Northwest Notes: Wolves, Nuggets, Bazley, Jazz

With the 2020 draft currently scheduled for November 18, the Timberwolves are trying to gauge the market value of their three picks this year, per Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic. The Wolves currently have the No. 1, No. 17, and No. 33 picks.

President of basketball operations Gersson Rosas and his staff have been conducting talent appraisals of their own roster to evaluate the appeal of the team’s trade assets.

“It’s not 100 percent accurate by any means,” Rosas said of the process, “but it gives you a good perspective as you look at your roster, as you look at your body of talent on your team and you look at how you value not only the picks that you have currently, but the picks around the league.”

There’s more out of the NBA’s Northwest Division:

  • In his latest mailbag, Mike Singer of The Denver Post examines some of the best trade options for the Nuggets. These include projecting the players and picks necessary for a possible Jrue Holiday deal, and what could be gained from moving up in the 2020 draft. With power forward Paul Millsap, center Mason Plumlee, and combo forward Jerami Grant all entering free agency, the team may also look to shore up its frontcourt with tactical signings.
  • Thunder wing Darius Bazley impressed Jack Reining of Daily Thunder during the playoffs of his 2019/20 rookie season. Bazley’s improved long-range shot selection appeared to greatly benefit his efficiency, and he was better able to take advantage of his physical attributes and timing during the NBA’s Orlando restart.
  • As we previously relayed, the Jazz may be focused on using the No. 23 pick in this year’s draft to improve their defense.
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7 thoughts on “Northwest Notes: Wolves, Nuggets, Bazley, Jazz

  1. Sillivan

    Wolves need to keep Towns and DLo
    Then trade every player and every pick for defensive talents

    if not. Wolves will be worse than Kings and Grizzlies
    Easily the worst team in the west

    • Bdd1967

      Minnesota has zero chance of any success until glen taylor sells the team and keeps his uninformed nose out of basketball business. Jordan Abdul jabbar chamberlain and bird could be on this team and Taylor would put his nose in and screw it up!!

  2. specialfriedrice

    Jazz focusing on adding D with their pick…but they’ll end up throwing stupid money at Clarkson and hope a rookie picks up the slack instead…

  3. x%sure

    Again, the Nuggets need a 2, not a 4.
    I was skeptical of adding Jrue but that looks safer now on Jamal Murray. But, not if they have to give up Monte Morris.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Murray is their 2. Jrue makes plenty sense. Unfortunately it means Harris is out. They really have played more as combo guards. Harris the D guy. But he hasn’t fully come back from injury. And his stats are down since signing contract. Jrue is more a PG and would let Murray concentrate on scoring. It’s a solid move. If they can do it. Holiday is probably on a few teams radars. Bucks, Sixers especially. If I was Jrue, I definitely would want to go to contender. Plus Pels need to let Lonzo run team. Pels need a rim protector. With SVG there they will get their D in order. They are a young team. Time to move Holiday.
    Those three picks are good picks for Minny. They can really move forward. But they will be a young team. With Edwards and a PF they can make significant progress. Beasley is still an unresolved issue. You have to wonder how that affects their draft.

    • masisk33

      It’s pretty obvious the Wolves need defense (anywhere) more than a wing scorer. Here’s to hoping they do NOT select Edwards with the #1 overall.

      I would bet that Charlotte makes a deal with MIN to take Wiseman #1 overall (which I have suggested would be a great move for MIN’s defense). Here’s to hoping I am wrong and the Wolves keep the pick (and take Wiseman for themselves).

      If the Warriors want Wiseman, why the hell wouldn’t the T’Wolves want him??

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