Draft Rumors: Draft Date, Hawks, Suns, Toppin, Wolves

Most people around the NBA think this year’s draft will eventually be moved back from October 16 to sometime in the middle of November, writes Tim Bontemps of ESPN. We heard last month that there was momentum toward delaying the draft and the start of free agency.

As Bontemps explains, the idea would be to give the NBA and the players’ union some time after the season ends to get a handle on the league’s finances after what has been a very unusual 2019/20 season — and ahead of what figures to be another unusual year in 2020/21. Delaying the draft and free agency would give both sides plenty of time to establish a salary cap for next season and new projections going forward. It would also give teams time to reconsider their plans based on the new cap.

As we wait for official word from the NBA on a possible delay, here’s more on the 2020 NBA draft:

  • Among the league insiders polled by Bontemps, two teams – the Hawks at No. 6 and the Suns at No. 10 – were mentioned most frequently as candidates to be active in trade talks on (or leading up to) draft day. As Bontemps observes, both teams have cap flexibility and will face some pressure from ownership to make the playoffs in 2020/21.
  • Asked by Bontemps about this year’s most overrated prospects, executives and scouts most frequently pointed to Dayton forward Obi Toppin. “I think he’s a good player and I like him and he had an unbelievable year, but this consensus top-five status he’s obtained is weird to me,” one Eastern Conference scout said of Toppin. Cassius Stanley (Duke), Desmond Bane (TCU), and Jaden McDaniels (Washington) were among the players who received votes as 2020’s most underrated prospect.
  • Most league insiders expect the Timberwolves to draft Anthony Edwards first overall, according to Bontemps. However, in Sam Vecenie’s latest mock draft for The Athletic, he has changed the Wolves’ pick from Edwards to LaMelo Ball, operating under the belief that Gersson Rosas would favor Ball’s potential star power. Both Bontemps and Vecenie note that Minnesota seems like a good bet to gauge the value of the pick on the trade market. Vecenie points out that the Wolves could also draft a player and consider moving him down the road if he doesn’t fit in well with Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell.
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30 thoughts on “Draft Rumors: Draft Date, Hawks, Suns, Toppin, Wolves

    • hiflew

      Congrats on finally catching up with the rest of us that figured that out about a year ago.

  1. El Don

    I too would pick Lamelo with #1 instead of Edwards. Actually I would pick Wiseman… but not with KAT in the team, so Lamelo it is! Please whatever they do don’t pick Edwards, he will never be good at all. This year he was atrociously bad in the SEC, ain’t gonna be easier for him with men instead of kids. Just another athletic high volume low effectivity scorer. I would rather trade down than pick Edwards, that is for sure!
    Also Toppin & Okoro are way overrated!

    • Yes I’m hoping if the Warriors pick Edwards they trade him before training camp and preseason games start and he shoots 13% from Deep.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Dumbest shot Ive ever heard. He said they would consider moving player if he didn’t fit. Really , that’s called a bust. It’s the #1 pick in the draft. If you don’t believe in the player. Trade it and move down. This ain’t a pick and see. You better know what you are doing. Who is this Vacenie guy. He’s an idiot.
    Toppin is top 10 talent. He’s a PF who runs the floor. His D needs work. But you get him with a passing PG. Think Griffin his Offense is NBA ready. He looked nice next to Drummond

    • Sillivan

      You are right
      Don’t fit = bust

      Don’t fit means excuse (nice word)
      Lets say Edwards shoot at 15%

    • x%sure

      Vecenie has Toppin at #5 (in the mock, not his ranking)… HR quoted “an anonymous Eastern scout” in putting him lower.

