Northwest Notes: Millsap, Whiteside, Anthony, Jazz, Thunder

Paul Millsap has perked up in the conference semifinals and he’s hoping the Nuggets re-sign him, he told Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated. Millsap will head into unrestricted free agency this offseason. After just one double-digit scoring outing in the seven-game series against Utah, he’s averaging 10.5 PPG and 5.2 RPG against the Clippers.

“My main goal coming here was to help this team and organization get over the hump and help some of these younger guys develop into superstars, which they are,” the Nuggets’ big man said. “I feel like I’ve helped through that, and we’ll see what this summer holds. … It’s going to be a tough decision and hopefully they want me back.”

We have more from the Northwest Division:

  • The Trail Blazers should let backup center Hassan Whiteside and Carmelo Anthony depart in free agency, Jason Quick of The Athletic opines. Whiteside was merely a stopgap while Jusuf Nurkic recovered from a serious injury, and re-signing Anthony would take valuable minutes away from Zach Collins, in Quick’s view. Miami’s Jae Crowder would be an intriguing forward for the Blazers to pursue with their mid-level exception, Quick adds.
  • The Jazz face a very difficult offseason as they look to go from good to great, Tony Jones of The Athletic writes. Their GM, Dennis Lindsey, acknowledges that finding ways to move up in the rugged West won’t be simple. “This league is not an easy league,” Lindsey said. “The world’s best coaches and players, everyone is reaching for the same prize. Our team wasn’t as good from a point differential as our previous two teams. We were better at closing games this season, and that offense can be a little more stable in the playoffs.”
  • The Thunder have shown patience with their head coaches and that could help them in their search for a new one, according to Jenni Carlson of The Oklahoman. P.J. Carlesimo, Scott Brooks and Billy Donovan are the only head coaches the franchise has employed since moving to Oklahoma City 12 years ago.
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16 thoughts on “Northwest Notes: Millsap, Whiteside, Anthony, Jazz, Thunder

  1. Count that baby and a foul!

    Blazers take a trade for Griffin and give up that 16th pick. You have the pieces to load manage him and he will help you get over the hump.

    • doug.daniel243

      I don’t understand why anyone thinks Blake has THAT much value anymore. Yeah he’s good when he’s on the floor but that’s the issue: he’s always hurt. Paying the amount of money he’s owed to someone not on the floor is almost criminal imo.

      • Count that baby and a foul!

        I am talking about a 16th pick here and a couple lame duck contracts. I don’t understand why evertime I propose this cheap proposal people act like I am saying Griffin is worth a haul. The guy is injury prone maybe even damaged goods yes! Stevie Wonder can see that. But for a cheapdeal his proven ability is a great gamble for a team that has the ability to weather is injury storms.

        • phillyballers

          His contract is not cheap. They would be better off trading for Love if you wanted a stretch 4 to pair w Nurk.

          • Count that baby and a foul!

            Why love is just as injury prone, makes just as much, and is not as effective when equally healthy. Not buying!

            • x%sure

              The idea is fine but to match salary would require Mccollum or Lilliard, and those players are more valuable.
              Portland may have to deal one or both eventually since they go on so long, but not now.

              The thing now is, some media wanting to dump Melo because he takes time away from Collins, a guy who is injured all year in his first year as intended starter.

              • x%sure

                Check that. Nevermind ‘not now’. If splitting up Portland’s guard duo is something that has to be done, why wait. I wanted KLove and CJ Mccollum back to their home states years ago. Forget Love or Griffin being owed so much money; Mccollum is due more, and Lilliard more than that.

                In the linked article, Lilliard complains about the team not having the personnel to run plays where he comes off screens. To me that was a big hint, hint. I expect that to be a theme this offseason, Lillard feeling they’re stuck and needing a change. I would expect Mccollum to be moved.

                The system where both guards scatter around looking for their shot is probably to blame, as is their roster cost, but that’s history now.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    They should bring Aldridge back. And I would sign Melo for minimum a scorer off the bench. He seemed to like it there. For minimum it’s not a gamble. He’s insurance and gives them depth. Whiteside should move on. Warriors could offer him. Rockets surely could use him lol.

