Warriors Notes: Wiseman, Oubre, Luxury Tax, Draft

Memphis coach Penny Hardaway believes James Wiseman would be a “spectacular” fit for the Warriors, Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area writes. The Warriors own the No. 2 overall selection behind the Timberwolves. Wiseman played only three games for Hardaway last season due to NCAA sanctions imposed over Hardaway’s monetary contributions to Wiseman’s family when he was in high school. “He’d instantly be one of the better rim runners in the league. He’s also a rim protector; he is going to protect the rim,” Hardaway said. “His skill set is good enough now, and it’s going to get better. … In their system, with those guys, he would be spectacular.”

We have more on the Warriors:

  • Suns wing Kelly Oubre Jr. appears to be a trade target, Josh Schrock of NBC Sports Bay Area notes. ESPN’s Nick Friedell recently said on “The Jump” that Oubre’s name keeps “popping up” in the trade buzz around the league and notes Golden State has a $17.2MM trade exception to absorb his contract. Oubre has an expiring $14.4MM contract and that makes it unlikely the Warriors would include the No. 2 pick in any proposals, Schrock adds.
  • Deciding on whether to use that trade exception and pay the additional luxury tax associated with bringing in another hefty contract is one of the Warriors’ major offseason questions, Anthony Slater of The Athletic notes. The other major consideration is determining the value of their lottery selection and what kind of player or package they’d need to get in return for the pick.
  • The Warriors are expected to have another meeting with guard prospect LaMelo Ball next week. Get the details here.
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33 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Wiseman, Oubre, Luxury Tax, Draft

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Imagine Penny saying his guy would be a great fit for the Warriors. No one is taking him over Ball or Edwards, but it would be typical for the Hornets to take Wiseman at #3 and remain in the cellar along with the rest of the 20-25 win teams in the east.

      • robsport

        Ball plays absolutely no defense, , Edwards can’t shoot (check his percentages) … the Warriors can’t afford to pass up on Wiseman who is better than what most think. I was very impressed from what I saw of Wiseman’s game. He looks like a future all star in addition to filling a dire GSW need for an athletic big/

  1. Sillivan

    Suns fans believe that Oubre is a better Player than Wiseman,so they think Warriors will trade 2nd pick for him

    Kelly Oubre has little trade value. His value is equal to 35th pick

    • Curtisrowe

      How many 35th picks average 19 points and 6 boards a game?

      Just say Oubre has no trade value because of his contract, don’t compare him to a 35th pick. That shows no basketball knowledge. At all.

      • Sillivan

        Its about expiring contract, not basketball knowledge.
        Usually when a player has expiring contract, their value is equal to second round pick.

        Drummond is far better than oubre, he was traded to second round pick.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Sounds like the Suns fans know what they’re talking about here.

      • arc89

        Why would a team trade the #2 pick for a player that will be gone next year. 1 year of him doesn’t equal a #2 draft pick.

    • The Howler

      Looking at the last 5 drafts and WS/48, Oubre’s production last year is equivalent to a pick in the 10-17 range. Weaker drafts closer to 10 and stronger drafts closer to 17.

  2. KezarMike

    Warriors would have to be completely nuts to trade their pick to the Suns.

  3. hiflew

    Trading the 2 for Oubre is silly. He’s not worth that much. However, adding him with the 10 could easily get the Suns the 2. Although unless they would be trading up for Deni, I don’t really see a fit with any of the top 3 prospects. They have Ayton, so no need for Wiseman. Edwards would not unseat Booker in his wildest dreams. I guess you could argue that LaMelo might be a decent gamble to learn point from Rubio. But to me their biggest need is SF.

    • Mike_Davis

      The Suns biggest need is either a young PG to supplant Rubio in the near future or a stretch PF. Bridges & Cam Johnson can handle the 3 between the two of them if Oubre is traded.

      • hiflew

        If the answer at 3 is Bridges and/or Cam Johnson, then I think it is time to ask a new question. The Suns showed in the bubble that they are ready to be a playoff team and I don’t see either of those two being a starter on a playoff team right now. Good bench options? Sure, but not good enough to say that the 3 is no longer a need.

        As far as a young PG, I agree they need one. If they could pick up a late 1st in the early to mid 20s cheaply, there are several PGs in that range that would be a much better value than picking Ball at 2. I think with a need that isn’t immediate, you can afford to take a chance on one of the cheaper options growing into the role. Nico Mannion from Arizona would be a nice local fit there. There are some decent stretch 4 options in the 2nd round as well. Although if they could re-sign Saric stretch 4 might not be a need anymore.

