Pelicans Notes: Van Gundy, Udoka, Lee, Redick

The hiring of Stan Van Gundy shows the sense of urgency within the Pelicans organization, William Guillory of The Athletic opines. Anything less than immediate playoff contention on a roster headed by Zion Williamson will be viewed as a failure, Guillory notes. Van Gundy would not have left his TV job for a rebuilding project and Pelicans executives will expect immediate results from their big-name hire, Guillory adds.

We have more on the Pelicans:

  • Ime Udoka and Charles Lee are potential additions to the Pelicans’ coaching staff, Michael Scotto of HoopsHype reports. Udoka was an assistant under Brett Brown with the Sixers last season after a seven-year stint with the Spurs. Lee has worked under Mike Budenholzer since the 2014/15 season, first with the Hawks and then with the Bucks.
  • The fact that Van Gundy can concentrate on coaching rather than wearing two hats fosters the belief he’ll be a success in New Orleans, according to Scott Kushner of the New Orleans Times Picayune. Van Gundy was a flop in Detroit largely due to his personnel decisions. Van Gundy’s gregarious personality was a key factor in the hire, as Pelicans executive David Griffin feels Van Gundy will be able to connect with a young roster and make players accountable.
  • J.J. Redick is unlikely to be traded with Van Gundy on the bench, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst (hat tip to Sportando). Redick, who has one year and $13MM remaining on his contract, played for Van Gundy in Orlando.
  • If you didn’t get all the details on Van Gundy taking the coaching reins in New Orleans, we have them here.
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13 thoughts on “Pelicans Notes: Van Gundy, Udoka, Lee, Redick

  1. bowserhound

    Buckle up for disappointment Pelican fans, you are on a one way trip to 9th place.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      It’s a really tough conference but that means they’re still better than the Thunder, Wolves, Kings, Spurs, Suns, and Grizzlies.

          • El Don

            How can you call yourself a HOU fan? You ain’t no fan of the Rockets! You are a HOU hater my friend hwmvps! You can’t be a fan when you keep on bashing at the franchises legends like you do all the time! That is shameful & hateful, for sure not a fan of the team!

    • mike.honcho

      9th place is an improvement, seeing that they’re in 13th place now.

      I say, when they stay healthy, I see them making the playoffs, bottom-half.

      Zion has got to play for them to make the playoffs.

  2. bravesfan88

    Guards: Ball, Holliday, Hart, Alexander-Walker, Reddick, Moore, Jackson

    Forwards: Zion, Ingram, Melli, Miller, Williams, Cheatham

    Bigs: Hayes, Favors, Okafor

    The Pelicans just need some more experience with everyone healthy, but I think they can definitely compete for a 6-8th spot with Zion, Ingram, Ball, Holliday, Hayes, and possibly Favors paving the way..

    They really just need some better complimentary players, Hart, Reddick, AW, Moore, Melli, and Okafor are all marginal guys that can help you win, but they need another couple athletic wings and some better shooting, without having to sacrifice defense like Reddick..

    Itll be interesting to see who they’re able to add this upcoming season. Vassell, Precipus, Nesmith, Bey, etc. all those guys would fit extremely well into this teams rotation, and I think each could help fill roles they’re going to desperately need..They’re going to need some 3&D guys and/or a guy like Precious just to he able to adequately control Zion’s workload without a huge drop off..

  3. PutoBelga12

    Assistant coaches with head coach aspirations are now circling above New Orleans like vulptures, they know SVG is not lasting more than two years on that deal.

  4. hoosierhysteria

    Can a fat coach convince Zion to lose weight? :)
    Zion has to stay healthy for them to contend. People will buy tix to see him play…oh wait…no fans…stay home. What a load of hor$e$hit!

    • Chief Two Hands

      Maybe just a look at Stan Van Gundy will inspire everyone to lose weight.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    SVG has always done well with young teams. Zion does need to stay under 265lbs. With a rim protector. They will improve a lot. They have picks and can get good value back for Jrue. They will compete for 8th seed. West is deep.

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