Eastern Notes: Dinwiddie, Anthony, K. Porter, Beal

With Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving returning to action next season, Spencer Dinwiddie sees himself in a Draymond Green-style role with the Nets. The combo guard made that comment on ESPN’s The Jump (hat tip to NetsDaily.com).

“Obviously, we don’t know who’s going to start, who’s coming off the bench, That’s with KD and Kyrie excluded, of course,” he said. “But really with all of this being formed, I view myself if we’re going with the Golden State model as the Draymond Green, the glue. Sometimes, I get 10 boards, sometimes, I get 10 assists. Sometimes, I score a little bit more because obviously, we have a super dynamic point guard. We also have the greatest scorer of all-time.”

Dinwiddie will make approximately $11.5MM next season and holds a $12.3MM option on his 2021/22 contract.

We have more from the around the Eastern Conference:

  • Carmelo Anthony is working out in New York City and it’s not far-fetched to think the free agent forward will sign up for a second stint with the Knicks, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post. The possibility of Anthony coming back to New York would increase if it trades for Chris Paul, Berman continues. Knicks president Leon Rose, Anthony’s former rep, is open to an Anthony reunion even without a Paul deal, Berman adds.
  • Cavaliers second-year swingman Kevin Porter Jr. posted a troubling message on social media, but he’s fine, Chris Fedor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. Porter raised concerns with a since-deleted message of “You ever wish to see the end of your time?” However, a source told Fedor that Porter was OK and has been warned by the front office about posting similar messages in the future.
  • Bradley Beal is coveted by many teams but he wouldn’t mind finishing his career with the Wizards, Frank Urbina of HoopsHype relays. Beal made that statement on the “On the Road with Buck & Phil” podcast. “That would mean the world, man. I’m a loyal guy. I want to be here,” he said. “I’m here. I’ve signed my extension. And that will mean the world to me. That honestly would you know, being able to finish your career in one place? You know, you don’t see that in today’s game.”
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40 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Dinwiddie, Anthony, K. Porter, Beal

  1. Sillivan

    For top 10 picks, Knicks only want 4 players.
    LaMelo Ball
    Tyrese Haliburton
    Devin Vassell
    Isaac Okoro

  2. Scott

    Melo should be looking to see what the Lakers do with Kuzma. I doubt they move him, but if they do, Melo should be knocking down the door to fill his spot. Otherwise, it is back to Portland. I wouldn’t consider the Knicks even with Paul being on the team. How did things work out in Houston while Paul was there?

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Things worked out poorly with Chris Paul with Houston because he can’t be counted on to stay healthy. This past season was clearly a fluke for him in every way with him turning 36 in just over 6 months from now. No one in the right mind will trade for Paul unless the Thunder are willing to attach multiple first round picks just like the Rockets did.

      • east333

        Took the Rockets to a game 7 with no stars and you talk like he’s the problem. Harden was the problem for both Melo and Paul. Gtfoh lmao

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Your obsession with Chris is really amusing. True he was injured. But only once with Rockets. If you can’t see that Harden is the problem. You will just be in pain till he retires. Seriously dude it’s unhealthy. Chis is gone. He didn’t make the trade, Morey did. Rockets would be better off if they traded Harden for Westbrook. Let Chris be lol. He refused you an autograph or something.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Berman is joke. Why would any team rebuilding. Bring in the two oldest guys you can get. This is the kind of thinking Dolan the owner has. He listens to this crazy nonsense. It’s why we take a step forward. Three steps back. It’s Dolan, the media, fan pressure, big city pressure. Berman is an idiot. Knicks are rebuilding. Means no old players.

  4. mcmillankmm

    Hope everything is okay with Porter and if he’s struggling at all he reaches out to someone he is close with. Prayers and thoughts!

  5. Jason Lancaster

    NBA players saying they want to retire where they are is like saying “this day couldn’t possibly get any worse.” It’s Murphy’s law or something – Beal gonna get traded.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Beal is a player that can put a playoff team in Finals. Wiz will get offers. If Wiz want to get value in numbers. Moving Beal is their best way. Wall isn’t going anywhere. Beal would sure look good in Miami. Herro and picks could do it.

    • El Don

      MIA ain’t trading Herro & they got no picks… so Beal ain’t not gonna South Beach unless is on vacays!!!

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Oh so Donny here thinks Herro is more valuable the Beal now. Don’t expose yourself. If Jimmy had Beal instead of Herro they probably win in 7.
        Still haven’t learned. They can easily give up 2 first rd picks. One next yr. You understand that the Heat have the highest success with undrafted players. Than anyone in history of NBA. They could pull a Beal trade and sign Howard. You think they won’t win at least one

        2020: One first round pick; no second round picks
        2021: No first round picks; no second round picks
        2022: One first round pick; one second round pick
        2023: No first round picks; no second round picks
        2024: One first round pick; one second round pick (31-50 only)
        2025: One first round pick; no second round picks
        2026: One first round pick; no second round picks

        • El Don

          Never ever said Herro is better than Beal, but in South Florida they seem to be in love with Herro, that is why I don’t think they will trade him at all!
          The fact is that Beal will never play for MIA, & yes he is a million times better than Herro will ever be.
          But as a real fan I can only hope Beal manages to retire with WAS… I love to see stars playin’ their whole career in one team, that is the true mark of the legend, real sad if you ask me to see guys leaving their team to chase goodness knows what for a year or two, like Ewing, Olajuwon, Malone, Garnett, Pierce & so on…

        • lakersfan27

          Haha… they win in 7?!? No freaking way they still lose in 6 if the nuggets make it there. Beal is a dough nut on defense they would screen Bron and AD on Beal all game long and the series would have ended in 6.

