Western Notes: Porzingis, Lakers, Warriors, Eliyahu

Mavericks star forward Kristaps Porzingis was a late scratch for Game 4 of the first-round series against the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday. He’s listed as questionable for Tuesday’s pivotal Game 5 and will likely be a game-time decision, according to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. An MRI revealed no structural damage to Porzingis’ knee.

“Look, a lot of this is going to be hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute type stuff, probably into the later stages of tomorrow,” Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said.

We have more from around the Western Conference:

  • The Lakers’ guard rotation is still in flux, Anthony Slater of The Athletic notes. J.R. Smith hasn’t shown much while getting playing time the last two playoff games. A longer look at Dion Waiters may be warranted, according to Slater, at least until Rajon Rondo returns. Rondo was supposed to play in Game 3 on Saturday but was a late scratch due to back spasms.
  • The Warriors saved some money by getting the No. 2 pick in the draft lottery rather than the top spot. They’ll save approximately $4MM toward the luxury tax for next season, if the rookie scale remains the same, ESPN’s Bobby Marks tweets.
  • The Warriors hold the rights to Israeli forward Lior Eliyahu but he’s retiring, Sportando’s Alessandro Maggi relays. He won several championships overseas during his career and played most recently of Maccabi Ashdod. Eliyahu, 34, was drafted in the second round by Magic in 2006 and his rights were traded numerous times.
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16 thoughts on “Western Notes: Porzingis, Lakers, Warriors, Eliyahu

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    KP hurt again. I’m so glad he’s gone. Hardaway Jr us a FA. I doubt Mavs resign him. There’s a FA in Sacramento who would fit nicely with Luka. Let’s go Clippers. Can’t let Luka best you.

      • El Don

        Totally agree with you hwmvps! KP6 was the best player NYK has had since Ewing! Counting that he never played that well with them as he has this year for DAL! Now apart of his shooting & scoring, is becoming a rebounding monster as well!

          • andremets

            Hardaway has a player option for next season for around $19 million. He’ll continue to be the highest paid Mav.

  2. Wow the Lakers getting it done tonight. Pretty impressive up 30 in the third quarter.

  3. x%sure

    IF the talk from GSW HQ is money saved from their draft slot, THEN they intend to move down, and are strategically leaking.

    • They didn’t say that the guy writing the article said that. It didn’t come from their office. The reason they should draft is it will save them money in the long run because they do not have the FA money to spend.

      • x%sure

        I said it because “they” did not and will not.
        Yes the owners would like to save money, as trivial as it is. But to explain: To help hide their intentions to a fan base that wants another star, or Wiseman, the GSW FO cannot come out and say, *You guys are crazy, we need depth*. They are strategically positioning fan expectations via a respected writer, that he might attach value to their cheaper intentions. This I suspect, but cannot say factually, with my IF-THEN post.

        GSW has the money, is already projected to be way over the cap, and is thought to be in a talent-acquisition mode. But I am doubting they do much about it in a year that will likely be financially ruined, more than this one. And if 20/21 is a short season, GSW may not have enough time to re-“gel” a title-winning team regardless.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    KP got skills. We don’t care about players. Who talk smack about us. They will never play here. KP followed Melo. He didnt like how Melo got treated. So he thought he could call the shots. No one is bigger than team in NY. Thats why Melos gone thats why KP is gone. He’s not consistent yet. And he’s fragile. There was always concern here about long term health. Doesn’t like contact. And always has a nagging injury. It’s what he is showing there now. He’ll have big gms. Then won’t show up. Wish him the best. But he lost NY. I’m not one of those bandwagon NY rooters. I’m what we are known for. Intelligent fans who respect the game. Respect the athletes who play the right way. It’s a team game. Not a star game. You need stars. Stars who know how to play. Play team gm both ways. KP took on Knicks thought he’d never get traded. Oh Well.

    • wagner13

      Maybe KP wasn’t the best fit in New York, but you can’t deny that trade was horrible. Smith Jr. has completely flopped and the draft picks received will only decrease in value as Dallas improves. Besides, they added cap room only to squander it on an assortment of power forwards and mediocre shooting guards. They traded Porzingis at his lowest point and didn’t receive anywhere near full value from Dallas

    • imindless

      And this is why knicks are a horrible franchise to play for. When was your last chip al? Lmao

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Terrible trade for who. He may be done now or in few yrs. We got two #1 s. Plus salary dump Hardaway n KP. He’s not worth money yet. We got sssets to trade. We signed Randle, Portis, Payton. Only Randle is back. Cause we wanted cap space for next yr. KD or Ky was never coming only fools like the baseball fan believe that. Plus Smith WH is still an asset. Only 23 yrs old. Thibs will fix him and trade him. Bron called him best guard in that draft. That’s for the LA clowns. Knicks hit what they wanted and needed. Cap flexibility which we still have and will have next yr too. And 3 young assets. Kuzma went 27th. So I’m LAMAO at the wannabe. Your welcome to come at me anytime LA. I need all the laughter I can get these days.
        So it’s not a bad trade. Both got what they wanted. KP was never coming back after blowing up at Knicks. We would of gave him up for less. We’re good in NY. He may become an all star one day. He may just be a solid guy. But he doesn’t like contact. He’s been banged up already 6-7 times. He doesn’t play back to back gms. And it’s his first yr here. You judge on a few gms. He’s in his first playoffs. Against the top team. A statement series. And he’s a no-show. Like I said I’m good. And I wish him well.
        This for
        You are mindless, We taught you how to play baseball. I will school you on basketball no charge.

    • andremets

      I agree. I think best case, KP has a Yao Ming career that lasts less than 10 years. Worst case: Sam Bowie.

      The biggest issue with dealing KP was that they did so when a)he was coming off a major injury, b)he had a rape allegation, and c) only got cap relief. Imagine they dealt him to the Clippers for picks and Shai-Alexander

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