Pacific Notes: Howard, Warriors, Kings, Kawhi

A year after Dwight Howard‘s NBA career appeared to be on life support, the veteran center is once again healthy and making an impact for a Lakers team that has become the strong favorite to win the 2020 championship, writes Chris Mannix of

As Mannix details, Howard wore out his welcome at several of his other recent NBA stops, including in Charlotte. The Hornets believed the big man “didn’t impact winning,” according to one team official, and were worried about the influence he might have on the team’s young players, including Malik Monk.

In Los Angeles, Howard has accepted a complementary role that suits him and is part of a locker room whose veteran leaders are capable of quelling any chemistry issues that may arise, according to Mannix, who suggests that the eight-time All-Star should be able to extend his NBA career by a few years if he’s willing to play a similar role going forward.

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10 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Howard, Warriors, Kings, Kawhi

  1. LordBanana

    Sportswriters spent all year pumping out articles declaring the Clippers the next NBA champ and now don’t know what to do with themselves

  2. afsooner02

    While Howard has done a nice job being a bit player, the lakers are still in their exact position currently if he isn’t on that roster. It’ll be good for him to get a ring, but it’s like most of the warriors bench over the past few years.

  3. Sillivan

    Clippers would be as bad as Rockets if they lose Harrell
    Let’s say Hawks Knicks or Pistons offer 110 million contract
    If Clippers give Harrell 110 million contract,he has negative trade value
    Clippers have No picks to be attached with trade

    • Lakers1

      Clippers need to keep Harrell if they lose him, they take three steps back.. You take him off the team Where does offense come from..morris didn’t do much on a good team.. His numbers were inflated by being on a crappy knicks team.. zubac, Beverly and Morris didn’t bring much scoring.. the clippers beat teams because there bench pulls away on other team second units

      • Sillivan

        I love to become a nba owner to receive luxury tax income.
        Clippers have 109 million team salary for 8 players
        Add 23 million to Harrell to reach tax line
        Morris – worth 15 million taxable
        JaMychal Green – worth 10 million taxable
        Jackson worth 8 million taxable
        Patterson worth 5 million taxable

        • Lakers1

          Green,jackson and Patterson aren’t intregal parts.. that’s 23 million.. but balmier is the richest owner in nba.. so spare no expense

    • Lionel Muggeridge

      Harrell is a poor rebounder and can’t shoot a lick. His lack of impact was shown in the playoffs where Jamhchal Green gave the clips better mins

  4. Bagley and the #12 pick to GS for the #2 pick. Maybe a future first rounder. I think Bagley will thrive in the culture.

  5. Bagley and the #12 pick to GS for the #2 pick. Maybe a future first rounder. I think Bagley will thrive in that culture.

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