Lakers Notes: Bradley, Davis, LeBron, Offseason

Having opted out of the NBA’s summer restart, veteran guard Avery Bradley wasn’t on the Lakers‘ active roster when they secured the 17th title in franchise history in Orlando earlier this week. However, Bradley was extremely invested in his team’s playoff run and celebrated the championship at his home in Texas, according to Dave McMenamin and Malika Andrews of ESPN.

“I watched every single game,” Bradley said. “I am still a Laker.”

Bradley has a player option worth $5MM+ for 2020/21, and despite being separated from his teammates for the past several months, he doesn’t sound like someone who’s preparing to move on from the franchise this fall. As McMenamin and Andrews detail, Bradley received FaceTime calls during Sunday’s celebration from multiple members of the Lakers, including general manager Rob Pelinka, who has said the guard will get a championship ring.

“He was just letting me know I am a part of it,” Bradley said. “It has been a long season — and an amazing one. And we’ve been through a lot. It was just an amazing win. You could see it on his face.”

Here’s more on the Lakers:

  • ESPN’s Rachel Nichols (video link) got an exclusive sitdown with LeBron James and Anthony Davis following Sunday’s win and asked the two superstars about their respective futures. However, when pressed about his free agency, Davis offered no more specifics to Nichols than he did to the rest of the media. “We’ll see,” Davis said. With a laugh, James interjected, “Nobody’s talking about that right now.”
  • As part of his preview of the Lakers’ offseason, ESPN’s Bobby Marks (Insider link) explores Davis’ impeding free agency and his potential contract scenarios. Marks also takes a look at the possibility of an extension for James and evaluates where things stand for the rest of the roster.
  • Marks and John Hollinger of The Athletic both believe that a three-year maximum-salary contract with an opt-out after year two might be the most logical option for Davis and the Lakers this fall. That would put Davis in position to earn a higher max (35% of the cap instead of 30%) when he gains 10 years of NBA experience in 2022. It would also ensure he receives an 8% raise in 2021. If he signs one-year contracts for the next two years, he wouldn’t be assured of that raise, since there’s no guarantee the cap (and the maximum salary) will increase in 2021/22.
  • Earlier this afternoon, we passed along the early odds for the Western Conference in 2020/21. The Lakers, at +275, are considered the favorites for now.
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30 thoughts on “Lakers Notes: Bradley, Davis, LeBron, Offseason

  1. imindless

    Lakers roster next year will be better than this years. Getting back bradley gives lakers flexibility to move Danny green and kuzma in a move for a 3rd Star. Even should they not make any big additions adding bradley and cousins back would be huge and to a roster that already had depth.

    I think lakers top order should be trade javale mcgee and potentially Danny green to clear cap space. Adding a wing like jrue holiday, buddy hield, Victor oladipo, bradley beal would go a long way it solidifying the lakers potential dynasty.

    2021 roster With potential upgrades

    Pg bradley
    Sg hield/holiday/beal/oladipo
    Sf James
    Pf Davis
    C cousins


    Pg cook, rondo (if he doesn’t opt out)
    Sg caruso
    Sf kostas , Horton tucker
    Pf cacok
    C Dwight Howard

    I think oladipo would be a perfect fit seeing as he one has 1 year remaining and is coming off serious injury. It still gives lakers flexibility to make a run an giannis the following year.

    • x%sure

      Rubbish. Based everything on trading one team’s worst for another’s best. None of those slashed acquisitions are players their employer wants to shed.

      Green + Caruso could get Bledsoe maybe, but that’s if MIL would be asking and they probably won’t, because nobodo GM is going to want to do anything that helps the Lakers.

      imindless cannot like this team as is because LJ’s on it. His team wins be he cannot enjoy it: the wages of hate.

      • imindless

        It’s easy to be a lakers fan and not a fan of lebron. You seem to think that there’s no possibility of the 2 being separate. Much like today’s media with politics and that’s what we call “fake news” You seem to have not moved on in Cleveland as your team moves into mediocrity and relative obscurity. Nice attempt at a dig though A for effort. Judging by lebrons history with the league in aiding him chase rings I’m gonna side with this years roster being even more loaded than last, gotta help the fake goat chase Jordans ghost. Only a few more years left till he is gone for good until of course he attempts to buy a team.

        • mike.honcho

          Exactly. The league, ESPN, all the big and small media outlets are milking this GOAT race for all it’s worth ……… in reality this race is all but imaginary, there’s hardly one as Lebron path was far different – it was pre-meditated, fixed and tampered with, to ensure his best shot at rings.

