Sixers Considered Unlikely To Retain Brett Brown

Following a quick playoff exit, the Sixers are widely expected to part ways with head coach Brett Brown, according to multiple reports.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that Brown, who has two years remaining on his contract, has no “internal momentum” to return for another season; Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports wrote that the anticipation within coaching circles is that the Sixers will part with Brown in the coming days; and Shams Charania of The Athletic cited multiple sources with knowledge of the situation in reporting that the 76ers are expected to make a coaching change.

Sources tell Haynes that Brown “never grabbed full command” of the locker room during his time as the Sixers’ head coach. As Haynes details, Al Horford expressed frustration earlier this season about not having a defined role communicated to him, and some people in the locker room have questioned Brown’s handling of rookie Matisse Thybulle, who has seen his minutes fluctuate drastically at times. Josh Richardson also expressed on Sunday that “more accountability” is necessary going forward, per Sacha Pisani of Sporting News.

“I don’t think there was much accountability this season and I think that was part of our problem,” Richardson said. “… (When) guys are not doing their job on or off the court, there’s got to be some kind of consequence — not consequence, but we’ve got to be able to talk to each other and listen. And not (just) listen to say something back, but actually hear (each other). It’s a hard lesson to learn for some people, but in order for us to make this playoff run that I think we all want, I know we all want, it’s got to start.”

Until the Sixers officially make a decision on Brown, it’s probably too early to identify frontrunners for the job. But Charania hears from sources that Sixers assistant Ime Udoka, Clippers assistant Tyronn Lue, former Kings coach Dave Joerger, and Villanova coach Jay Wright are among the names to watch.

Here’s more on the Sixers:

  • There’s an expectation that the 76ers remain committed to the Joel Embiid/Ben Simmons duo and plan to let the next head coach figure out how to maximize the two stars, according to Shams Charania. Within his preview of Philadelphia’s offseason, Bobby Marks of ESPN (Insider link) explains why he thinks it makes sense for the team to keep both Embiid and Simmons.
  • While Brown figures to be dismissed, he’s not the reason the Sixers have come up short in recent postseasons, according to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, who assigns more of the blame to the team’s front office. Charania suggests that no front office shake-up is imminent though, writing that GM Elton Brand has maintained a healthy relationship with team ownership.
  • Tim Bontemps of ESPN passes along some of Brown’s post-game comments from Sunday, while Brian Windhorst of ESPN does the same for Embiid. As Bontemps details, Brown told reporters that he feels as if he never got a chance to show his full potential as a coach due to the injuries that plagued the Sixers over the years.
  • According to Chris Haynes, the 76ers were prepared to offer Jimmy Butler a maximum-salary contract in the summer of 2019 if he agreed not to take any recruiting visits. However, Butler – who was “lukewarm” on the idea of re-signing with Philadelphia – didn’t agree to that condition. Haynes adds that Brown didn’t love how “outspoken” Butler was with his coaching tactics.
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25 thoughts on “Sixers Considered Unlikely To Retain Brett Brown

  1. Sillivan

    Trade trade trade

    Attach all future Firsts to trade Horford and Harris

    Trade all picks this year to move up

    • If Simmons and Joel embiid were older I would say that’s a possibility but since they’re young you really don’t want to give away future first-round picks just to dump contracts that your team signed. Just be better about giving up big contracts. Either trade the guy or ride it out.. it’s only 3 more years.

    • Sillivan

      Maybe only 4 teams Are possible to take Horford contract to help 76ers save big tax

      Trade idea
      Knicks get Horford and 2 future Firsts
      76ers get Randle

      Later on trade Randle again

      • Count that baby and a foul!

        Philly can trade him to San Antonio for Aldridge and attachalot of picks with it. That is the ONLY way I see a team taking that contract.

        • specialfriedrice

          zero chance the Spurs take on that contract…talk about throwing someone a lifeline.

          • Count that baby and a foul!

            I disagree with zero chance. I do think highly unlikely. But they are probably the only system that could get something good out of Horford going forward and the slew of picks could help in a rebuild.

  2. I give no fox

    It’s remarkable that Brand has isn’t feeling any heat from inside the organization. He made some very risky moves that didn’t pay off and also sold off most of the assets accumulated during the process.

