Bulls Notes: Draft, Vassell, Young, Satoransky

The Bulls are likely targeting a “lead play-maker” with their lottery pick in this year’s draft, league sources tell Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer.

With the No. 4 pick, Chicago probably won’t have a chance to select LaMelo Ball — O’Connor does have Ball going to the Bulls in his latest mock draft, but the younger brother of Lonzo Ball is widely expected to be a top-three selection.

If Ball is off the board, there still should be a number of intriguing alternatives in play for the Bulls. Killian Hayes, who spent last season playing for Ratiopharm Ulm in Germany, is O’Connor top-ranked prospect in this year’s class and would be a viable option at No. 4. Former Iowa State standout Tyrese Haliburton is also considered a very creative play-maker with strong vision, as O’Connor writes.

Here’s more on the Bulls:

  • Taking into account that Ball, Anthony Edwards, and James Wiseman are considered the most likely players to be drafted in the top three, Sam Smith of Bulls.com explores whether any of those prospects figure to be available for the Bulls at No. 4 — and whether the team should select them if they are.
  • Focusing on the top wing prospects in the draft rather than the backcourt play-makers, Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic considers whether trading down and selecting Florida State sharpshooter Devin Vassell might be the right play for the Bulls.
  • A year after signing with the Bulls as free agents, Thaddeus Young and Tomas Satoransky stand out as possible trade candidates, given the club’s roster construction, Mayberry writes in a separate story for The Athletic. While Mayberry thinks the two veterans could be good fits for the rotation under new head coach Billy Donovan, he notes that the new-look front office hasn’t been shy about transforming the coaching staff and might take a similar approach with the non-core pieces on the roster.
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10 thoughts on “Bulls Notes: Draft, Vassell, Young, Satoransky

  1. formerlyz

    I havent done as much draft research yet as I usually might, but as of now, obviously barring trades, I have the Bulls taking Devin Vassell, assuming nobody above them takes him (think the argument could be made that he fits all of those teams)…There should be a guard for them to consider at 44, like Cassius Winston

  2. The Howler

    Bledsoe + Draft Pick for LaVine…Bulls get “lead playmaker” and Bucks get a good 3 pt shooter…salaries match.

    • hiflew

      That’s not a bad suggestion for the two teams. Of course it would probably not please Bledsoe all that much. He has never been much of a “problem child” in his career, but I can’t imagine him being happy to go to one of the worst situations in the league.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    I wouldn’t count out Ball to the Bulls.

    1. TWolves..Edwards (lock)
    2. GSW..Avdija
    3. Hornets…Wiseman (lock)
    4. Bulls…Ball??

    Hornets want Wiseman so really it’s dependent on the GSW and who they want. I’ve heard that they like Wismean, Vassell and Avdija. I think they should look into Toppin more and they could get Ball obviously but Bulls have a good chance of Ball at 4.

      • El Don

        @fishy 9 dogs… Totally agree with you, Edwards is a terrible fit for MIN, really hope they don’t get him, instead Ball & Wiseman are better players & fit!
        Avdija is a great fit too… but not for the #1 pick!
        Toppin is a good fit too, but way out of place in the top 4-5!

        • Simmons>Russ

          How is Ball and Wisemam better fits. Wiseman is a centre and they have KAT…
          and Ball is a combo guard that handles the ball and plays zero defence.
          Edwards plays both ends of the court. Is a SG which is a position they don’t have a star player in also.

          I’d say on fit Toppin is probably the best but I can’t see him going 1st. Edwards is getting all the hype at 1st hence why I said lock. If it was me I’d be trading down with Atlanta to try grab Okungwu or Toppin later to put at PF and then fall back option Avdija for SF

          • I agree with u.edward play good defense,not great but good enough.he will fit with minny.ball play no defense.dlo+ball at minny backcourt will crush their defense.but ball to bulls? I hope no.im bulls fan.ball+lavine = dissaster.no defense at all.if gsw take avdija, i believe bulls will take ball.and i hope they will trade him asap for haliburton+pick.

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