          MJ did no such thing.

          • x%sure

            Such leads get hits especially on our nation’s babysitter, espn and TV. Ultimately the goat obsession is the fans’s fault for goading it on. The faces onscreen probably laugh when the camera’s off.

            Then there are always conspiracy-believers to fuel any controversy. They could indeed be all out to get you, so it helps to stay sharp!

        • mike.honcho

          Exactly. The league, ESPN, all the big and small media outlets are milking this GOAT race for all it’s worth ……… in reality this race is all but imaginary, there’s hardly one as Lebron path was far different – it was pre-meditated, fixed and tampered with, to ensure his best shot at rings.

          MJ did no such thing.

      • MikeWiz

        I hope LA gets Bledsoe. Worst pg in the league. He would for sure stop the Lakers from repeating.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      It’s always fun to come up with these “dream rosters” which have no basis in reality and completely ignore salary cap restrictions and whatnot.

      • imindless


      • GoLandCrabs

        Kind of like how the Rocmets thought they could add Jimmy Butler last year LOL

    • Ironmonger835

      Love when people throw out these dumb ass rosters they make up in their heads. Lol

    • Lakers1

      You are missing kcp.He’s not going anywhere. I think markieff comes back and maybe brings his twin.. no on Hield.. not a team player and plays no on oladipo.. he’s had one good year.. been battling injuries last 2 years straight.. may never be right.. would love gallinari off the bench.. he wants a ring or crowder but would really like dragic.. but don’t see that happening heat will keep him

      • imindless

        Kcp can opt out. I think oladipo for kuzma and this year first would be perfect. 27 years old and has had 2 great season in his 6 years in league. I think rondo is coming back even though he has an opt out. I’m hoping Danny green and javale go though make to much money and provide little. Green is a good defender but his shooting is awful.

        • Lakers1

          Kcp player option is 8.5 million.. plus a klutch guy plus I think this is the first time he played in playoffs.. he isn’t leaving.. I’m all for trading green and kuzma. Green plays d but so does bradley and Bradley is a lot cheaper.. rondo will be back

          • imindless

            Rondo just opted out……I wouldn’t want him at 8/9 million per season at this stage tbh

            • Lakers1

              He probably will resign for a little more and more years.. before lakers, he was bouncing around team to team every year..He said it himself in an interview it’s about winning rings

            • Lakers1

              There’s huge speculation that Gallinari will take less he’d be a nice bench please.. He’s made a lot of money but hasn’t sniffed the playoffs very much so might be a nice addition

              • imindless

                Is gallanari a good defender? I’m guessing not I have never really watch him play but I know he can stretch the floor. Problem is if you sign him ad has to switch and guard centers something he doesn’t want to do. I think cousins could be a cheap addition with huge upside. He was never athletic but used his size and shooting abilities to spread floor.

        • piechucker

          Kuzma and a late first rounder for Oladipo? You’re dreaming. In his time with the Lakers they have been better with him on the bench than on the court. He has been a below average player (based on both box plus minus and player efficiency rating) in each of his 3 seasons.

          • imindless

            Anyone with half a brain know kuzma is playing out of position. His best season was when he played sf but can’t with lebron on the court. His defense slips because he has to guard bigger stronger players there’s a reason ingram improved when he got traded he is playing his natural position instead of catering to lebron. Minutes go up scoring goes back up, I’d be surprised to see someone give up more for an injury prone play we shall see.

    • Sillivan

      Only one thing is really good. I like it.

      Prepare 35 million cap space to sign Giannis.

    • Curtis Smith

      I’m a laker fan and even I know they have no shot at Bradley Beal. We have no future draft picks or young players why would the wizards trade him to LA when they can get better offers elsewhere

      • Lakers1

        Cousins tore acl aug 2019.. he’s had well over year to get the knee stronger. His game was never based off high flying or athleticism.. it was based off bully ball, skill and iq.. he was the center that started the stretch 5 shoot from outside.. he’s an upgrade over mcgee as starting center..I’ll take boogie all day.. he’s got a chip on his shoulder and he is gonna kill it next season..

  2. mike.honcho

    It’s the offseason, it’s time for Lebron the GM to get to work.

    Lord knows, Lebron the player needs them Klutch stars help ……… West still loaded as ever.

  3. Sillivan

    Lakers 2021-22 salary = 80 million for 3 players (including Deng)
    Add Giannis = 35M
    = 115 million

    Everyone else has to be vet min.

    • El Don

      That is the ideal scenario, 2 or 3 guys get all the money, the other guys play for the minimum, that is kind of the point dude!

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