      • Sillivan

        I am wild.
        I will trade everyone on 76ers.

        Start with Brand and Brown (2B)
        then Horford and Harris (2H)
        then Richardson and Robinson (2R)
        then Scott and Smith (2S)

        Finally trade Embiid and Simmons

  3. bens04ter

    believe in the process! except losing Simmons on the defense side hurt…not keeping jjr around hurt offensively….signing Harford was a mistake…rotations were not good…so.e players got no time when last year they provided a spart…brown and a few players need to go…Brand not safe either!

  4. hoosierhysteria

    Letting JJ leave was boo boo for sure. Simmons can’t shoot. Gonna be Tuff for any coach. Embiid can not be treated as super star/prima donna….” Joel when do you want to practice tomorrow???” He hasn’t won shit…always hurt…not in shape. One of those potential guys…..horford numbers are better at the 5….just saying.

  5. Sillivan

    If no body wants to Horford and Harris full contracts

    Trade idea
    Embiid for Wiseman and Wiggins
    Simmons for Ball and Wiggins

    Ball is crazy wild electric point guard, possible second coming of Magic Johnson

  6. He doesn’t deserve all blame because of the moves that the front office have made has impacting this team

  7. ◀--- I'm not with stupid

    By keeping Simmons and Embiid the seeds are sown for the demise of the next coach. Both players are centers with Simmons accessing the inside on drives and fastbreaks and Embiid with post ups. Neither has a consistently threatening 3 pt range game (that is an overstatement for Simmons). Can play them separately for 24 minutes per game but they will have play together for 10 minutes per game. If the next coach can figure it out, he (or she) will win COY honors.

    • jump shot

      Gotta try the two together with the next coach for ONE year… if “he” can’t make a miracle with them, you gotta move one of them. Which one? That’s the magic question. Both are great talents but both are also (obviously) injury prone, so you can’t decide based on durability. Both are “quirky”, so you can’t even decide on personality. Right now, I think they need to move Harris and Richardson to get a shooter (maker). Richardson is definitely not a starting 2g on a championship team, and his game (not being a great shooter) doesn’t fit w Simmons and/or Embiid. Harris will never be able to earn his 180mil teamed with Simmons and Embiid, he’ll always be overpaid playing with those two. Well, he’s overpaid anyway, but that’s a whole ‘nother post. Not sure if a Horford/Richardson trade can get the shooting they need – maybe it could bring Buddy.
      Hell, I know I’m rambling… blow up the whole thing!!

  8. east333

    You want to fix the Philadelphia 76ers? It’s not hard. You can’t keep Simmons and Embiid, not both. The writing is on the wall but if it were me, I’d trade both to get max value and build around Tobias Harris. Give Horford a year to play with a new cast before moving him and getting nothing back and he might produce again but that signing was instant hot garbage. Stupid to sign anyone in their mid 30’s to that kind of deal not named LeBron James. They’ll get players back to keep them in contention. It’s not sexy but it’s a way to save value on what you have now and keep building especially in an eastern conference that gets weaker by the season. Both Embiid and Ben are just too soft. This Embiid kid shaping up to be even more of a b**** than KD. And Simmons has spent 30% – 40% of his NBA career injured already.

    • I give no fox

      Simmons is not injury prone. He missed his first season out of an abundance of caution. He missed 4 games total the following two seasons and was hurt at the end of this season

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Move Simmons to front line. Get a scoring PG. It solves everything. Simmons can dominate. Will get more open looks. It will fix his shot. They can sign Gallinari a FA. Just trade Harris n Horford. Grow some and get it done. Fixes everything.
    Horford – Portis, Smith future #1 pick. Portis has 1 million buyout. Now you can sign Gallinari
    Harris – Dinwiddie, LeVert . KD and Ky would love it. DAntoni as coach would love it. All big wings. Nets have a shooter in Harris who can start at SG.
    Harris is from NY. Bklyn has all the hype next yr. They want a third star. It can get done Philly. Stop crying

  10. Brown Trout Fisherman

    Joe Harris #1 priority
    Trade —josh Richardson.
    Draft a center

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