Rockets Notes: Chandler, Green, Harden, Coach

Rockets center Tyson Chandler is undecided about whether he’ll continue his playing career or retire, according to Marc J. Spears of the Undefeated, who tweets that “opportunity and the state of the world” will be major factors in the 37-year-old’s decision.

Chandler originally thought he’d retire a year ago, but decided that he still had the desire to keep playing. He had an extremely limited role for the Rockets in 2019/20, appeared in just 26 contests and logging a career-low 8.4 minutes per game. His role became increasingly non-existent as the team pivoted to micro-ball — January 18 was the last time he logged more than one second of game action.

Here’s more from out of Houston:

  • Unlike Chandler, Jeff Green isn’t considering the possibility of retiring after this season. While the 34-year-old will be a free agent this offseason, he’s intent on continuing his career, tweets Spears.
  • Everything should be on the table for the Rockets and general manager Daryl Morey this offseason as they consider potential roster changes, according to Chris Herring of FiveThirtyEight. That includes considering the possibility of a James Harden trade, Herring notes.
  • Although the Rockets’ list of potential head coaching candidates starts with Tyronn Lue, there are plenty of candidates worth considering, writes Jonathan Feigen of The Houston Chronicle. Feigen provides a long list of potential targets to replace Mike D’Antoni on Houston’s bench, including Jacque Vaughn, Jeff Van Gundy, David Fizdale, and many others.
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33 thoughts on “Rockets Notes: Chandler, Green, Harden, Coach

  1. Sillivan

    Trade load management players
    MVP Westbrook
    6th man award Gordon
    Salary 60 million a year

    76ers get Chris Paul and Gordon
    Rockets get Tobias Harris and Horford plus 5 this year picks from 76ers
    Knicks get Westbrook
    Thunder get Randle, Knox, Smith Jr,8th pick

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Of course he is, no way will the Rockets trade Westbrook and Gordon to get Harris, Horford and and bunch of crap draft picks from the Sixers. Daryl Morey would hang up on him for every single ridiculous trade that he has ever come up with for Houston.

        • jump shot

          Sometimes its addition by subtraction, and that’s what it’d be with Westbrook. If you’re in the CF or Finals with him, he’s gonna do SOMETHING to screw up the whole season. Let him be somebody else’s All-Star migraine.
          Harris and Horford would be just fine in Houston.

          • Curtisrowe

            Yeah, I mean they were awful in Philly, but in Houston they would be…just fine.

              • Curtisrowe

                Covington makes 12 million. Good salary.

                Horford makes 27.5 AWFUL Salary

                Harris makes 34 million. Ridiculous salary.

                It’s nothing to get all salty about. It’s just that no one wants those guys. Fact.

              • Regi Green

                Rco was fine in Philly,but taking a chance and tading for Butler was worth the risk.Butler became a free agent,he ended up in Miami,with the 6ers acquiring JRich…..Butler basically became a deadline rental,and the trades for Butler and Harris did push the 6ers to the conference finals.The 6er teams before those trades were still getting spanked by Boston in the playoffs.

            • jump shot

              CurtisBlow… I know your bar is set pretty high but nobody played well in Philly this season – for a lot of reasons – none of them ability. If you didn’t see that, somebody’s clearly doing your dictation on here. Harris is easily an upgrade over PJ Tucker and Horford would fit there too.
              I’m not saying either should be traded to Houston. I’m just saying they’d be a good fit, same as you brought toughness and experience to the JV team your junior year.

                • jump shot

                  Nah… not mad / just offended that you would reply to my comment with such nonsense. Did you see Trey Burke play for Philly this year? Did you see him in the bubble? Did he forget how to play in Philly and suddenly remember how to in a Mavs uniform? So, to make the statement you did didn’t make any real since about how someone played in Philly. Seemed like you were more interested in making a sarcastic comment than saying something knowledgeable. And even ending your comment with “just fine” was another weak shot attempt.

    • Marvels MagaMan


      If anything Indiana should be in on Horford just to take firsts from the 76ers. Theyre pretty set at center with Bitzdale and Sabonis. I’d turn Turner into draft assets and ask for at least 3 firsts for taking horford.

      76ers get Miles Turner and Doug Mcdermott and Indiana gets Horford and a slew of picks 1st this year #21, #34 this year, 1st in 2021 lottery protected, 1st in 2023 unprotected.

    • Curtisrowe

      Knicks don’t want Westbrook and his contract. rockets don’t wan’t Harris and Horford and their Contracts. You couldn’t pay the Thunder to take Randle Knox and Smith Jr.

      Other than that…good idea.

    • ch050995

      If you are going to trade a former mvp it better be harden cuz Westbrook is far more athletic and doesn’t just take the “3 pt or foul” approach

  2. Rockets need to trade Harden. Trade him now when he still near the peak of his ability and effectiveness. If you wait 2 years he’ll be less effective and may even walk away for nothing. You could still get quite a haul back for Harden this offseason and it would be the smart thing to do because running it back is not wise.

    But I guess it helps to know that I was also in favor of my Red Sox trading Mookie Betts. Working out so far Alex Verdugo is turning into quite a player plus they got other stuff with him. Rockets trade Hardin now.

    • phillyballers

      Knicks could be that team. They need a star. They have enough to land him and 30M in partially guaranteed deals that could be used in addition to Mitchell, Knox, and RJ. But I bet they’d try to keep RJ and deal picks.

  3. specialfriedrice

    The downside with Harden is the obvious fact that he is proven disappearing act in the playoffs and his play style isn’t at all suited to the NBA playoffs hence his lack of success.

