Cavs Notes: Drummond, Garland, Free Agency, Geriot

The Cavaliers and Andre Drummond have shown mutual interest in reaching an extension, but they remain far apart in preliminary discussions, sources tell Chris Fedor of The Cavs acquired Drummond from the Pistons at the trade deadline to provide insurance in the middle in case they lose Tristan Thompson in free agency. Fedor calls the decision to add Drummond a “trial run” rather than a long-term investment, but management only got to see him in eight games before the lockdown.

Drummond has a $28.7MM player option for next season that he’s almost certain to pick up. Fedor says the Cavaliers are realistic about Drummond’s talent, as well as his limitations, and don’t want to commit to an expensive long-term contract that could prevent the team from improving in other areas. Drummond is asking for a deal that would compensate him for skipping free agency in 2021, when many teams will have cap space available.

The Cavs will likely explore the trade market for Drummond after he officially picks up his option. Sources around the league believe his value will increase around the trade deadline, especially since there would be no financial commitment beyond the upcoming season, Fedor writes. It’s also a chance for Cleveland to get something in return before Drummond hits the open market.

There’s more from Cleveland, all courtesy of Fedor:

  • Darius Garland was a standout during the Cavaliers’ mini-camp and there’s hope that he’s headed in the right direction after a rocky first season. Fedor notes that Garland looked different in camp and seemed to have his confidence back after shooting just 40.1% as a rookie.
  • Cleveland projects to have lots of cap space for 2021, since an expected extension for Collin Sexton won’t hit the cap until 2022, but probably won’t be competitive for the top free agents. Considering the team’s history in free agency and its spot near the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings, Fedor expects the rebuilding to continue through the draft and the development of young talent.
  • The Cavaliers already have one opening for an assistant that they didn’t fill when J.B. Bickerstaff was promoted to head coach, and they could have another now that Tyronn Lue has become head coach of the Clippers. Fedor cites belief inside the organization that Dan Geriot might go to L.A. to join Lue’s staff.
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9 thoughts on “Cavs Notes: Drummond, Garland, Free Agency, Geriot

  1. Sillivan

    Real value 4 years 120 million
    Market value 3 years 60 million
    He does not fit into modern basketball

  2. x%sure

    Fedor prefers TT to Drummond, but the article’s picture shows Drummond huge compared to Adebayo. Like. Part of his job will be to boost the confidence of teammates in the team score.

    “During the final few games before the league froze, Lindsay Gottlieb moved to the front of the bench”.
    Not sure if she will be the lead AC.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Drummond is not old. With shooters and the right forwards around him. You can still play inside outside gm with him. Can also play the pick n roll. I mean it’s true. No one is paying him 20 mill anymore. A guy who leads the L in reb. And can score 18-20 a gm. Can work in right system. His D needs to improve if he wants long term deals. It’s not that Old school C is going away. The position is just more skilled. The Joker can score and pass. He rebs and plays solid team D. If you want long term deals you have to be more skilled. Otherwise it’s best to use the C position as a rim protector and rebounder. And even this you only need it for 20-26 mins a gm. Look what Howard and McGee did. I see Wiseman as a skilled center. Has big time 2way potential. He will score and his shot is getting there. His D right now is where he can make impact. Still very young. I thought Cavs would keep him. But if he wants big money. He’ll be gone by deadline. Cavs would be wise to go all in on rebuild. Love also can bring them good value. The 5th pick is a nice pick.

    • siggers84

      18 points a game
      2 blocks a game
      18 rebounds a game (most in league)

      Cant shoot threes though….. must be useless

  4. east333

    Surely he’s not asking for a max deal. I like dude but he’s a dinosaur in today’s game.

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