Sixers Rumors: D’Antoni, Brand, Roster, Harden

The Sixers‘ head coaching search is believed to be down to two candidates, according to Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer, who says that Mike D’Antoni and Tyronn Lue are finalists for the job. Pompey, who previously reported that D’Antoni appeared to be the frontrunner, continues to hear buzz linking the former Rockets coach to the job and suggests that he’s the preferred choice of team ownership.

According to Pompey, some league sources are wondering how much autonomy GM Elton Brand has in the 76ers’ coaching search. Although Brand has taken much of the criticism for questionable roster moves and draft picks during the last couple years, most of those were collaborative decisions, with executive VP of basketball operations Alex Rucker among those who was “heavily involved behind the scenes,” writes Pompey.

There was a belief that the Sixers were moving away from that collaborative approach, with Brand empowered to lead the coaching search and ownership set to simply approve or deny his recommendation, but Pompey’s sources suggest it’s not clear whether that has been the case so far.

Here’s more on the 76ers:

  • Brand met with Sixers ownership on Monday to discuss a new contract and is believed to be seeking a three- or four-year deal, sources tell Pompey. While there has been speculation that Philadelphia might look to hire a president of basketball operations above Brand, the latest intel from Shams Charania this week suggested that the club is only looking to fortify its front office under the GM, with Brand remaining in charge.
  • Keith Smith of RealGM (Twitter link) is starting to hear buzz that the 76ers are letting teams know they’d be more open to trade talks if they hire D’Antoni, since they recognize their personnel isn’t necessarily conducive to his preferred style of play.
  • John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia (Twitter link) has heard that one of the reasons the Sixers are interested in D’Antoni is a feeling that he could potentially help lure Rockets star James Harden to Philadelphia. I’d imagine the club views that possibility as more of an added bonus than a key selling point for D’Antoni’s candidacy, but it’s worth noting that Harden can reach free agency as early as 2022.
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36 thoughts on “Sixers Rumors: D’Antoni, Brand, Roster, Harden

    • Sillivan

      Rockets are not trading Harden. Zero Chance.
      But, there is always a but.

      Rockets would take the trade like this
      Harden and Gordon for Embiid and Simmons.

      • I give no fox

        Of course they would. Two young allstars for an aging one…the Sixers wouldn’t make that deal tho

      • Sillivan

        Knicks asked Jason Kidd about Giannis, Kidd told them that he won’t be able to lure Giannis.

        This is Dantoni personality
        He thinks that he won’t have playoffs success, so he refused to sign bonus extension (1 year 6.5 million?), then he was talking about championship all season long.

        He isn’t getting Harden for 76ers, but he will talk the season long.
        He wants contract. He wants to do whatever it takes.

  1. TJECK109

    D’antoni is in his 70’s, doesn’t seem like the perfect time to be joining a team that needs to retool in order to match his style. But philly has the assets to do it quickly I suppose

  2. Lakers1

    It boggles my mind why this crap retread always gets a job..he did well in Phoenix because he has nash, stoudamire, Marion. Even joe Johnson.never sniffed the finals.knicks 121-167.. lakers- 67-87.. takes over a rockets team that has harden and Paul then Russ.. never sniffed a finals..always gets pushed out.. team continue to give him jobs.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Sorry, I forgot that Lakers fans haven’t been watching the playoffs until this year since their team hasn’t made the postseason since 2013. But go ahead and look it up and see what actually happened.

        • I would believe he was talking about the nba finals, not the WCF. And please don’t categorize all Laker fans, just like you wouldn’t want us to do the same with you

        • Lakers1

          Ha.. when was rockets last ring? Lakers have 5 since 2000? How many you got? Lakers just smashed rockets so hard your coach quit and your player would rather get kicked of bubble than take the beating like a man..

        • Lakers1

          I watch all the teams..lakers are my team but I watch all basketball teams from the hawks to your rockete

      • Lakers1

        Was that the rockets finals? Didn’t know rockets fans celebrated 4th place.. they still living off those 2 rings when Jordan retired

          • Lakers1

            Actually we live off, wilt, jerry west, Jamal Wilkes, shaq, kobe, Magic, Kareem, lebron.
            Elgin, worthy. List goes on and on.. lakers reload.. theres 3 things in life, death, taxes and lakers reloading and winning rings

  3. Sillivan

    D’Antoni is feeling that he could potentially help lure James Harden to Philadelphia.
    Scott Brook is feeling that he could potentially help lure Kevin Durant to Washington
    Scott Brook signed 5 years 35 Million

    • There is zero truth to that rumor because John Clark is a nobody, a local talking head on local news.

  4. jacobsigel1025

    If Harden was dealt (hypothetically speaking) to Philly, I think it looks something like this. Harden for Simmons Thybulle Horford and a couple first rounders.

  5. DeathbyDeathwest

    A deal around Embiid for Harden is most likely, but Philly would be dumb not to see what else they could get for him.

    If Harden ever moves more than 5ft from the center logo on offense, him and Simmons would be fun to watch get elimated in the 2nd round.

  6. El Don

    Philly wouldn’t, shouldn’t, give either Simmons/Embiid for Harden!
    Actually that would be a very exciting prospect for PHI, can you imagine playin’ Harden/Simmons/Embiid together, they would go to the NBA finals for sure!

    • Sillivan

      76ers have kept all of their future first round picks
      How about Harris and 4 Firsts for Harden?

  7. phillyballers

    The only way I could see this working, b/c I think a lot of teams could beat 4 1sts + a player or two for Harden if one of those players is not Embiid/Simmons:

    Harden + Westbrook (81.8M) for
    Harris + Horford + Richardson + Scott + Smith + Thybulle + 4 1sts.

    Literally an all or nothing deal that gets the Rockets out of Westbrook’s contract and a 3rd team could be involved for Harris for different assets.

    3rd team… Wolves make sense. Johnson + S&T Beasley for Harris.

    This is hoopsrumors after all – we’ve seen crazier proposed deals.

    • Lakers1

      Probably cp3.. I’d take Paul with the game in the line over James I disappear and complain to refs when my offensive fouls aren’t getting called and sending me to the free throw line harden

  8. The Howler

    I’m sure Embiid would be fine chucking up more 3s if they dump Simmons. If they dump Embiid, Simmons can be their small ball center though he may not hold up for a whole season having to bang on D with bigger guys.

    It is more intriguing if they hire D’Antoni to see what becomes of the team especially the two stars while a Lue hire would indicate keeping the twin towers and using trades to supplement their skill sets. Both guys will have monster expectations and 2 seasons to get it done.

  9. specialfriedrice

    This is getting interesting…media doing their best to ‘cushion’ Brands rep…’but he didn’t do it by himself’…then the usual narrative push for a new contract…I eagerly await the offseason moves of both Philly and Houston, this is going to be great!

  10. x%sure

    Doesn’t hiring Dantoni mean Simmons is the new PG with even greater sway than before?
    Lue & Dantoni, with the Sixer setup, are opposites. The FO must be in turmoil. Trust no sources.

    • Exactly. No one in the organization is talking. The silence is forcing conjecture and rumor emanating from the media.

      The only things that are true: the team is looking to add a head of basketball operations and the team will look at maybe extending Brand. That likely won’t happen until they hire a head of basketball operations.

      • mlbnyyfan

        What has D’Antoni done to warrant another job. Why is he still getting mentioned. If he couldn’t win a championship in Houston then where will he win one.

        • I believe it’s someone in the organization trying to lower Lue’s asking price by stoking “team interest” in D’Antoni.

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