Andre Iguodala Talks Heat, Warriors, Future, More

The Warriors‘ streak of five consecutive appearances in the NBA Finals has come to an end, but Andre Iguodala – now a member of the Heat – is set to extend his streak of Finals appearances to six in a row.

Having spent six years in Golden State and claiming three championships during that time, Iguodala is now part of another winning organization that is vying for its own third title in the last 10 years. Speaking to Sam Amick of The Athletic, the veteran forward suggested that it’s tricky to compare the Heat and Warriors – who operate on different philosophies – and declare that one franchise is “better” than the other.

“It’s just that you can take two different roads to success,” Iguodala said. “At the end of the day, the principles are still the same. You come in, you work hard, the talent is going to take you to the top. That’s sports in general. The most talented teams are going to get there at the end and are probably going to have the best shot.

“Then however you figure out how to bring together everyone, whether it’s through yoga or meditation (with the Warriors) or here where it’s a little bit of a different type of mindset, where it’s that we’re going to get through this pain together and that’s going to get us to the next level,” Iguodala continued. “It’s just different ways of taking that talent to the next level, and both have had success in the ways that they’ve gone about it. There’s a deep appreciation for both.”

Iguodala’s conversation with Amick touched on several other topics, including his role with the NBPA, how he’s coping with life in the Orlando bubble, and what his plans are once his playing days are over. The Q&A is worth checking out in full if you’re an Athletic subscriber, but here are a few of Iguodala’s most interesting comments:

On his perception of the way the game of basketball has evolved:

“As you see in the bubble, there’s more fouls called than ever. They want high scores. I think more guys are put in a box. It’s catch-and-shoot threes, or catch-and-drive real hard to the basket and dunk finish. The little nuances of the game, gamesmanship, it’s not as appreciated or it’s not as sought after or valued as much.

I know a lot of guys in the league, like a Jrue Holiday or an Eric Gordon, they have so much to their game, but the way the game is played now, they’ve taken that out of their games because they said, ‘All right, we want you to shoot 3s. We want you to defend, put your head down and drive.’ And those are two prime examples, where guys are like, ‘Man, this guy was a monster to deal with,’ but the way the game has changed you’re limiting a lot of guys. That’s just the evolution of the game and where it’s going. I think it’ll come back eventually, but like I said, seeing those things I know my value because of my IQ or even at the next level, if I can get to a front office or head a team.”

On whether he’d have interest in coaching after he retires as a player:

“No. No coaching. I won’t rule it out, but I doubt it. I’ve got little kids, and I want to be present for them. But yeah, like I said, there’s so many opportunities, and that’s probably the hardest thing for me, is to decide which one I’m going to go into or could I still be able to juggle these things when I’m done playing. Can I have a role here, or a role here and a role there? That’s a really hard thing to do when you retire because there’s always that saying: Once you’re out the league, they forget about you. You hear about that a lot.

“But I’ve established myself in other things that I have going on, and I’m really looking forward to those things, and I’m still bringing those things into the basketball world as well, bringing a large cohort of players who I’ve grown with and who I have a relationship with, bringing them aboard with me as well in the tech space.”

On whether he’s serious about playing in the NBA until he’s 40:
(Note: Iguodala, 36, has previously spoken about just wanting to play one or two more years, but said earlier in the Q&A Amick that he could easily play until he’s 40.)

“Nah, I won’t play until I’m 40.”

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14 thoughts on “Andre Iguodala Talks Heat, Warriors, Future, More

  1. Reflect

    I think Iggy is spot on about how the league has changed, I just think he’s putting the chicken before the egg. Inside offenses would still be valuable if perimeter play wasn’t so easy. And perimeter play wouldn’t be so easy if defenders were actually allowed to play defense. But as it stands, defenders have to “lean” inside to compensate for the fact they are disadvantaged from the start.

    Another trend is that more fouls are called than ever but it still only takes 6 to foul out.

    Not saying the changes are a good thing or bad thing, just saying the league will never “swing back the other way” unless the officiating also does. It is impossible otherwise.

  2. Dodgethis

    Like all the other major sports the league has become a shell of it’s former self. Monopolies given the green light to chase profit. Leagues need to revert to being about competition, not ad revenue.

  3. Dxit90a

    Unfortunately the nba is going down hill. The rules are offensive friendly. No great defense can be played due to the soft rules . I loved the 90s rule that we’re great players showed how great they are from others. Today a lot of players are getting triple doubles because of the water down rules. I hope they revert back and appreciate the art of defending. This really hurt Lebron against Jordan due to his era being soft .

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      It certainly hurts the argument, LBJ will never be as good as Jordan. Even if they’re equal on offense the difference on defense is huge, even Kobe was munch better on defense than LeBron. Which is why the Kobe/LeBron debate is far closer than the MJ/LeBron debate which is really no debate at all.

  4. x%sure

    I liked Iguodala’s perspective, that the league/Silver just wants more points, more splashes. I disrespect that desire because it probably reflects that Silver doesn’t even care for the game that much and just likes getting his pulse quickened.

    This season more than others reflects the commissioner because everyone deferred to his rules, his views. Behind the scenes he probably discouraged bad behavior from “employees” at any cost.

    Things should revert to a norm in a couple seasons, with or without his tournaments or whatever. Maybe these events should have special, temporary rules that suit his preferences, and that would be a reason for their existence. Break up the same ol’, same ol’ dog n pony show.

  5. tiredolddude

    Seems like the bubble has changed so much about the game but hearing Jackson and Van Gundy talk about refs the other night and letting the guys play was spot on. Just like the NFL has become almost unwatchable thanks to rule changes and flag happy refs, the NBA seems to be going in the same direction. Some of us see the beauty in defense and strategy

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    The NBA has gone to more offense. Ever since the Bulls. Remember the Pistons. They went away from physical play. Refs never helped the Knicks. Nobody liked the Knicks vs Rockets final. It’s gone to offense ever since. But it’s a two way sport. No natter what they do to help offense. Teams that win play D. They don’t have to play D all gm like the old Seattle teams. But they have to make stops. Like Bron chasing down Iggy. Like Bam denying Tatum. To win championships you still have to play D. Simply cause it’s a two way sport. Makes sense to be good both ways. Today’s fans love to talk about Warriors offense. How they changed the game. Well it’s true their shooting has changed the gm. What no one sees or wants to talk about is. Their five yr run. They were a top 3-5 defensive team in the league. The Heat play D. The Celtics play D. The Clippers play D. But forgot it against Nuggets. Even the Lakers play D. Offense is much better and deeper on teams today. To win rings you have to play D, make stops. Cause a 5 point gm can be swayed by offense or defense.

    Iguodala is in his 6th straight Finals. Cool didn’t know that, totally forgot. Iguodala and Jimmy will take turns with Bron so will Crowder. You know this is why Heat got Iguodala. To help with Bron wow. It’s like they knew they wanted to go to Finals.
    I got Heat in 7.

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