    • Lionel Muggeridge

      If you look at Beal’s numbers, every playoffs he played better than in the regular season. He’s a big game player

      • lakersfan27

        And how many times have those numbers meant anything to winning. Beal plays one side of the ball and guys like that don’t win in the playoffs.

  7. mike.honcho

    Beal is in his peak ……… no reason for the WIZARDS to trade him – not unless they still stink and miss the playoffs again (even with Wall back).

    The EAST is still 7-deep …….. that last spot is up for grabs by the WIZARDS, MAGIC, HORNETS, BULLS.

    • YOGA

      Bulls…?? Are you sure?im bulls fan.but i dont think bulls will get the last spot with this rooster.bulls dont have a good playmaker.bulls defense is suck.to many injuried player.with AK,i believe we have chance to be better.but give them at least one season.and bulls need a veteran all star player.jrue,dragic, etc.

      • siggers84

        Yeah the Bulls not good enough. I personally think there is more chance of the Cavs moving up than the Bulls.

      • mike.honcho

        Yep, the BULLS ……… I get this feeling that Billy Donovan, a healthy Otto Porter, further progress from White, bounce-back from Lauri, will get them an uptick in wins.

        I purposely put them last though, among those 4 probable teams chasing that last spot.

        • YOGA

          I believe in billy donovan.i doubt opj can stay healty.i like him more then lavine but his injuried kill his career.markkanen to soft.cant defend and get rebound.i watch lavine videos in his camp this season.he still horible in defense.i like healthy wcj too but u know…dunn is bulls best defender but its look like bulls wont keep him.sato isnt a good playmaker.coby is good,just need improve his defense.i love bulls but still dont believe they can get the last spot.give them one more season.in 2021 bulls will have big cap space.let ak get a great fa player then let talk about the last spot

  8. Wizards are in a tough spot – on one end, they likely will never receive equivalent/greater value for Beal, but on the other what good does he do you if you are a middling East team?

    • hiflew

      The good he does is keep you from becoming a lower end East team. With a healthy Wall and another year of experience for Rui, I predict the Wizards will make the playoffs in 2021.

    • x%sure

      Selling tickets & keeping the team relevant! That sounded like a neutral perspective…
      Now if they’re tired of him in DC, or vice versa, that would be different…
      They weren’t tired of Kemba Walker in Charlotte, but KW wanted a change. Or, more money.

  9. R.allen MDG

    Trade wizards vs celtics

    Wizards get: gordon hayward,vincent poirier,semi ojeleye,1st pick n16

    Celtics get : bradley beal

    • x%sure

      Wizrds will want more. If he goes in trade, the demands made on his new team will hurt!

    • hiflew

      That package might get you Tobias Harris or possibly Chris Paul, but you are not getting Beal for your bench fodder and bad contracts.

  10. El Don

    Keep on dreaming my friend Dimwiddie you’ll never ever be like Dray… just wishful thinking!

  11. Simmons>Russ

    How about
    Knicks: John Wall
    Wizards: Harrison Barnes, Dennis Smith Jr and a first
    Kings: Taj Gibson and Frank Ntilikina

    No secret the kings want to get rid of Barnes to clear cap space and also that they are looking for a veteran presence at centre to help Bagley.
    It’s also no secret the Knicks have been desperately looking at CP3 as a star to run the point and attract others to New York. Wall would be a slightly cheaper and a lot younger alternative.
    In return for the wizards Bradley Beal has openly said he wants to stay but wants to get help especially in closing games defensively, that’s where Harrison Barnes would be helpful. Barnes and Hachimura would make two really nice combo forwards and Dennis Smith Jr with help from Beal might re find himself and be good again. He would definitely be given the opportunity in Washington.

    • I give no fox

      Wall def has a worse contract than CP3, he has roughly 3/130 left vs roughly 2/85 for Paul. They would need to give up multiple firsts to get out from that contract

    • hiflew

      I think that might be the first ever instance of the phrase “that’s where Harrison Barnes would be helpful” in the history of the English language. Congratulations on you significant comment.

      BTW, that trade is equally bad for all three teams. I don’t know how you did it, but you did it.

      • I give no fox

        I disagree, Washington somehow gets a 1st and gets out of walls contract, so that’s a front office winner. On the court, however, the trash just changes zip codes

        • hiflew

          That front office gave John Wall the contract. I assume they don’t have the harsh feelings about the contract that you do. Besides Harrison Barnes is probably a worse contract than Wall. Like Chris Paul, at least John Wall can be counted on to lead a team to the playoffs almost every year. All Harrison Barnes will lead a team to is a podium at the NBA lottery gathering.

  12. Curtisrowe

    Dinwiddie has never actually had 10 rebounds in a game. But now that he is thinking he is Draymond Green I am sure he will do it all the time.

  13. stevep-4

    My guess is that in some or other, Chris Paul and Melo both end up with Bron in L.A. In Paul’s case, it might include some sort of buyout and then a min contract.

    Then they can change the name of the team to the L.A. Geezers.

  14. luvthedayankees74

    If Lebron has it his way and if and only if they trade Kuzma and bunch of other guys I see Paul and Anthony in LA and I bet Wade would come out of retirement to suit up and I’m not forgetting Perkins either he will turn in that suit and join LA real quick!!!
    I’m just clowning don’t take me serious!!!

  15. x%sure

    It did not work out when DWade joined LJ. Probably won’t with Melo either. Maybe with CPaul in a Rondo mode but there’s no reason for OKC to buy him out. Melo would get competitive with him so that would have to be desired.

  16. cjh815

    Wizards management and own and Beal him self they not trading him so I wish everyone would stop . Wall is going be back he health . They going be too 5 team in the eastern conference

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