Eastern Notes: Bertans, Vaughn, Nurse, Antetokounmpo

Wizards forward Davis Bertans‘ decision to pass on the restart was driven by free agency, Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington relays. Bertans made his comments on the ‘Basketball Network’ show on YouTube.

“I think there were multiple reasons,” the Wizards’ sharpshooter said. “Of course, one of the main ones I guess is that I was an upcoming free agent and we were put in a position as very unlikely to make the playoffs. To risk an injury after not playing basketball and not really working out for almost two months [was not smart]. That was the main reason.”

We have more from the Eastern Conference:

  • The Nets are hopeful that Jacques Vaughn will remain on Steve Nash’s staff even though they passed on making him the permanent head coach, according to Brian Lewis of the New York Post. Vaughn has been identified is a candidate for the Pacers coaching job. The Rockets are also reportedly interested, though the Nets would have to grant those teams permission to interview him.
  • Handing coach Nick Nurse an extension was an important first step during a tricky offseason for the Raptors, Josh Lewenberg of TSN Canada opines. The Raptors need to position themselves for the summer of 2021, when they could chase top free agents. The next step this offseason would be to reach extension agreements with team president Masai Ujiri and GM Bobby Webster, Lewenberg adds. Details of Nurse’s multiyear extension can be found here.
  • The safest bet regarding Giannis Antetokounmpo is that he stays put with the Bucks, either through a Designated Veteran Extension this offseason or re-signing on a shorter deal next year, according to Danny Leroux of The Athletic. Leroux looks at all the options and possibilities regarding Antetokounmpo’s future in the wake of the Bucks’ surprisingly early playoff exit.
  • The Raptors will have approximately $45MM to spend on their own free agents or using the mid-level exception before going into the luxury tax, according to Blake Murphy of The Athletic. Murphy takes a closer look at the Raptors’ balance sheet and impending decisions, including Fred VanVleet‘s free agency.
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9 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Bertans, Vaughn, Nurse, Antetokounmpo

  1. Jeff Zanghi

    Why didn’t Bertans work out for 2 months…? That’s kind of a lame excuse… like yeah I know he couldn’t ‘work out’ with teammates etc. but it’s not like he literally had to stay locked in his house without working out/staying in shape… every other player in the NBA did it and managed to be okay… why couldn’t he? I mean hey… it’s his decision and given the Wizards record I guess they didn’t have much to play for… but if you ask me at the end of the day… leaving your teammates high and dry literally just because you wanted to set yourself up better for Free Agency seems pretty selfish. And honestly idk why he didn’t just say he was sitting out because of “fears of coronavirus” like a handful of other guys did. If he had done that no one would be second guessing his decision but instead he’s gone way out of his way to make it perfectly clear that his reason for sitting out was 100% selfish and he didn’t even have enough respect for his teammates to come back with them and try to fight for a post-season chance. like idk… I just don’t get why he went about it the way he did. it would have been so much better for his image if he’d just said he was staying home out of fear of Covid — he gained nothing by doing what he did and instead just kind of made himself look like an a-hole.

    • x%sure

      Yes Leonsis made such effort to get his team in the bubble, then Bertans and Beal said not going. If they didn’t recruit anyone while there, there was no point to it Maybe they showcased Troy Brown for another team.

      Bertans may have lost himself some money by halting the momentum be built. But it will still be a lot maybe $18m/yr

  2. x%sure

    Giannis has given every indication he will stay, and it makes sense if he does. But given the hysteria about getting him, and what an opposing GM may be willing to give up, it also makes sense to make some outrageous offers. Miami is one of the likely landing spots, according to the link.
    Dallas, Toronto, Atlanta, NOLA are mentioned, as are GSW, PHL, DEN, MIN, BOS, & LAC for trading. Draft picks, Simmons, Embiid, Murray, D’Lo, Jaylen Brown, Paul George— you want Bam. The window for trading about anyone for him may close pretty soon, just sayin’.

    Question, why isn’t Miami getting him the ball more? Well they won anyway, even though that, and Kemba seemingly healthy.

  3. richt

    Forget about Giannis leaving the Bucks in 2021, what about Kawhi and Paul George leaving the Clippers that summer? They both can opt out and had a worse playoff collapse than the Bucks did with just as high, if not higher expectations. If they don’t win it all next year, both are gone and the Clippers are in the toilet, with all their picks going to OKC.

    • x%sure

      Surprising but true, them and LouW can all leave… or more likely, one of PG or LW. Of course if they had won last night, unhappiness would be less of a threat.

  4. hiflew

    It would be perfect for today’s NBA to see a fully homegrown tam like the Nuggets beat both the LA “super AAU teams” to get to the Finals. I’d love to see a return of players wanting more to beat the other guy than to play with him. It would b so much better for the league as a whole. Okay, I’m finished with my old man rant now.

    • dust44

      Well considering the Warriors without Durant were almost all “homegrown” we’ve already seen it. And pretty sure besides Love most that Cavs roster was drafted by them at the time too. Even tho LeBron left for a few years. He came back to a mostly drafted by the Cavs roster.

      • hiflew

        Sure if you ignore Durant, who did exactly what I was talking about, and LeBron, who did exactly what I was talking about THREE times, then yeah we have seen it.

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