Jazz Will Give Maximum Extension To Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell, one of the stars of this year’s playoffs despite Utah’s first-round loss, will receive a maximum extension when free agency begins, sources tell Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

The total value of the five-year deal, which would go into effect in 2021/22, is projected to be about $170MM. The actual value will depend on where the salary cap lands for the ’21/22 season and whether Mitchell meets the Rose rule criteria.

Mitchell, 23, averaged 36.3 points, 5.0 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game in the series against the Nuggets and shot 52% from 3-point range. He set a playoff record by making 33 three-pointers in a series.

Haynes notes that Mitchell was among several young stars who were reluctant to participate in the restart because of the risk of an injury that might affect future earnings. Mitchell explained his position on a Zoom call with other players set up by Kyrie Irving in June, but said talking to his teammates convinced him to play.

“Once my teammates told me they wanted to play, then I was all in. I couldn’t make it all about myself,” Mitchell said. “There are younger guys who aren’t established in this league and needed this time to show their value. It would have been selfish of me to stand in the way of that. I couldn’t let my contract get in the way of the bigger picture. I had to rely on God. If I got hurt, it was God’s will. But I put my trust in Him and didn’t worry about potentially getting injured. That allowed me to go out there and play. My faith was in God.”

Mitchell took Tuesday’s loss especially hard, Haynes adds. He collapsed to the court when Mike Conley‘s potential game-winning shot at the buzzer bounced out, then fought back tears in a post-game session with the media. Afterward, he fell into the arms of assistant coach Johnnie Bryant – who is headed to the Knicks to join Tom Thibodeau’s coaching staff – and sobbed uncontrollably.

“I’m going to get right back to work,” Mitchell told reporters. “I’m not done. The Utah Jazz aren’t done.”

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12 thoughts on “Jazz Will Give Maximum Extension To Donovan Mitchell

  1. Noel1982

    2021 free agency reality is often disappointing, on the very good chance lebron and ad and Kawhi an George don’t leave la and oladipo is traded somewhere he would extend,gobert is gonna he the only other all star after Giannis to hit free agency lol

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      I don’t expect AD to stick around past 2021. He will opt out after this season then sign a 1+1 deal to keep his options open next year.

      • x_burner_X

        Cmon man, enough with La hate, AD is a Clutch client, he wanted to be in La

  2. wagner13

    Poor Mitchell. I know he endured a rough game last night, but you can tell through his emotional reactions just how much he invested into this series. Donovan has the work ethic and motivation necessary to emerge as one of the league’s greats and I’m excited to see how he develops

  3. x%sure

    Donovan dominated the ball hen Conley was absent and scored big, but in game 2 maybe rested a bit? Utah looked scary with him bringing the ball up every time. Maybe doing so wears him down though.

    I’m a fan of both but Conley should have been there throughout. No time for personal time. The absence could snowball from not making round 2 into Mitchell forcing his way out when one-and-done looks inevitable for Utah’s future.

    Utah’s FO decisions with the roster changes does look justified though, requiring that Denver turn themselves around to beat them despite the Bojan injury.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Trade Rudy Gobert for Spencer Dinwiddie, T. Prince and Jarrett Allen.

    Mitchel needs the help, Conley and Gobert are both not on Mitchell’s timeline.

    Dinwiddie is a near all star level point guard who has taken the Nets to back to back playoffs. He often doesn’t get the credit he deserves haven’t taken over for DAngelo Russell but then demoted for Kyrie Irving. This year the Nets made the playoffs without KD and Irving only played 30 times. His averages were 21 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists.
    Jarrett Allen replaces Gobert but obviously isn’t as good defensively yet. However he is still young and improving. In the bubble Allen got more touches and shots than before and pit up good numbers.
    vs Toronto 14 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists
    Vs Clippers 16 points, 16 rebounds, 4 assists
    Vs Kings 17 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists
    Then lastly T. Prince isn’t anything more than just a role player to add some depth for the Jazz.
    Prince averaged 12/6/2 at 6’7 can play SF or PF, he’s also decent shooting from behind the arc.

    From there the Jazz can either trade Conley on an expiring deal, or let him walk in FA to clear some cap space to pay Mitchell, Allen and keep Jordan Clarkson.
    But adding these 3 for the Jazz would be a huge step in the right direction and maybe Mitchell and Dinwiddie could get some players in FA.

    1. Dinwiddie. Clarkson
    2 Mitchell. Courtney Lee
    3. O’Neale. Ingles. Niang
    4. Bogdanovic. Prince. Morgan
    5. Allen. Bradley. Davis

    • mlbnyyfan

      Mitchell will never win a championship in Utah. Why should he stay. He’s going to end up like Lillard great player who whose team does nothing in the playoffs.

      • Simmons>Russ

        He’s been in the league three years amd your writing him off in Utah already….
        He came in the 13th pick without much support and ended up almost rookie of the year and now looking like DWade 2.0. Don’t be so quick to call and end to his team.
        Look at what Wade did, he recruited Bron and Bosh and formed a big three in Miami.
        Mitchell has a huge voice among the lead particularly as a young player I’m sure he could recruit players and have loads of success. That playoff series hurt losing but he’s going to come back stronger.

        • Nate D

          I agree with you! I like this! Mitchell looked amazing in these playoffs and honestly had one of the best series from a player in the past 25 years! He was smoking!! And just in his 3rd year! Wow! I keep hearing this rumor about the Jazz trading Conley for Randle? I do like the idea of the Jazz going bigger next year in the starting line up. Royce forced to play the 4 a lot at 6’4″ does not seem great to me, when he is a great defender at SF/SG. So My hope is we plug in someone like Randle in place of conley but to play the 4 and slide Mitchell to PG since the ball should be in his hands anyway. Jazz get longer and stronger, and more defense to help Rudy out! Nothing against conley I like the dude a ton, but strike now while we can and get what you really really need! Justin Holiday is a nice 3 & D free agent as well!

    • hiflew

      “Conley and Gobert are both not on Mitchell’s timeline. ”

      People need to get over the idea that an entire team needs to be around the same age. Championship teams have almost always had a mix of vets and youth. The Showtime Lakers with Kareem and Magic come to mind. The Shaq/Kobe Lakers and Shaq/Wade Heat as well.

      • Simmons>Russ

        I’m saying they ain’t on the same timeline cause if your building for a championship team WITHOUT multiple HOF players like the three teams you mentioned your going to need a team that are all in their primes together, with a good chemistry and that suit each other’s play style.

        Mitchell Conley Gobert as a trio wont ever reach the WCF that’s why you make a trade and build around Mitchell with players young that can grow with him.

        Hence Mitchell Dinwiddie Allen plus others. Probably hit their primes from now for another 6/7 years of competing and building. Whereas the current trio have what 1/2 years max of actually being good until it’s Mitchell just carrying by himself

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