Tyronn Lue, Chauncey Billups May Be Package Deal

Tyronn Lue is rumored to be in the running for several head coaching jobs, and whoever hires him should be prepared to have Chauncey Billups as an assistant, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Sources tell Woj that teams know Lue has been talking to Billups about joining his staff as associate head coach. They are longtime friends, share the same agent, and both currently work for the Clippers, Lue as an assistant coach and Billups as a broadcaster.

Billups has been considered for several front office openings around the league and turned down an offer from the Cavaliers in 2017. Sources say his interest has changed from being an executive to being a coach, and he believes working with Lue will help him eventually land a head coaching position.

Lue is reportedly being considered for the new opening with the Pelicans, as well as the Nets, who plan to launch their search once they are eliminated from the playoffs. Wojnarowski states that he could be a candidate for the Rockets and Sixers as well if those teams decide to make coaching changes.

Lue turned down an offer from the Lakers last summer because L.A. wasn’t willing to give him more than three years of guaranteed salary. He landed a job with their cross-town rivals and has earned respect for challenging head coach Doc Rivers when he believes it’s necessary and for pushing the Clippers’ star players, according to Wojnarowski.

Wojnarowski also reports that Lakers assistant Jason Kidd has seen his stock rise this year while serving as an assistant to Frank Vogel, and he could emerge as a strong candidate for one of the high-profile openings. According to Woj, Kidd impressed the Knicks in his interview for their head coaching spot and was willing to admit mistakes that he made during his time with the Nets and Bucks.

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17 thoughts on “Tyronn Lue, Chauncey Billups May Be Package Deal

  1. Sillivan

    3 coaching jobs have very high risk if signing 2 years contract
    76ers Title expectation
    Rockets Title expectations and cut costs
    Pelicans Playoffs expectation

    Part ways are waiting for you

    • mrshyguy99

      a outside the box coach who i think might work for the sixers ,sam cassell. he a unknown but why not try something different ill try him over lue

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Houston should be his top choice, assuming they decide to let D’Antoni go.

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Tyronn Lue and Chauncey Billups to the Hawks.
    Lue was a player there for 4 years so he knows the organisation. Him and Billups were both point guards when they played and together they would be huge in helping Trae Young and that young hawks team improve and be contenders.
    Lue has a ring to his name and that would be huge as the hawks coach in the upcoming offseason and free agency.

    They should throw Brandon Ingram a max offer and also throw GSW a trade for the first overall pick. Kevin Hueter, the 4th overall pick and a protected future first.

    Build a roster of Trae Young Anthony Edwards Brandon Ingram John Collins and Clint Capela.
    With Teague Dedmon Hunter and Reddish all on the bench plus a FA to spend a little more.
    With Lue as coach and being in ATL they should attract players and become a real threat in the east

    • Chucktoad1

      The warriors would take that trade in a heartbeat. 1st and 4th aren’t that much different in this year’s draft. Plus they’d get Huerter and a future 1st. They’d have Wiggins, Pashcall, 2 firsts and a 17mm trade exception to try to lure a team out of a disgruntled or future star. Heck throw all that at New Orleans and see if they could instead land Ingram in a sign and trade.

      • Sillivan

        Ingram max contract is worse than Wiggins.
        Ingram has injury issues.
        Straight up trade

      • andremets

        Another minor benefit would be cap savings between the 1st and 4th picks.

    • Sillivan

      Hawks get Wiggins, Edwards
      Warriors get Kevin Hueter, Hawks 4th overall pick and a protected future first

      Need to wait until Warriors use TE for any of Nets unused players

      One of Nets has no playing time.

    • El Don

      Yes Lue & Billups were PG’s but not at any level similar to Trae, yes they can teach him a lot, but he is in a superstar level that they never reach themselves.
      About that line up you commented a few times… Do you really think it would work a Trae, Edwards, BI, JC & Capela line up? Really? I mean you have 4 players that would wanna be making 20+ ppg! You see you can’t be throwing a bunch of stars on a team, it ain’t gonna work.
      Ideally you have 2 stars, then a few good players, some with D as their skill & to compete.
      That is why Kawhi didn’t wanna sign with LAL, he knew he would play 3d fiddle with them, a bit like Bosh or K-Love had before with LBJ, so heck yes he would win, but would be very obscured & not get much recognition, so he went to LAC were he is “the man”, surely he will never win, but he has already, but he will get all the recognition.
      Anyway you can’t bundle together a lot of top dogs in the same team, like the 1st All-NBA team, does look great, but they wouldn’t win many games playin’ together right?

      • Simmons>Russ

        I think it works or close to it.
        Trae gives you 20+ easy especially if you open him up as an off the ball catch and shoot threat. I think like most rookies Anthony Edwards won’t give you 20+ straight away but eventually he does. For now he gives you about 15 which is nice. Ingram gives you 20+ that’s a given. Then you’ve got Collins I think his touches decrease a lot with Edwards and Ingram but I also think of him as abit overrated. Yes he gives you stats but doesn’t give you wins. He would be handy in pick and rolls/pick and pops and can stretch the floor a little. He gives you probably 18. Then lastly Capela just off offensive rebounds, lobs and standing next to the rim he’s going to give you 12-14 easy I think.
        I think going forward with Collins contract due to expire and having talks over that, the hawks are in a position of power. They can say this is what we will give you, this is the best we can do take it or leave it. If he leaves you can replace him and have 3 stars and Capela still and if he stays then your probably getting a good deal/tradable contract.
        As for Kawhi I think he didn’t want the stardom of the Lakers and playing with Bron and always the centre of attention. Dudes a humble quiet and chill bloke who likes to win but also wants to be at home and earn well. At the Clippers he gets a better coach, less fame, gets to live at home in LA and also managed to join an already solid team and bring in PG.
        Lakers was no brace Bron, cause the fame and attention and the coach and off court staff. Raptors wasn’t LA and wasn’t home, he already achieved the best there and needed a new challenge. Clippers is Kawhi.

        • El Don

          Do you think Doc is a better coach than Vogel? Really?
          How can JC be overrated the guy has had 3 great seasons! How many more does he have to have before is for real? IMO guards tend to be overrated… bigs not so much!

  3. TJECK109

    So now coaches need to form dynamic duos or trios. Popovich gonna have an ESPN special for the decision 20-21?

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Lue is good coach. He deserves a shot. Billups
    As GM don’t know much about that. He does know talent. PG s always know talent and make gd coaches. Real PGs anyway.

  5. infield fly

    Lue was very foolish IMO to turn down 3 yr contract to coach Lakers! Especially now in hindsight!!

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