      Vecenie seemed reluctant to credit Toppin and the similar Jalen Smith, put at #17, as they read slow to mature or lead, but both are agile and quite long and can shoot deep smoothly under pressure with spinning or contortion, in a way that is in short supply, combining blocks with 3s. This complements players that teams already have so at least there’s that to their credit.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Toppin has big body. He is NBA ready. He’s not a guy who can ball on the floor. What big really is. The man avg 20 a gm, he shot 64%FG on 11 shots a gm. 7.5 reb, 2.2 ast. For a PF those are great stats. His offense is ahead of his D now. He’s athletic enough to fix that. Okongwu and Toppin are best PFs in draft. Guaranteed NBA starters.
        Ball shot 37% in 12 gms. Avg 17 pts, 6.7 ast, 7.6 reb
        Listed at 6’7” n 181 LBs. Thin body
        Edwards shot 40% FG in 32 gms. Avg 19.2 pts, 2.8 ast, 5.2 reb. Listed at 6’5 221 LBs. NBA ready.
        Both have bad shot selection. Edwards was cause he was only scorer. Ball don’t play D, Edwards is considered a future All D team player. He is bigger than all nba 2 guards now. Ball is a playmaker and scorer that’s why he has upside. But that doesn’t come till you grow a nba body. And a lot can happen till then. Considering his brother. You think he will develop as long as his attitude is right. But his D will always be suspect. Edwards can be a two way monster. And he can start next yr. That’s why he is considered top pick. Especially if you need a 2 guard.
        Beal is 6’3” and 207 LBs
        Booker is 6’5” and 206 LBs
        You getting it now. Edwards is the Bron of 2 guards. When it comes to size and athleticism.

        • x%sure

          Espn has been listing Edwards as 6-3. I am disappointed in that, though he has the strength to compensate. I have read 6-5 too. We need the combine! And it’s all taking soooo long to get done.

  3. Sillivan

    My mock draft had been consistent
    Deni Advija


    • hiflew

      I agree with your top 4. However, I think Cleveland selects Toppin at 5 simply because they need the size and he is relatively local.

      6 could go any way because I expect Atlanta to trade the pick. I don’t know whether they will move up for Edwards or move down for someone or just move out of the pick entirely. But I do not think they will make the pick at 6.

      The Pistons ideal selection would be Haliburton at 7.

      At 8, it doesn’t matter who the Knicks pick because they will screw him up regardless.

      • twolvesaremynightmare

        So according to you two the Timberwolves who finally got rid of Wiggins now want to replace him with a younger worse shooting version of him? Y’all are geniuses

        • hiflew

          Okay, then you come up with an idea rather than making fun of the thoughts of others. If you’ve got a better idea, prove it.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Really ???? I doubt you know meaning of word.
      Don’t worry I won’t tell that you copied the picks I posted. It’s our secret.

  4. twolvesaremynightmare

    Can anyone tell me what Edwards does well that is making all these so called experts continue to mock him as the #1 player. If he doesn’t shot well, doesn’t defend well, doesn’t contribute anything without the ball in his hands and is at best an average passer and rebounder? How is he a good fit with two alpha’s like Kat and D-lo who want the ball in their hands. These experts are literally saying the wolves are gonna replace Wiggins with a younger worse version of him

    • Sillivan

      I am working on what will happen
      Edwards is as strong as tiger
      Good body type
      Good body control

      Wiggins replacement for Wolves

    • UGA_Steve

      As an obvious UGA fan, I watched enough of him to get it. You have to remember, he was on a TERRIBLE team. just terrible. He never got an open look. When he did it was because he beat a double team or trap 25 feet out.

      Get him on a team with a playmaker and he will come alive.

      – Athleticism and ball handling skills to play point forward or SG
      – Very underrated passer. Don’t blame his lack of passing highlights. The UGA offense has been ‘sit around and watch’ for over 10 years and a change of coaches has not helped.
      – Solid rebounder for a SG/SF
      – Probably better at driving for baskets at this point than pure shooting, but when stupid college teams made the mistake of not having a second or third player caving/shadowing him, he could easily get to the rim.

