. Nuggets are a young team and play great regular season but need that something extra. Oladipo plus Jamal Murray plus Jokic that a solid trio and Oladipos defence and clutch shooting would be great. Plus long term wise I think he would fit nicely with Murray, Porter, Grant and Jokic.

    Lastly Boston. They have a win now team and will be looking at moving Gordon to get another piece. Oladipo could be a great fit with Tatum and Kemba plus the Celtics could also do with Myles Turner. Boston have lots of picks they can throw away and Hayward was born and raised in Indy so moving home might make sense.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Possibly 3 team deal

      Indy: Gordan Hayward (S&T), Caris LeVert, 26th pick, 30th pick
      Celtics: Myles Turner, T. Prince, 55th pick
      Nets: Victor Oladipo

      Indy get LeVert to pair with Brogdon and replace VO and get Hayward to move back home to pair with TJ Warren. Plus they get 2 late first round picks cause they currently have no picks.
      Boston gets a young big that can shoot and block shots for Hayward on an expiring deal. Together Brown Tatum and Turner are the Celtics future. They also get Prince off the bench as a combo forward.
      Nets get a third star at SG that’s should fit what they currently have and only have to give up LeVert to make way and a role player in T Prince

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