Clippers Rumors: George, Harrell, Green, More

A report last week indicated that Clippers teammates Montrezl Harrell and Paul George got into a heated verbal exchange during Game 2 against Denver, and Shams Charania of The Athletic suggests that wasn’t necessarily an isolated incident. According to Charania, multiple teammates had “verbal spats” with George during the playoffs, citing a perceived lack of accountability from him.

As Charania details, George preached after the Clippers’ elimination that everyone must remain committed and return next season ready to make another run at the championship. However, sources tell The Athletic that George’s comments were met with “some eye rolls and bewilderment,” since there was a sense that the star forward hadn’t backed up his words with actions during an inconsistent postseason. Additionally, a number of the Clips’ key rotation players are up for free agency, meaning the club likely won’t be able to simply run it back with the same group next season.

Here’s more on the Clippers:

  • Charania reiterates that rival teams expect the Clippers to explore the trade market in the hopes of acquiring a backcourt play-maker. We passed along word last week that L.A. is expected to target a play-making point guard.
  • While Montrezl Harrell and the Clippers have mutual interest in a new deal, the Sixth Man of the Year will have multiple suitors in free agency, according to Charania, who adds that JaMychal Green will also draw interest if he turns down his $5MM player option. Green received multiple offers last summer before choosing the Clippers and some of those same teams may pursue him again if he’s available, says Charania.
  • Few NBA teams that have blown 3-1 leads in the postseason have bounced back and made deeper playoff runs the following season, Andrew Greif points out for The Los Angeles Times. While the Clippers can use the 2017 Warriors – who won a title after blowing a 3-1 lead in 2016 – as an inspiration, that team added Kevin Durant after its ’16 collapse.
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22 thoughts on “Clippers Rumors: George, Harrell, Green, More

  1. Sillivan

    If Clippers lose one of Harrell Morris Green,they have not enough assets to make trade and improve

  2. Sillivan

    I think Zubac does not have much trade value, it has to be 3 for 1 deal
    And the coach is not reliable

  3. Chief Two Hands

    The more I learn about George, the happier I am that the Lakers never got him. Too often, he comes across like a petulant teenager and seems to disappear when his team needs him most. To make matters worse, he seems unwilling to accept responsibility for it.

    • Hannibal8us

      I’ll take the supporting cast the Lakers got for the money they would have had to use for George. Seems like a great player but awful teammate.

  4. Yep it is

    The Clippers aren’t winning anything with Coach “ overrated choke”. Don’t understand the love affair with him the media has.

    • elmedius

      Well, he did win a championship with a Celtics team that only had THREE probable HOF players on it… who else could do that?

  5. GoLandCrabs

    Paul George has never been held accountable. He ran off from the Pacers and Thunder when things got tough. Lillard was 100% right, he runs away from the grind. It speaks volumes that both the teams that traded him have benefited greatly from his departure. Clippers got on their knees to bring this man in lol. I’ll take developing Shai and the 5 picks over him any day.

  6. Simmons>Russ

    Trade Pat Bev and Lou Will for Eric Bledsloe and a first round pick in this year draft.

    Sign Marc Gasol in FA and let Harrell walk.

    Use FA to get a couple vet minimum players

    1. Bledsloe. Shamet
    2. PG13. McGruder
    3. Kawhi
    4. Morris. Green
    5. Gasol. Zubac

    • Lakers1

      Why would clippers make that deal? E bled disappears when the stakes are higher.. he does play d but so does Beverly.. Lou Williams is a killer.. gasol is done.. you’d replace Harrell with gasol.. they would be taking 2 steps back if you were the gm..

      • x%sure

        If the Clips HAVE to deal those players away, then Bledsoe would be a good combination of those two. I think he would do better in River’s system which is not much of a system… everyone just go.
        They probably do have to do something. Maybe MIL too, but there would be a clash with those two.

        • Lakers1

          Bledsoe played for doc and clippers.. Bledsoe isn’t close to Lou Williams let alone both

        • Simmons>Russ

          Agree it’s you, Bledsloe would be a good combination of defence and playmaking and scoring etc like Lou Willa and Bev. Plus I think he fits the locker room (Kawhi) and the system better.

          Whereas Milwaukee would be getting a loud Pat Bev who I think Giannis would appreciate on defence. And would be getting Lou Will off the bench who would help the offence when Giannas is out of the game. Which is a big area they have struggled.

          Would be a great deal for both teams

      • Simmons>Russ

        Eric disappears but everyone says Kawhi lives for those moments…

        Bledsloe like I have said before is quieter and would suit Kawhis locker room more and on the court he is still a great defender like Bev but is a much better playmaker and could help run a coach’s plays better. Not to mention the Clippers need first round picks and Lou Will is getting very old so they would be getting back a pick to bring in some youth too.

        As for Gasol and Harrell. The Nuggets targeted Harrell and consistently exposed him. Gasol even now doesn’t put up the numbers but he helps his teams win. He’s a former defensive player of the year, makes the right decisions, can stretch the floor and mark up better with 7 foot centres. Not to mention in the locker room Gasol who has played with Kawhi would get along better and work quietly unlike Harrell who has been public outspoken and disliked his role this season. Plus Harrel will likely cost 4 times the price of Gasol

    • lebuck

      Why would any fa especially gasol join the clippers circus. Team dysfunction, poor coaching and lack of communication from their star.

      • Simmons>Russ

        He’s played with Kawhi and win a ring with him, so he knows what the locker room will be like and what the system will be like. He would also be joining a team with a coach in Doc Rivers who had a good reputation among the players. (Maybe not the media or fans these days) He would be spending probably his last year in the league in LA, what better place to spend it. It would give him a good opportunity to win another ring playing with a star in the big city and then he can retire and move back knowing he’s conquered the NBA

  7. Lakers1

    Clippers real problem is pg13.. his teammates obviously don’t like him.. while clippers gave up a lot to get marcus morris, lakers obviously won by not giving up anything to get Markieff.. kawhi is a superstar but he’s not an#1.. he was a 3rd or 4th option when Sam Antonio won rings.. raptors were stacked but also lucked out with gsw being hurt otherwise they don’t win.. the difference between the lakers and clippers.. lakers built team based on guys that have been there.. clippers have one that’s been there.. huge difference when playoffs start

  8. LordBanana

    Remain committed to a PG even though he’ll probably dip on this team in a year

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Clippers will be back. But I do wonder about PG. To me Clippers were overconfident. But in reality may have been overrated. Teams lose when you look ahead. They went up 3-1. They were thinking Lakers. Looks like Denver is team that grew up. They will back much better next yr too. With Warriors coming back. Clippers may have blown big opportunity. Difference is Bron knows the opportunities that are here now.

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