  3. harden-westbrook-mvps

    How can anyone blame the coaching in OKC for their lack of success when the front office let all 3 of their MVP’s either go to another team or gave them to the Rockets for far less than they’re worth after they went to the Finals almost a decade ago?

    • Count that baby and a foul!

      KD walked, westbrook wanted out, george wanted out, the Harden blunder was the only okc mistake to me.

      By the way ssshhhhhh!!!!! Rockets bounced again! Lol

    • Simmons>Russ

      Cause Billy had Russ Harden KD and Ibaka then lost. He then lost James Harden (big mistake) and still had Russ KD Ibaka and others and could ever even make the final.
      After KD left the front office worked hard to get Russ stars in Oladipo and PG and Melo etc but between Billy and Russ they couldn’t ever achieve any team success.

      The front office did its job drafting players, making trades, and constantly shuffling the cards for others but with no success hence why they are going to rebuild

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Just cause Hassan was on a 30mil expiring deal doesn’t mean the team has money to spend.
    The Blazers for a few season have been waaay over the cap so by letting Whiteside walk reduces the enormous tax bill for a change.

    I think they bring back Melo cause why not.
    Aldridge isn’t coming and neither is Kevin Love both are too old and expensive.

    Blazers have two options, be smart and cheap and find bargains in FA or make trades.

    How about this:

    Blazers: Josh Richardson, Harrison Barnes, Korkmaz and 38th pick
    Kings: Al Horford, Zhaire Smith and 58th pick
    Sixers: Cj McCollum and Trevor Ariza

    Blazers get JRich and Barnes who make this team a lot better defensively while not completely taking away the offence. JRich proved in Miami he is capable in running and offence when Lillard is off the floor. Both JRich and Barnes are versatile and can play small or big ball.

    Sixers get the star shooter they are looking for plus a veteran 3 and D wing. While the Kings get rid of Barnes and get back a mentor for Bagley, a promising SG and a second round pick.

    1. Lillard 2. JRich 3. Barnes 4. Melo 5. Nurkic
    With Simons Korkmaz Trent Jr Hood Little Collins Gabriel and picks

    1. Simmons 2. McCollum 3. Ariza 4. Harris 5. Embid with Milton Thybulle Shayok Scott Pelle and picks and FA

    • x%sure

      The Kings were attached to Horford a while back. That could work. IDK how Simmons back at PG with Mccollum would look.

  5. Jeff Zanghi

    wow Milsap shot .435 from 3-pt range this season. That’s pretty impressive for a 34-year old PF who originally wasn’t a bit 3-pt shooter when he first came into the league I think given that and his impressive run in the last playoff series He should have no problem getting a nice contract offer either from Den or elsewhere this off-season as he’d be an asset almost any contending team could benefit from having!

    • x%sure

      Sounds like Milsap has accepted the emergence of MPorter too, which is good because he is gaining regardless. Interesting young/old dynamic… somehow Porter has to be more like Milsap! And Grant will likely leave.
      Both struggled tonight; fortunately the Clips fell apart.

  6. Jeff Zanghi

    I might agree with the sentiment to move on from Whiteside… even though he clearly is still quite a valuable player – averaging a double-double AND leading the league in BPG — getting Nurkic back probably makes him redundant — though maybe they can work out a sign-and-trade or something so they could scrap some kind of value out of him vs just letting him walk… we’ll see. But I’m not sure I agree with letting Carmelo go as well… even less so if the writer thinks they should go after a guy like Crowder to replace him. Nothing against Crowder he’s a solid player… but if the reason for letting Carmelo walk would be to open up minutes for Collins… WHY would you then bring in a guy who’s used to starters minutes And could possibly land a starting gig elsewhere — maybe” AND on top of all that… Carmelo was clearly a GREAT fit chemistry wise and mentoring the younger guys on the team so WHY would you let him walk and then replace him with a lesser player who would be looking for/wanting the same amount of minutes? I know Crowder is a guy who plays hard and does the “little things” but c’mon Carmelo was a perfect fit chemistry wise with that club and clearly has expressed he wants to come bacw and has accepted his role as a role-player. it just doesn’t make sense to Let him go and bring in a guy like Crowder to replace him.

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