Roberts Meets With Players, Discusses 2020/21 Season Start

Michele Roberts, head of the National Basketball Players Association, consulted in person with several NBA players, across multiple groups, in Orlando yesterday, per Henry Abbott of TrueHoop (Twitter link). Meeting attendees wore masks.

According to Abbott (Twitter link), Roberts anticipates that the NBPA and the NBA will negotiate a revised Collective Bargaining Agreement with relative ease, and that the next NBA season, which the league proposed starting on December 1, will actually commence “some time between late January and early March.”

As we previously relayed, Roberts floated the concept of next season tipping off in early 2021 as opposed to December of this year in an interview earlier this week. The NBPA has yet to approve any official start date for next season.

In that chat with Chris Mannix of, Roberts indicated that cultivating some kind of campus environment for the season similar to the current 2019/20 Orlando campus model would be the most probable scenario unless something were to change with the status of the current coronavirus pandemic.

The deadline for a renegotiation of the league’s current CBA with players is December 15, 2022.

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  1. El Don

    Hope the season starts in December 1, she won’t look so good then, right?

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