Anthony Davis Won’t Rush Into Next Deal With Lakers

Anthony Davis will take his time working out a new contract with the Lakers, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Davis is the top free agent on this year’s market, but that’s just a formality as he remains committed to staying with the team where he just won an NBA title. Davis’ agent, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports, will reach out to Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka after free agency officially begins at 6pm ET, sources tell Wojnarowski, but Davis doesn’t plan to commit to a new deal until after Thanksgiving.

The 27-year-old has a number of options to consider as he plots his future in Los Angeles. He could accept a three-year, $106MM offer with a player option for 2022/23 that would match up with the rest of LeBron James‘ contract. He could also take $68MM over two years with an option after next season or a longer deal such as $146.7MM for four years or $189MM for five.

Paul also represents James and it wasn’t unusual for contract negotiations to stretch out for several weeks when LeBron was in Cleveland, Wojnarowski adds.

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41 thoughts on “Anthony Davis Won’t Rush Into Next Deal With Lakers

  1. C-Daddy

    He’ll sign with the Warriors, then they’ll trade Oubre straight up for Beal and Draymond Green and Wiseman for Giannis.

    C: Giannis
    PF: AD
    SF: Wiggins
    SG: Beal
    PG: Curry

    Next five championships guaranteed.

  2. goldenmisfit

    Going to squash many peoples dreams right now. If there are any fans out there dreaming of AD deciding to sign with their team you can’t forget all about that. The guy just won a championship with the Lakers and the Lakers can give him more money than any other team he is not going anywhere.

    • Gary

      I don’t think there’s a single person on the face of the planet that thinks Anthony Davis is leaving.

  3. Jeff Zanghi

    This seems kind of silly… I mean the $ isn’t in question… he’s going to get the Max. So all there is to consider is how long of a contract he wants to sign. And seeing as there really isn’t anything else that needs to be considered on his part — how could he not already know what he wants to do? Like I’m sure the Lakers will just say yes to whatever combination of years and options he demands… So it seems like it ought to be pretty straightforward.

    • Chief Two Hands

      Yeah I don’t see why he would want to leave the Lakers at all anyway. It isn’t just about being there with Lebrun, it’s about being the face of one of the greatest franchises in sports history once Lebrun retires.

    • dfree123

      He’s waiting to make sure KCP gets paid since they’re both represented by Klutch.

        • Chief Two Hands

          Why would “good-dude” be hyphenated? That makes me question everything about your franchise! From this day forth, I shall only eat food from Popeye’s!

  4. Bluemarlin528

    California taxes make a big difference on deals like these. Not a lock to resign.

    • Chief Two Hands

      That may matter to some, but a top guy like Davis getting paid ridiculous amounts of money…Los Angels is an awesome place to live when you are rich. The tax thing is overblown. It exists, but at a certain point it does not matter, and Davis is well past that point.

    • I don’t have any idea what the value is, but presumably he’d make more in marketing as a member of the Lakers as opposed to most other teams. Plus, he just won a championship.

  5. The Howler

    Signing with the Bucks would get AD on a great team and close to his home town. Think about it, Anthony.

    • MasterShake

      Sports fans play up this whole home town angle way too much. I don’t think it matters to these guys making insane amounts of money since they can just fly out there anytime they’re off.

      Has this angle actually played out with an athlete. In his prime and not one getting close to retirement?

      • Gary

        Yes you’re right, and I think guys try to get away from home to be honest. At least when they’re younger.

        Can you imagine the ticket requests every game? Plus as an athlete in a strange city there is a slight chance you can hide or blend in to go shopping or to a restaurant. At home there’s no chance of that.., mobbed Every single time.

          • Chief Two Hands

            I remember seeing Lisa Leslie at Costco and I just thought damn that is a really tall woman and then I saw her face and I thought she’s pretty damn good looking too and I was just thinking is that Lisa Leslie? Then I noticed her shirt and it was promoting women’s national team. My point is simply that people of a certain stature stand out so my guess is someone like Anthony Davis really stands out no matter where he is.

        • Gary, I can imagine the ticket requests for this year will be close to zero for everyone. Ha.

        • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

          Depends. AD is from the south side of Chicago. Tough area. Who would wanna be there??? Same with Derozen, he’s from Compton!!!

  6. Courtside

    AD is signing with the Lakers. It’s about getting a 3 year deal with the 2nd or 3rd year being player option. He wants ability to go elsewhere if Lebron leaves or retires. That I all this is about.

    So in short no AD news until Monday or Tuesday

  7. Wendell

    He’ll probably go with 3 years, then reup on a super max once that contracts over

  8. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Why delay the process if you intend to stay with your current team though??? These guys are such divas…

    • Courtside

      He wants to work out small details, that way once Lebron leaves AD can go somewhere else and keep winning or he can restructure to bring someone else in.

    • DeathbyDeathwest

      Because after they sign, they can’t negotiate so directly, without risking a blow out.

  9. Little_Dunker_45

    My prediction is he will sign with Oklahoma city. Little known fact is AD is an amateur meteorologist due to his height i.e. his proximity to the sky. Therefore a team like the Thunder has always appealed in this way I cant explain. Anyway… my opinion you can take it or leave it.

    • Solid opinion that holds up even to the most rigorous academic scrutiny. Book this, folks. There’s money to be made in Vegas.

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