    It’s just really hard to see anyone trading the value that Morey and the Rockets would likely see Harden at

    This offseason is really a make it or brake it for Morey, he is making Elton Brand look good at this rate.

  4. Natergater77

    This is the one I would try if I were Houston

    Houston gets- Kevin Love & Jrue Holiday
    New Orleans gets- Russell Westbrook
    Cleveland gets- JJ Reddick and Eric Gordon

    Additionally with 1 year on Reddick’s contract Cleveland gains cap flex.

    It’s a gamble for Houston with Love’s contract, but Love played great with a ball dominant Lebron, and that’s Harden’s game. Holiday gives someone to mesh in back court with Harden.

    New Orleans get Russ, who could team with Zion like he did with Durant.

    • Thronson5

      Actually don’t think that’s a bad trade. See a lot of crazy ideas on here and social media but this is a fair trade all the way around for all teams involved I feel like. Not a fan of any of these teams but I definitely think the Rockets need to try to trade Westbrook and if you they can’t they should really think about trading Harden.

    • jump shot

      Sounds great! Do you have Ball staying put in this scenario being traded somewhere. NY?

    • phillyballers

      Bc of the contract and bad shooting, I wouldn’t deal Jrue and JJ. You’re taking away 2 +shooters and adding a -shooter. And taking away a +defender. Russ is still a Top-20 player but contract and trading away 3pt shooters doesnt help you.

    • LordBanana

      Westbrook has no trade value, there is no universe he can get a team Jrue Holliday lmao

      • Natergater77

        LordBanana Gonna disagree. Pelicans want to have excitement added to their roster. And they need a star to pair for Zion. Pelicans can address other needs and holes caused with a Ball trade. I know a lot of people say Ball to NY, but I might consider a draft and trade with Dallas for their 1st rounder or the 31st pick.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    No one wants Harden. No star will play with him. If you can’t play with Chris you can’t play with anyone. CP3 is one the best team players of his generation. A 2way player who knows how to win. Injuries have been bad luck. It’s not his issue signing a max contract. Rockets are idiots for giving it to him, and 5yrs ha ha. Westbrook is best trade chip Rockets have. He’s still got plenty gm. He’s 32 and got three yrs on contract. You put him with Simmons and Embiid in Philly. They wi a Title, at least one. He needs a pick n roll system.
    Why wouldn’t Rockets take Horford, Richardson, #1 pick and a 2nd rd pick. I do it. Those two picks are solid rotation players. 2 Bigs

  6. hiflew

    Normally I don’t agree with complete tear down tank rebuilds, but I think Houston may be in dire need of one. The West is so strong that any team choosing to tear down completely will easily be able to be near the bottom of the standings. Getting a future bonanza of future firsts for Harden & Westbrook would be a great start. I would look to move them to a couple of weaker Eastern conference teams looking for an identity like Chicago, Charlotte, New York, or Cleveland. There is absolutely no reason to send them to playoff contenders. That could help in many ways.

    One, those teams have a large collection of picks and young players. Two, it would send their two stars to the other conference making it sting a bit less for the fan base. Three, it would strengthen some of the weaker teams in the East thereby improving Houston’s draft position.

    • x%sure

      Good points; going all in is better than implicitly blaming someone. But I think they should try their stars with a new coach, like is presumably the plan in Philly. There are centers around pretty cheap, and trading two high-salary stars may be overly ambitious. Fertita would go crazy. Hey, there’s the best point to a rebuild!— the effect on the boss.

  7. Simmons>Russ

    How to turn the Rocket back into a normal team but compete for a ring easily.

    Sign Serge Ibaka

    Ibaka at 7 foot can play centre, he’s a 3 time all defensive first team player and 2 time man leader in blocks. Add to thy he’s a career 36% 3 pointer shooter (38.5% this year), and jus averaged 15 points and 8 rebounds.
    He’s a former team mate of Russell Westbrook and James Harden at OKC and he has kept a strong friendship with Russ since their days together. He’s already won his championship ring in Toronto and returning to the US to try win another with his mates Russ and Harden might be a perfect fit. Not to mention he’s also really into his cooking and fashion and would be teaming up with Russ who we all know loves fashion and PJ Tucker who loves shoe fashion. Plus Houston has a huge art and food scheme and is know for its diversity.

    To add to this not sure if it would be a factor at all but Billy Donovan is now a available coach and the rockets are looking for a new coach with DAntoni leaving. Donovan has worked with Russ Harden and Ibaka together at OKC and spent many years this these three. Could he possibly also join them in Houston.

    Either way Russ Harden Covington Tucker Ibaka as a starting 5 would be great. 4 good shooters, 3 great defenders and then off the bench Eric Gordon, Austin Rivers, Jeff Green, House ….

    • El Don

      Man you keep sayin’ that Donovan coached Harden in OKC… but he didn’t, BD was there for 5 years & Harden has been in HOU for 7, simple maths they never been together, right?

      • Simmons>Russ

        I think this is the only article I’ve said it ever. But your right Donovan never coached Harden but I mean as a group of 4

        Billy Russ Ibaka and Harden they are all connected. Russ and Harden and best friends and they played together in OKC with Ibaka. Ibaka went and won a ring in Toronto is now on the bench and has the chance to be the perfect starting centre with his old mates Russ and Harden. To add to that they need a coach and Donovan previously worked with both Russ and Ibaka together in OKC.

        Maybe Donovan doesn’t join but Ibaka with Russ and Harden would be a great fit

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