NBPA “Closer” To Agreement On Cap, Free Agency

Progress has been made in determining the league’s salary cap and free agency date, NBPA executive director Michele Roberts told USA Today’s Mark Medina.

Roberts indicated the she’s “closer” to reaching an agreement with the league on those pressing matters.

We’re probably closer toward resolving that issue,” Roberts said. “Frankly, that is something we can’t hold off for deciding too much longer.”

A report earlier on Tuesday revealed that some team executives are preparing for free agency to begin 48-72 hours after the November 18 draft. Roberts admits that players headed to free agency are eager to determine their futures. However, teams won’t know how much they can spend until the salary cap is determined.

“We have free agents that are losing their minds, as are teams that want to engage and negotiate. So that’s something we don’t have the luxury of delaying a decision on,” Roberts said. “As tough as this is, it’s not life or death. We want to do it right and not do it quickly if it sacrifices doing it right.”

With the loss of revenue due to the pandemic, Roberts acknowledges the players and league have no choice but to find common ground.

“It would be silly to say we’re not possibly going to make a deal,” Roberts said. “Then we would just say hello to the end of professional basketball. I’m not anywhere near there.”

Roberts also addressed a few other topics:

  • She’s unsure how the latest proposal to start next season on December 22 will be received by the players, or how it could affect teams that made deep playoff runs in Orlando. She anticipates that players on teams who didn’t participate in the restart would be in favor of getting the season started sooner than later. “There are guys that haven’t played since the suspension of play in March and they may have a different attitude or not,” she said.  “Frankly, I’ve spoken to players that did stop playing at or about that time, and they’re banging down the doors to get back to the practice facility.”
  • She’s skeptical that teams can allow fans into arenas until a vaccine is widely available. “That’s such a big difference to indoor activity,” she said. “Much of the surge we’re hearing about right now has a lot to do with people returning indoors because of the weather. That concerns me.”
  • Another “bubble-like” setting on a limited basis is a possibility but she hopes it isn’t necessary. “I don’t think anyone wants to do that,” she said. “And if we do it, we don’t want to do it for any length of time.”
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10 thoughts on “NBPA “Closer” To Agreement On Cap, Free Agency

  1. specialfriedrice

    Hey players that’s when the season is starting…don’t like it…want more time off…sure…just expect your pay to appropriately prorated.

  2. Black Ace57

    Can’t complain about cuts to your paycheck and complain the season is starting too soon when those games are how you get paid.

  3. PutoBelga12

    So far I haven’t heard any complaint from any player. Some might want things to be more favorable to them, which is human nature and totally understandable, but I’m still waiting to hear a single complaint from a player. I don’t why they are always viewed by fans as ungrateful when they simply voice their opinions.

    • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

      Danny Green already was saying that’s too soon. Search his view on it, you will see. Danny is acting like a spokesperson for the players, and he doesn’t have that stroke at all.

  4. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    I have zero sympathy for guys getting paid to play sports. They wanted out of the hood and they got their wish. Now man up do what you do best! It’s not like the players have to work in hospitals where outbreaks occur!

  5. x%sure

    Not everyone has to play the same number of games. There’s no such rule; traditions are being set aside anyway; and it would be easy to decide the playoff teams in the end.

    Let the uninvited start quickly
    even to make shared money
    It’s all too slow anyway
    They’re not actively negotiating, they’re in a standoff and just waiting for a deadline hoping the other will blink. We are all getting our time wasted.

  6. Regi Green

    I wouldn’t blame any players if they wanted to push the start date til after the holidays.

    • x%sure

      Just offer them some NBA TV money while they’re resting at home, from teams that are playing. Those players are in the union too and already have had a LONG rest.

  7. Strike Four

    Imagine having a set-in-stone take on the bubble like that – dummy, America is going to be destroyed by Covid until 2022 – of COURSE the entire season will be in a bubble.

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