        • x%sure

          This is a good draft to get a late PG, but I question the standard of, does one fit for the playoffs. Good or bad, the trend is to look past that. I think the more important consideration, if a position already has several good young players in it, and they’re not in win-now mode, do they add another to it.

          One could get the same conclusion but it could lead to sour feelings. Giannis credits the practice battles with Middleton with getting him honed so there’s that. Middleton got a max so can’t complain too much, but he used to be bolder and “badder” in my view.

          • hiflew

            I didn’t mean that Bridges or Johnson was incapable of playing in the playoffs. I was meaning that as of now, their skill level is not up to par for a starter on a playoff team. That’s not to say it will never get there and they would be fine as starters on a rebuilding team, but if you intend to do anything in the playoffs other than just show up, you need a player a little further along than what they have at the 3.

            Of course it is also possible that Bridges or Johnson DOES make the next step up during the next regular season. If the Suns are convinced that might happen, then they should roll with it. If it doesn’t, they could always get help at the deadline or from the buyout market. If they are not convinced in their in-house options stepping up, then Deni Avdija is the perfect pick for them.

      • robsport

        The Suns need a power forward that can D up and get rebounds in my opinion.

    • The Howler

      I agree with hiflew. Assuming that you get the 2nd best player with the #2 his WS/48 would be twice as much as Oubre had this year so a 10th pick would equalize the expected WS/48.

  4. OCTraveler

    Warriors should trade down and take Onyeka Okongwu from SC – he probably will have the biggest upside of all the 5’s in the draft

    • robsport

      I want Wiseman to join the Warriors end of story for me, however Okongwu is going to have a positive NBA career.

  5. Lakers1

    Lamelo ball screams bust! You heard it here.. players that have zero work ethic flame out..

    • robsport

      I’ve watched Ball since he was a freshman playing varsity with his brothers at Chino Hills. He didn’t play any defense then and doesn’t now. He’s a talented passer but will find it difficult to get his shot off at the NBA level.

      • robsport

        Probably too harsh on Ball. He actually has the tools to actually be a really good defender, but just hasn’t put his mind to it. We will see how he develops because can’t lose sight these young athletes today can do anything if they are engaged and focus.

    • Little_Dunker_45

      Hi, I work in the front office of an NBA team in a top market. We’re very impressed with your insightful scouting knowledge and we’d like to hire you for 1 million dollars. Not! Lol dunked. People hate Ball like they hate Kardashiand…nothing to do with actual talent. He’s one of the best on the board. You heard it here for 403th time.

      • robsport

        Not sure why anyone would hate Ball? I like his chances of having a productive NBA career if he develops in certain areas just like any other player coming into the league.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    He has value to Warriors. Trade exception means they can give their #1 pick. Which should be in high 20s next yr. Plus getting Oubre if true means Wiseman is pick. Anyone who thinks Warriors would draft Ball. When their window is NOW. Does not understand the NBA at all. Not a Ball fan. But even at best he’s 3 yrs from really helping a team. Warriors are not waiting on anyone. So what Zoenny says is spot on. He can help them. Plus Wiseman is the future. That’s what a top pick is for. Add the fact they desperately need a center. Makes a lot of sense. Edwards is far ahead of Ball as far as making impact next yr. So he could help off the bench. But getting a guy like Oubre, a vet. Fills that scoring off bench need. Plus Edwards should go to Minny. Wiseman would be heaven sent if he is there at 3. He’s a future star. Size don’t get taught like shooting. An athletic seven footer is what makes the NBA the league it is. Real ballers who are this big. Rarely come around. First time I’m hearing about Oubre. It’s actually a nice move. He will play for contract and ring. So will be very motivated. And I still think Wiggins is going to be traded. Draft night is going to be fun. There are a lot of possibilities from a lot of teams. I expect more than a few trades to go down. If someone trades into #1 pick. It will be for Wiseman.

  7. formerlyz

    depending on who is there for GS, Onyeka Okongwu, Devin Vassell, or Lamelo Ball probably make the most sense for them, in my opinion. Thats also assuming Edwards goes 1….Also the idea of trading back and grabbing 1 of those versatile wings or bigs in that 10-20 range, although I feel like a lot of teams might be trying to do that

    • robsport

      If Edwards goes first, the Warriors will get that pick in for Wiseman in a split second.

  8. 4thinfsgt

    I’m not sure why people are talking about trading the 2nd pick to the Suns when it clearly says, “…it’s highly unlikely…”

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