Fertitta: No Plans To “Blow Up” Rockets’ Roster

The Rockets are undergoing some major changes this offseason, having parted ways with head coach Mike D’Antoni and general manager Daryl Morey since being eliminated from the playoffs in September. However, appearing today on CNBC (video link via Mark Berman of FOX 26 Houston), team owner Tilman Fertitta indicated that he doesn’t expect those major offseason changes to extend to Houston’s roster.

“There’s no reason to blow up your roster. This is still our window, the next couple of years. James (Harden) and Russell (Westbrook) are in their early 30s. We’re not blowing up anything,” Fertitta said, per Jonathan Feigen of The Houston Chronicle (Twitter link). “We plan on contending. … We’re going to do whatever we have to do to win.”

The Rockets’ roster and style of play in recent years has been significantly shaped by Morey and D’Antoni, who favored a fast-paced style of small-ball that featured plenty of three-point attempts. With both men leaving the organization this offseason, there has been some speculation that Houston will adjust its offensive philosophy and roster construction, which could pave the way for a trade involving a former MVP like Harden or Westbrook.

However, Houston’s new head of basketball operations Rafael Stone has been a Morey lieutenant for years, so it makes sense that his approach wouldn’t deviate too substantially from his longtime boss’. And Fertitta’s comments today suggest that the Rockets will enter the offseason looking to upgrade their roster around the edges in the hopes of making a deeper playoff run in 2021.

The Rockets’ situation is still worth keeping an eye on — if the team gets off to a disastrous start next season and reconsiders its stance on the state of its roster, it wouldn’t be just Harden and Westbrook who could become intriguing trade chips. P.J. Tucker and Robert Covington are valuable role players on team-friendly contracts who would draw leaguewide interest if they were made available.

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16 thoughts on “Fertitta: No Plans To “Blow Up” Rockets’ Roster

  1. Lakers1

    Why not? Probably cause they are in salary cap hell and have no picks.. Gordon, harden and Westbrook have terrible contracts.. Covington and house are their real assets.. maybe tucker and mclemore can net them something..

  2. phillyballers

    They definitely could reload on picks by turning this roster over. Just need to have some vision and rehire Hinkie. Lol

  3. mcmillankmm

    They should at least listen on most of their players if anyone comes calling…

  4. GoLandCrabs

    Rockets have “no plans” to have success in the playoffs – spring 2021

  5. Sillivan

    Rockets owner was talking about paying 150 million and 200 million luxury tax in a single season a couple of years ago
    I don’t trust him

    • JamesT

      Exactly. If I had to guess though, the motivation will be box office for Tillman. The thing is: what box office will there be next year? He is completely untrustworthy. I doubt he co-signs on a Harden trade. But think he may expect his new GM to strip the team around him.

  6. xxtremecubsguy89

    And yet it won’t matter. They’re still in basketball hell.

  7. LordBanana

    He’ll do whatever it takes as long as it’s not going into the luxury tax….

  8. DeathbyDeathwest

    Fertitta: Westbrook’s contract is so untradable we’re not even bothering to shop Gordon.

  9. harden-westbrook-mvps

    All they need is a starting center, and those come cheaply these days.

  10. Jason Lancaster

    An owner saying “we’re not going to blow up the team” does not inspire confidence.

    The Harden trade watch continues.

  11. ClassicSalsa

    If he doesn’t get a true center and a real power forward to help Covington he can forget about it. All this will contribute to help James be James again playing for stats….

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