      – He is not a pure shooter. He will never be a Steph or Klay or someone like that. He cannot take over a game with an array of markmanship.
      – Needs to stay focused. Maybe playing for a better team where he isn’t exhausted by perpetual battering five minutes into the game would help.

      When I think of NBA playing style, I would put him closer to LeBron than anyone. Big bodied athlete who can put some meat on and take over with power, yet still shoot and pass well enough to keep teams honest. I am NOT, repeat NOT, saying he is anywhere near LeBron’s level, just that his playing style is very similar. There are probably some ‘poor man’s LeBron’sd in the NBA now, but I don’t watch it enough to know them by name. I think he would be in that vein.

  5. hiflew

    What does everyone think about this one

    Hawks get
    Rudy Gay
    Lonnie Walker IV

    Spurs get
    Dewayne Dedmon (for salary matching)

    It would get the Spurs 2 lottery picks and get them started on their rebuild. Killian Hayes at #6 just seems like a Spurs type of player. Could be the next Tony Parker. Pair him with someone like Vernon Carey at 11 and you have nice PG/C combo to start your build. Dedmon could also give you a big body for the next couple of years.

    it would give the Hawks a starting SF that could also serve as a mentor to DeAndre Hunter. He could basically be a younger version of what Vince Carter was. And Walker could serve as competition for Huerter and Reddish at the starting SG position. Start the winner, trade one of the losers, have the other be a decent bench option.

    I think it would help both teams immensely.

  6. stevep-4

    I think that all predictions now will be interesting to review in 3 or 4 years. There are good players in almost every draft, but often they are not the ones highly regarded. This draft may not have superstars but there will be some good players. Teams with good scouting will do well, as always.

  7. What? The league and the union working together to be flexible and try to come up with the best plan going forward?

  8. Simmons>Russ

    Toppin to Cleveland makes sense in that they need a young PF to replace Kevin Love who is old. They could still probably trade love and get a decent return.
    Obi Toppin with Andre Drummond could be good for the Cavs

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Minny wants to compete now. They need a player who step in day one. Their biggest need is at SG and PF. Beasley is best as third guard. Unless they go PF. Toppin or Okongwu. Okongwu is best fit with KAT. So if Minny would trade down. It’s for one of them PF. And if they trade out. It would be for someone like Oladipo. I think best bet is they go with Edwards. He’s a good mix with DAngelo. With 17th pick they can address the PF position. Turner should be there even Carey Jr.

    • fishy 9 dogs

      SG is most definitely NOT the wolves position of need. The have Beasley, Okogie, Culver, Nowell, and Evans who are all best suited to play there. Plus they want DLo to spend time there. You crazy boo.

  10. fishy 9 dogs

    If the Wolves don’t trade the pick (which they should) they need to take Ball. He’s the only one in the top 3 with an nba ready skill and the dude is already famous. Bring some star power and flash to this team.

    With #17, they need to take Pat Williams, Saddiq Bey, or Aaron Nesmith.

  11. Wade Herbers

    Best scenario MN trades back , gains capital , possibly dumps Evan Turner or James Johnson , gets someone like Double O in the #5 to #10 range , picks up a extra 1st rounder in the teens( possible back up point guard) with a late#1st or early #2nd pick next year. We are a few years away , gain capital , shed expensive contracts and find some DEFENSE.

  12. K-HjLL

    Had Wiseman played the full year he’d be the undisputed #1 having a season like KAT or even Duncan etc…

    I think he be the perfect fit next to KAT he also has range out to the 3 and has decent handle for a big. He and KAT can play the 4-5…

    I think his ceiling can be Rasheed Wallace offensively and Wallace/Camby defensively If he puts in the work…

    It be cool if KG became part owner with whoever buys wolves and works with WISEMAN bringing out his potential…

    I do like the LAVINE/LAURI trade I think the wolves should give up 1 & 16, Culver, etc for the two and #4. It give Wolves three assets. For even a future trade… there was rumblings in the last year about suns trying to bringing Lavine and Wiggins there.

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