Pistons Naming New G League Team Motor City Cruise

The Pistons‘ new G League affiliate will be known as the Motor City Cruise, the team announced today in a press release. The club, which will have its inaugural season in 2021/22, will play its games at Wayne State University.

The Grand Rapids Drive are Detroit’s current NBAGL affiliate and will continue to hold that role in 2020/21 — assuming there is a G League season. However, the Pistons don’t own the Grand Rapids franchise and the affiliate agreement between the two teams expires in ’21. The Pistons wanted their G League team to be located closer to the NBA squad, and the Drive had indicated they weren’t interested in moving to downtown Detroit.

As a result, the Pistons purchased the Suns’ NBAGL affiliate – the Northern Arizona Suns – in July and intend to relocate and rebrand that team. After spending one more season as Phoenix’s affiliate, it’ll move to downtown Detroit and become the Motor City Cruise for ’21/22.

The Pistons solicited fan submissions in choosing the name of their new G League affiliate and ultimately opted for the Cruise, which pays homage to the city’s automotive industry and was submitted by 10 fans.

“After considering many clever submissions, we are excited to announce the Motor City Cruise as the next professional sports franchise for the city of Detroit,” team owner Tom Gores said in a statement. “We wanted Pistons fans to help us with the naming process and engage with our new brand from the beginning. Our new G League team will create an affordable entertainment option in Detroit and also play an important role in our player development goals.”

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17 thoughts on “Pistons Naming New G League Team Motor City Cruise

  1. Little_Dunker_45

    This is a huge mistake. In the current era you need a team name that will excite young fans and players. Cruising is the antithesis of what any professional sports team should be doing. You are baking in a losing mentality.

    • thekayz

      Cruising to victory?
      Cruising through the playoffs?

      What about theme nights? Tom Cruise night?Carnival Cruise night? Penelope Cruz night? Disney Cruise night?

      Cruise is fine, and their logo is fire!

      • Little_Dunker_45

        If you think a G league team can secure licensing rights to a major celebrity’s name your brain must be on a cruise. Not to mention your “great” idea of Carnival Cruise is not such a hot commodity right now with all of the disease on board (covid, anyone?). They probably won’t even be in business by the time the next season starts.

        • thekayz

          Lighten up there bud. It’s all good. Hop in the car, put on some Tom Petty, put the windows down and go for a cruise. It’ll do you good my man!

          • Little_Dunker_45

            Wow, so funny! This is a business. People’s jobs are on the line. And in 2 years when the team folds (in oh so economically viable Detroit USA), maybe you can tell them some jokes to lighten the mood. I’m sure they’ll be psyched. Yeah, right.

  2. Dodgethis

    Lots of bad info in the comments section. Obviously from people who have never been to Detroit. The team is being named after the woodward dream cruise. This event draws hundreds of thousands of people from all over not only Michigan but Ohio and Illinois as well. It’s a throwback to when guys would cruise woodward drag racing between the lights and meeting up to heck out cars. The dream cruise is everyone taking their hotrods, muscle cars, custom cars and really any car that a person cares about and driving my up and down woodward avenue. The street is also lined with cars and booths and food and American flags. Nothing brings everyone together in Michigan like the woodward dream cruise. Maybe get a clue before you comment.

    • Little_Dunker_45

      If what you are saying is actually true and not just fan speculation (which I highly suspect…) why isn’t it mentioned in the original post? Also — big deal. Naming a team after a parade? The street is lined with American flags? You seem to have a real pulse on today’s youth. I stand by my comment. And I’ve been to Detroit, by the way.

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