More On Clippers-Doc Rivers Breakup

The Clippers’ decision to part ways with Doc Rivers could be the riskiest coaching change in NBA history, Kevin Pelton of ESPN opines. The team is rolling the dice with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George potentially opting out and becoming unrestricted free agents after next season. L.A.’s collapse against the Nuggets can be attributed to poor shooting, Pelton adds, as the Clippers took higher percentage shots than the Nuggets but made substantially fewer of them.

We have more on Rivers and the Clippers:

  • The Clippers’ front office concluded that issues that had cropped up during the season surfaced under the stress of the playoffs, Brian Windhorst of ESPN reports. That led to the assessment that Rivers had to be held accountable for the team’s collapse.
  • By severing ties with Rivers, the Clippers indeed are blaming him for their playoff flop, Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated opines. Could Phil Jackson be the answer? Jackson is 75 but he’s had time to recharge his batteries and this wouldn’t be a long-term job anyway, Mannix notes.
  • Tyronn Lue and Jeff Van Gundy are reportedly two of the former head coaches the Clippers will consider. Dan Loumena of the Los Angeles Times speculates that the Clippers might also consider assistant coach Sam Cassell, Chauncey Billups, Mark Jackson, Stan Van GundyMike D’Antoni, Nate McMillan, Kenny Atkinson, Alvin Gentry, Jason Kidd and Becky Hammon.
  • Lue is the 3-2 favorite to get the job, according to Bet Online, Adam Zagoria of the New York Times tweets. Van Gundy is the second choice at 3-1 with Billups surprisingly listed as the third choice at 4-1.
  • Add the Rockets to the list of teams interested in Rivers, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle. The Pelicans and 76ers have already made contact.
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27 thoughts on “More On Clippers-Doc Rivers Breakup

  1. The name Phil Jackson actually came to my mind earlier, but I figured he was done and retired and old. He’s a guy that can put everything together and just manage personalities. He can hire an offensive guy and a defensive guy just like he did with the Bulls and the Lakers and he would be there just to see the little nuances and different things and it takes to be a championship team.

    A 2-year contract I say go for it but I’m not sure Jerry West and Phil Jackson see eye-to-eye. I know Pat Riley and Phil Jackson aren’t on each other’s Christmas card list.

    • stevep-4

      Phil is not doing any coaching any more. He is at home doing edibles and binge watching Netflix. The guy you are looking for in that chill mode coaches for the Warriors, although it is possible there is another replica somewhere. Actually, Lue is probably the closest in that vein, but he is not nearly the game coach that Phil was.

    • stevep-4

      I think that is a good bet, it would give the team a swift kick and also kick the Lakers where it hurts, so some crosstown rivalry appeal.

    • andremets

      Any chance the Clippers would have to cough up a 2nd round pick to get Kidd away from the Knicks?

  2. Sillivan

    Pat Riley and Phil Jackson’s batteries are too old and it is caused by a bad alternator.
    It can’t be recharged, it has to be replaced.

    • stevep-4

      Oh my god you actually made a joke that made me laugh. Maybe not all your brain is damaged.

  3. Phil Jackson loves running out in front of a parade, but his physical condition has precluded him from coaching and I doubt that’s changed much. His relationship with West and adherence to the triangle offense are other issues. Plus, replacing the high maintenance, year to year, Rivers with Jackson is sort of going from the frying pan into the fire.

    They should find a guy who is just a coach who fits, and can develop a team around KL and PG13. They really need them to stay beyond next year. They can’t rebuild for awhile.

  4. harden-westbrook-mvps

    After losing three different series with a 3-1 lead, it’s no surprise to see Doc lose his job. If he comes to Houston I wonder if Austin will go ahead and opt in for his $2.4M option and play for his dad again.

    • specialfriedrice

      Yes, because his Dad will take on the Gm or President roles as well and will offer him another big fat overpay of a contract.

  5. Lue is the most over rated coach out there. I am surprised teams like him so much because he couldn’t coach without LeBron on the team.

    • madjob33

      So True ! He keeps being mentioned for all these openings…why does no one hire him ??

    • They prob will be fine. But it depends on the coach they get. Kawahi and Paul can leave after next year. So if they don’t get the right coach they are screwed

  6. stevep-4

    Easy. Just let PG and Kawhi do the interviewing, one year contract with team options that rely on those two to approve. Might as well hand the team over at this point.

    If they really wanted a good coach (and this is true for ALL the openings) they would hire Hammon.

  7. The Howler

    Prospective coach has to think that I could be a title contender one year and in a rebuild with few resources the next!

  8. hoosierhysteria

    Screwy Lue is terrible choice. Other than being LBJ bag boy…what has he done? He is not smart. Ballmer wants smart….he will figure out that KL was wrong by picking George Paul the choker to come. Lou Williams is best clutch shooter and doc didn’t get him the ball. He let PG clang up 3s. Load management destroyed team chemistry. They were hard work and defense first…and then 2 prima donna arrivals. KL would have been enough. Slippers have a problem.

  9. Reflect

    What would be the point of firing Rivers and then hiring the assistant coach that worked under Rivers?

    LA needs a culture cleanse.

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