Knicks Rumors: Westbrook, Draft, Okoro, Vassell

While Chris Paul‘s name has been connected most frequently to the Knicks in recent months, it’s worth keeping an eye on Russell Westbrook as well, according to Ian Begley of Begley reports that some agents who represent top free agent point guards think the Knicks will “poke around” on a possible Westbrook trade if the Rockets make him available.

It’s certainly not a sure thing that Houston considers moving Westbrook this offseason. And even in that scenario, “poking around” doesn’t mean that the Knicks would make a deal.

Still, the Knicks are well-positioned to take on a big contract like Westbrook’s, which has three years and more than $132MM left on it. Begley also cites sources who say that Westbrook viewed New York as a favorable landing spot when the Thunder were shopping him last July. So if the Rockets do mull a potential trade at some point, it’s a safe bet the Knicks will be linked to the star point guard.

Here’s more on the Knicks:

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14 thoughts on “Knicks Rumors: Westbrook, Draft, Okoro, Vassell

  1. acarneglia

    Rockets and Knicks could do Westbrook and Hartenstein for 8, Randle, DSJ, Portis, and Bullock.

  2. Sillivan

    Both teams would get worse if Knicks take Westbrook 3 years 132m contract
    Knicks can pay VanVleet 4 years 132m
    Knicks have no assets to trade for anything

    • KnickerbockerAl

      You are the poster. Who has posted more trades. More picks n trades. Than any other poster here. Nw they don’t have assets. Are related to VanVleet or just hate Westbrook. Really Sillyman

  3. Sign all the Cubans
    Sign all the Cubans

    The midgets would be foolish to not try trading Westbrook. Might as well get something for him now, as his value will never be higher.

  4. DynamiteAdams

    The Knicks are going to do what they normally do and jump the gun on their rebuild to ensure another 4 years of mediocrity

    • justwhoami

      Knicks fan here and I have to say you’re being very generous pulling out the m word

    • Agreed, mediocre is being kind to the Dolan dumpster fire that is supposedly the most valuable franchise in the NBA…

      The Magic have been mediocre for a long time. The Knicks have been ridiculously inept.

  5. What is it that no matter who becomes VP or GM of the Knicks, they make the same mistake as every losing one before them? Proves that Dolan is calling the shots! Why would anyone take on that horrible Westbrook contract?

  6. MarlinsFanBase

    Westbrook to the Knicks?

    Hmmmm…this has the stench of a Stephon Marbury with a touch of Carmelo Anthony and a tinge of Tracy McGrady.

  7. phillyballers

    If they can’t get anyone else, why not? Their salary will only be like 65M in 21-22 with him.

  8. If the Knicks make a trade for an aging, over paid PG, I’d prefer CP3 to RW. In either case, I wouldn’t do a deal without being compensated with picks for taking on the years and money.

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Knicks have the cap space to take on Westbrook. He’s got 3-4 good years left. He’s the high flyer NYC loves. He could go back to playing lead guard. Not wait and see what Harden does. Do any of you understand what a triple double season means. It means he is by himself in the history of NBA. A young team needs a leader. Randle makes 20 mill, Portis makes 15. Both contracts are up after one yr. Plus future picks. They can have Clippers pick this yr. Plus future#1. I do it. Randle and Portis have no future here. NY would love Westbrook here while building a contender. We are rebuilding. Dolan surprisingly has kept out of the way. Westbrook can give three very good and exciting seasons here. He can help get this team to playoffs and build a contender. We are not expecting a ring. This not Melo. Giving up the whole team to get him. This not a quick fix. This is all part of rebuilding. As long as we don’t give up 8th pick. Or Mitch or RJ or Nttilikina or Knox. Why wouldn’t we do it. Randle and Portis n Randle are true bigs. Makes Rockets deeper and bigger. Plus the pick can get another true big or center. Plus a future #1 pick. Rockets don’t have a pick this yr. We can throw in Dotson a Houston native. Es a nice bench scoring big SG who plays D. Needs playing time.

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