Sixers Expected To Interview D’Antoni, Donovan

The Sixers are expected to conduct interviews this week with Mike D’Antoni and Billy Donovan for their head coaching job, reports Jason Dumas of KRON4 News (Twitter link).

Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer confirms that D’Antoni is set to interview with Philadelphia in the coming days, though he cautioned that – as of Tuesday – exact dates for D’Antoni’s meeting and others had yet to be finalized.

While one source who spoke to Pompey indicated that the 76ers’ job may be D’Antoni’s to lose, a team source tells The Inquirer that ownership won’t make any final decisions on which candidate it wants until interviews have been completed.

D’Antoni has also been linked to the Pacers’ head coaching vacancy, among others, so it’s possible that he and the Sixers are using one another for leverage — D’Antoni to create a bidding war for his services and the 76ers to lower the asking price of Tyronn Lue or another candidate. However, Pompey writes that Philadelphia’s interest in D’Antoni appears to be real.

It’s unclear if Philadelphia has a specific timeline in mind to finalize a hire, but with Lue’s Clippers no longer alive in the postseason, there should be few obstacles standing in the way of the Sixers interviewing any of the candidates reported to be on their list.

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37 thoughts on “Sixers Expected To Interview D’Antoni, Donovan

    • progina

      For sure. He knows how to get the most out of his players. OKC had decent talent but shouldn’t have had a chance against Houston but Donovan go them to keep fighting and make it a 7 game series

  1. The Howler

    Both do well in the reg season but are sketchy in the playoffs but I think Donovan would fit with the Philly attitude better. Does hiring D’Antoni mean that Embiid goes bye bye? Is Philly adopting small ball? Yikes!

    • I give no fox

      That’s just ridiculous to even speculate the Sixers would trade embiid so they could hire D’Antoni. When has a team ever traded a superstar to accommodate an incoming coach?

      • Reflect

        Well D’Antoni has been very awful on rosters that weren’t specifically built around his style like the Lakers and Knicks. He’s not yet proven he can actually just come in and coach a pre-existing team.

        • harden-westbrook-mvps

          His system requires a really good PG, which the Sixers lack. Simmons is a PF, not an actual PG, just like Draymond.

          • Reflect

            Yeah that’s probably what it is. Knicks and Lakers both didn’t have any PG at all.

        • I give no fox

          So then he doesn’t get the Sixers job, period. The Sixers would NEVER trade embiid just so they could hire D’Antoni. It’s ludicrous to even suggest it

          • Reflect

            Sixers are a ludicrous team though. Only a ludicrous team would commit all this money to Simmons and Horford and be in this situation in the first place.

            • I give no fox

              Lol, simmons just got naked to the all nba team. But keep hatin. Yes, he needs a jump shot but he’s still an elite player

              • Reflect

                Lol that means nothing. I’m sure you’re dying for your team to acquire Westbrook and Chris Paul. They’re both also All NBA.

                • I give no fox

                  So simmons isn’t an elite player? I guarantee every team in the league would be calling the Sixers if the put him on the block. Keep hatin

      • The Howler

        It is odd to think that the coaching front runner for a team dominated by two guys over 6-10 just came from a team that traded everyone over 6-10 in order to play small ball.

      • Sillivan

        D’Antoni is a fraut in playoffs
        He could be a good coaching consultant for Clippers or 76ers

        He can fix Clippers offensive problems by giving Ty Lue and Sam some ideas

      • Lionel Muggeridge

        Embiid should be traded either way. You’re not gonna win in today’s game with a dominant center like that. Especially one that can’t stay healthy and isn’t a hard worker

    • Nbabrothers

      That’s a good question. If so, what teams would go for a trade to get Embiid?

  2. Sillivan

    I predict that Billy Donovan and Doc Rivers would be part ways before playoffs starts

    76ers will hire Ty Lue unless he demands over 5 million a year

  3. Chief Two Hands

    D’Antoni has no clue how to properly utilize a star big man, and would be a huge mistake for any team that relies on one at all. Quite frankly, D’Antoni is A heavily overrated head coach who has zero ability to adjust. The only team he is suited to coach is, unfortunately for him, the Rockets.

  4. qbert1996

    D’Antoni might be a great fit for the 76ers. If anyone can get Simmons to start shooting 3s, its him.

    • Sillivan

      D’Antoni can make Embiid shoot better than Westbrook? I don’t believe that
      I watched the following games, D’Antoni is a terrible offensive coach
      2017 Spurs playoffs series
      2019 Warriors series
      2020 Lakers series

      • qbert1996

        I’d argue he’s a great offensive coach. They live and die by the 3 and need a great facilitator which Simmons is. Defense is always an issue because of how they play offense

        • Chief Two Hands

          If he was a great offensive coach he would have made adjustments with the Lakers after Kobe went down with his injury. They had two of the best big man in the league and D’Antoni still refused to go inside. As a coach, D’Antoni is just a one trick pony who will never win a championship.

  5. Sillivan

    Next season
    76ers currently leads the nba in luxury tax
    76ers would expect D’Antoni to win championships for them

    After signing 5 years 30 million contract you can part ways after one year

  6. Sillivan

    D’Antoni name should not have D and O
    D means defense
    O means offense

    Name is Antni

  7. wildboys

    D’Antoni to Indiana makes so much sense
    That team offense would be downright scary, Sabonis and Turner are the perfect big men for the Run-N-Gun.
    Oladipo, Warren, Holliday would all benefit.

  8. wildboys

    Donovan to the Sixers is a good match
    He’s a motivator. That’s an unmotivated team. He can play to their strengths and develop their young guys. Sixers biggest problem will be shedding some of those awful contracts Brand handed out.
    Horrors wasn’t a fit, hell need to go and they might as well attach JRich to him since he is expendable and on a relatively cheap contract

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Never liked Donovan. IMO he don’t belong in NBA. DAntoni has always adjusted to his teams. He didn’t put Lakers together. And he built the Knicks from nothing. Then owner traded whole team for Melo. He didn’t build Rockets he was given that team cause. They were too cheap to keep Capela. So he had to go small and shooters. The only team he helped build were the Suns. And he built a great team there. He is more a PG type coach. He’s about the pick n roll. But they had to stop that with Hold the ball Harden. DAntoni is a good offensive coach. It’s defense where he needs help. He’d be good for Sixers. Cause their offense needs help. He might be able to get Ben to shoot. That alone would be big time success. Sixers need the right coach, maybe DAntoni. But he has to reconstruct this team. There is talent here. It needs some kind of change. It’s definitely Embiid and Simmons team. Coach has to know that.

  10. bowserhound

    DAntoni has always adjusted to his teams.
    DAntoni has always expected his GM to adjust to him.

  11. KnickerbockerAl

    Rockets GM didn’t. Lakers Gm didn’t. Knicks GM didn’t . Only one who did was Phoenix. And look what he did. DAntoni gets a bad rap. Cause he is not a hard as. He’s easy going and always adjusts. Like I said defense reall has been his Achilles heel.

    • bowserhound

      Rockets got rid off all their bigs. Lakers GM also signed Mozgov and Deng. Don’t get me started on the Knicks GM.
      The reason all those teams failed was because Pringle’s man didn’t adapt to the players he had available. Square pegs in round holes don’t work.

  12. hoosierhysteria

    Great fit….DAn needs 3 pt shooting….6ers have none. Can you imagine Simmons in that offense??? Elton Brand is smarter than that.

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