NBA Sets Format For Draft Combine

The NBA announced plans today for a revamped draft combine that will run from September 28 until early to mid-November. Designed to aid with player evaluation before the November 18 draft, some of the combine will take place in team markets and other parts will be virtual.

“NBA Draft Combine is an essential part of the pre-draft evaluation process,” said Byron Spruell, President of NBA League Operations. “While the circumstances surrounding this combine are unique, we’re excited to creatively deliver a valuable experience for our teams, who have remained flexible through the process, and for prospective draftees who are just beginning their NBA journeys.”

The combine will enable players to conduct both team and league-wide interviews, all through videoconferencing, from September 28 to October 16.

Players will also participate in a traditional on-court program that will include strength and agility testing, anthropometric measurements, shooting drills, and the making of a “pro day” video. That will take place in October at the NBA team facility closest to the player’s location. Medical testing and exams will be provided in the same market by doctors affiliated with the league.

The NBA will utilize HomeCourt, a mobile basketball app that uses “advanced machine learning and computer vision” to deliver analytics and record the shooting evaluation part of the combine. It will allow the players to create videos that can be up to 45 minutes long. The league will also expand its use of “Combine HQ,” an interactive platform that offers teams a “one-stop shop” for scouting information gathered during the combine.

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7 thoughts on “NBA Sets Format For Draft Combine

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    It’s good to get the real measurements of players. Too bad we can’t see them workout against nba talent. But it’s something. The team’s scouting. Will be more valuable. Than it’s ever been before. We will see this draft. Who really did their scouting.

      • x%sure

        dude lol
        Hopefully we see accurate, barefoot measurements, with ht, wt, reach, wingspan, and verticalJ (with shoes obv)… basic raw data.
        Don’t let Jay Bilas interpret anything before public release or he will try to make the numbers relevant and use obfuscating conversion charts known only to him that make the listener dumber instead of smarter.

        I’m hearing “online experts” use the word “noisy” to describe stats that have been fudged or use iffy raw data. The field of basketball stats keeps attracting increased attention.

        Continuing the rant into stats: some people like me like to use “advanced” stats like PER and some go farther advanced and sneer at PER users. There are issues with these hyper-advanced stats: what are they using, to what percentage (weight) of the total, and crucially, do they distinguish between performance against starters or reserves, and while the game is on the line. I think not, so there’s no reason to go past PER (which is set for mediocre=15 and measures playmaking ability by year but rewards centers more than most, so could use an updating.)

        Defense is hard to measure but Pro Football Focus measures blocking and that is even harder!

        • KnickerbockerAl

          There are no advanced stats on players in nba draft. It’s a talent draft. College stats don’t mean anything in nba settings. What are you an espn alumni. It’s a freakin gm that needs observation and time. To evaluate physical tools and team IQ. Most talent today are one and done players. Only advanced stat you will get from them. Is how much they will spend on their first chk. You should be an SNL skit.

          • x%sure

            Correct. That’s why I said “Continuing the rant into stats:” . You must have missed that. Originally you started about physical measurements, another sort of stat.

  2. Sillivan

    Warriors would take Deni Avdija if no one wants to trade up.
    Great playmaking
    Great Shot Creator
    Great defensive potential

    The 19 year-old wing has spent the past two seasons playing for European club Macabbi Tel Aviv

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