Anthony Davis Won’t Be Disciplined By NBA, Listed As Probable For Game 6

The NBA won’t take any action against Anthony Davis for an elbowing incident in Game 5, according to Clay Ferraro of Channel 10 in Miami“We review every play in the games from all angles and there was nothing further to do with this,” the league said in a statement.

Davis appeared to swing his elbow at Jae Crowder in the third quarter of Friday’s game while both players were on the ground as Duncan Robinson sunk a 3-pointer. Ferraro’s report includes a video of the incident.

The Lakers star has been listed as probable for tonight’s Game 6, even though he was visibly slowed Friday by pain from a right heel contusion, writes Nick Friedell of ESPN. Davis still managed to play 42 minutes with 28 points and 12 rebounds.

“It happened in the last series against Denver,” Davis said. “I think it was Game 5, if I’m not mistaken. (Andre Iguodala) just re-aggravated it. Went out the end of the first (quarter) and it just kind of just wore off and got back to normal. Just kept moving around. Just trying not to sit down. Get that adrenaline going, and I was able to keep going and keep playing.”

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17 thoughts on “Anthony Davis Won’t Be Disciplined By NBA, Listed As Probable For Game 6

  1. Marvels MagaMan

    Elbow was unnecessary. Just a cheap shot.

    Should be given a suspension next season for 3-5 games. Added punishment for delayed sentencing.

    Hard to justify suspending a guy during crucial games (they need ratings desperately).

    But they can’t let it go unpunished. Sets a bad precedent.

    Be easier to say and suspensions during playoffs will be enforced during next season.

    • Davis is lucky his name isn’t Draymond Green. Its funny to watch players complain about foul calls when Green gets a T if he did the same.

      • Chief Two Hands

        Green mouths off constantly. Pretty much whines like a little girl every game.

        • LeBron is the king of that. Every time he gets hit with a foul he wants it to be challenged. Anytime he misses a basket he claims he was fouled. Watch the game and count how many times he doesn’t protest a foul called on him. Of course it will be none.

          • KnickerbockerAl

            Agree …. and I like Bron. But he can over do it.
            He also under cut Bam right in front of ref in gm5. He could have hurt him. Got away with foul. He gets away with fouls too. In the playoffs we need to be responsible to the gm. Call it the same for everyone.

            • Chief Two Hands

              LeBron gets hacked a lot too. Nature of the NBA. Tough to officiate Shaq as well.

        • Yep you’re right Danny Green is just like that. I don’t think he’s ever committed a foul on his life. Every call against him he’s got his hands in the air elbows bent like who me what are you talkin about?

  2. bigeasye

    Unless there’s another angle that shows something different, that’s a flagrant 2 if it’s another player or not the finals. There was nothing that says “basketball play” but rather something out of WWE

    • It’s funny because I think if Crowder had retaliated they may have both been thrown out and that could have been the greatest thing for the Heat.

      But he didn’t really react so I think he knows Davis really wouldn’t do something like that… it’s not in his nature and he’s not a cheap shot artist. Crowder acted like nothing happened. Reputation means a lot in this game.

      What we see with our eyes doesn’t really say the whole story at times. This one looked bad on TV and from our angle but Crowder didn’t react and the NBA deemed it not flagrant. I’m good with it.

  3. bowserhound

    If it was anything Crowder would have had some sort of reaction, which he didn’t. Not like he’s playing like an angel either.

    • We’re in the finals. It’s not necessary to give anyone an advantage right now. If the NBA wants the Lakers in the finals here they are. They have to win on their own from this point. Nothing will be given to them except perhaps some star calls but Jimmy gets a few of those as well. Especially if he’s crashing into Caruso LOL

    • There’s nothing that supports your assertion. Yes LeBron will get a star call and so will Davis. But there’s no other reason to Crown The Champ unfairly. What might be unfairly done is getting the Lakers to the finals and getting the heat to the finals instead of Denver and Indiana. But now that we’re here I think it’s every man for himself May the best team win.

  4. hiflew

    I don’t care one way or another about Davis getting suspended or not. But my only real issue is that if the elbows were reversed and it was Crowder that elbowed Davis in the face, I have no doubt whatsoever that he would miss at least Game 6. If punishments aren’t doled out equally, then we need to stop calling this sports. Because there is no sportsmanship involved anymore.

  5. phillyballers

    Fans say the league is soft… and the fans are complaining about this? Fans are Charmin soft.

  6. x%sure

    There’s been swipes by players at other players all playoffs long. There should be a reason why one of them should get an unusual punishment.

    Draymond was a multiple offender… he couldn’t hinder LJ and could not handle it and lashed out. AD is handling things.

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