Kings Notes: Bogdanovic, Lewis, Trade Proposals, Achiuwa

Deciding whether to keep Bogdan Bogdanovic will be one of the most important offseason decisions for new Kings general manager Monte McNair, writes James Ham of NBC Sports Bay Area. The shooting guard is a restricted free agent, meaning Sacramento can match any offer he receives on the open market. ESPN’s Bobby Marks estimates that Bogdanovic’s new contract will start at $14-16MM, which translates to a total investment of $63-72MM on a four-year deal.

Bogdanovic is coming off his most productive season, averaging 15.1 points per game and shooting 37.2% from three-point range. The Kings don’t want to lose an important part of their offense, but they have to be careful about overpaying with so many other young players whose contracts will be up soon. De’Aaron Fox is likely to receive an extension this fall that will take effect during the 2021/22 season.

Ham suggests offering Bogdanovic a front-loaded contract that declines in value each year, as the team did with Harrison Barnes and Buddy Hield. That would help control costs in the future and make Bogdanovic easier to move if the Kings ever decide to trade him.

There’s more from Sacramento:

  • With the Kings reportedly interested in drafting Kira Lewis Jr., Ham examines the potential fit for the Alabama point guard. His speed blends well with the up-tempo style that Sacramento prefers, and Lewis could allow the team to play fast when Fox is on the bench. Ham states that Lewis projects as an instant-offense player off the bench.
  • Richard Ivanowski of The Sacramento Bee offers six hypothetical trades for the Kings to pursue if McNair wants to shake up the roster before the draft. Ivanowski suggests Sacramento should chase a star such as Washington’s Bradley Beal with a package of Hield, Marvin Bagley and the No. 12 pick, or possibly try to get the No. 1 selection and James Johnson from the Timberwolves in exchange for Hield and No. 12. Ivanowski also has trade proposals involving the Hawks, Bucks, Celtics and Sixers.
  • Jason Jones of The Athletic believes the Kings might use their first-round pick to add frontcourt depth and identifies Precious Achiuwa of Memphis as a potential selection. Jalen Smith of Maryland may also be under consideration.
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18 thoughts on “Kings Notes: Bogdanovic, Lewis, Trade Proposals, Achiuwa

  1. Sillivan

    Reporter proposal:

    To Sacramento: James Johnson, Pick No. 1

    To Minnesota: Buddy Hield, Pick No. 12

    Sillivan idea
    Bogdan Bogdanovic replace Hield

    Hield is overpaid

    • hiflew

      Dude, you really need to stop with the third person narrative. You’ve had a few decent ideas. Just talk like a human being and people might start taking you seriously instead of like the joke you have become.

  2. Sillivan

    Reporter proposal
    Horford and 2 Firsts for 3 players

    To Sacramento: Al Horford, Pick No. 21, 2021 first-rounder (protected)

    To Philadelphia: Nemanja Bjelica, Cory Joseph, Jabari Parker

    Sillivan opinion
    In 2021 Kings 4 role players salary at $100 million

    Its hard to upgrade the roster.

      • Sillivan

        Then trade Marvin Bagley and other young players for a superstar like Westbrook

        6 player total salary = $165 million = luxury tax hell

  3. trout27

    The Kings could have an All-Star cast and still miss the playoffs if Luke Walton is still the Coach. His teams lack discipline and are weak on defense.

    • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

      The kings in 2016 had Cousins,Rondo,Caron Butler,Rudy Gay,Seth Curry,Darren Collison and couldn’t make the playoffs! Allstar team to do what? Underachieve!

  4. Simmons>Russ

    TWolves 1st overall pick and Jarrett Culver for Marvin Bagley and the Kings 12th pick plus the Kings 35th pick.

    Culver in his short career has shown promise but he really lacks a consistent shot but his defence would be a good addition to the Kings and he’s also a good rebounder. His addition also makes it easier to trade Buddy Heild.

    Bagley in two seasons has only played 74 games and only started 10, which is concerning. However when he is on the floor there is no doubting his potential as he gets points down low with ease and gets boards too.

    With the 12th pick and 35th pick the wolves can continue to build. I’d suggest drafting, Patrick Williams or Aaron Nesmith to play the 3. Both are reasonably NBA ready 3 and D wings. Then with the latter pick I’d take a back up point like Tre Jones, Immanuel Quickly or Nico Mannion.

    1. Russell. Jones/Mannion/Quickly
    2. Beasley. Okogie. Evans
    3. Williams/Nesmith. Layman
    4. Bagley. Johnson. Spellman
    5. Towns. Reid

    1. Fox. Jospeh.
    2. Heild. Culver
    3. Bogdanovic. Nwora
    4. Barnes. Bjlica
    5. Wismean. Holmes

    • tjbarnaba

      This would never happen in a million years. I don’t understand why you would take all that time typing something that not only makes no sense for either team, but also suggest who they should draft?? Like you didn’t already lose your credibility when you suggested the trade itself??

      • Simmons>Russ

        Why? Bagley would be a great fit in Minny, Culver was below average. Plus they would be trading down and drafting in a position of need. For the Kings it gives them the first overall pick and Bagley hasn’t spent much time on the court so they’d be willing to let him go and take a flyer on Culver getting better.
        Looks good for both teams

  5. formerlyz

    I anticipate Patrick Williams and Jalen Smith to be off the board at 12, but I think they should go with saddiq bey. They have a couple of other picks in the 2nd round they can maybe use on a big like Azubuike, and grab one of the guards in that area, like a Tre Jones…depending on trades and how the board is obviously….

  6. I think the Kings sign BB at market (wherever that falls). If they don’t for some reason, I think there will be plenty of interest. Contending and rebuilding teams alike.

    #12 could be sitting right at or near a tier break in this draft. I would hold until draft day and be flexible.

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Bogdanovic is a better fit with Fox. They should just sign him now. 15 mill is a good deal. Trade Buddy and move on. Buddy is still young enough to help another team. His D needs to step up and be more a team player. Dum to move Bagley now. He’s a real talent. Just got there and was hurt. Kings move Buddy for value. They should make playoffs. Plus they have a solid pick this draft. Achiuwa would be a great pick IMO. A wing is what they need most. Buddy should have value. Sixers could use him. They could pull a Horford three way. Or even give Horford and picks. Kings can use a big vet. Basically swapping bad contracts. Plus Kings would get extra picks. Sixers have future #1 plus plenty 2nd rd picks this yr.

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