Bucks Rumors: Bogdanovic, Giannis, Oladipo, DiVincenzo, More

Bogdan Bogdanovic was considered Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s preferred target for the Bucks in free agency, according to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, who says that Thanasis Antetokounmpo had been in contact with Bogdanovic for months as the brothers attempted to lure the swingman to Milwaukee.

As Fischer explains, Giannis admires Bogdanovic’s “toughness and swagger” and considers him someone you could “go to war with in the postseason.” As a result, the Bucks pursued Bogdanovic aggressively, discussing sign-and-trade scenarios with the Kings in the hopes of effectively taking the RFA-to-be off the market before last Friday by agreeing to a deal with Sacramento.

Early discussions between the Kings and Bucks included Eric Bledsoe, according to Fischer, who points out that sending Bledsoe’s $16.9MM contract to Sacramento would have made it simple for Milwaukee to meet Bogdanovic’s asking price of $18MM per year. However, the Kings insisted on Donte DiVincenzo‘s inclusion on any deal and Bledsoe’s salary was required for Milwaukee’s Jrue Holiday acquisition.

After they struck a deal for Holiday, the Bucks reached a tentative agreement with the Kings, but Bogdanovic’s camp insists it never discussed the particulars of a contract agreement with Milwaukee, per Fischer. Bogdanovic even phoned the Antetokounmpo brothers to reiterate that point, Fischer adds.

When at least one rival team filed a formal complaint about the fact that the Kings had seemingly lined up a deal for Bogdanovic days before the start of free agency, the NBA launched an investigation and essentially took Milwaukee off the table as a destination for the 28-year-old due to the risk that the league would block the deal, says Fischer.

Now, the Bucks will have to hope that their failed pursuit of Bogdanovic doesn’t cause Giannis to pass on their super-max offer. According to Fischer, the franchise had been very confident about the odds of reaching an agreement with Antetokounmpo, but there has been a “categorical step back in that confidence” since the Bogdanovic debacle. That doesn’t mean an agreement won’t be reached — just that the Bucks aren’t as sure about it as they once were.

Here’s more on the Bucks from Fischer’s article, which is packed with interesting details:

  • The Bucks and Pacers had conversations about a possible trade for Victor Oladipo, Fischer confirms, adding that a package of DiVincenzo, George Hill, and the No. 24 pick was discussed at one point. Like the Kings did, the Pacers insisted on DiVincenzo being included in any offer.
  • DiVincenzo ultimately remained in Milwaukee and the Bucks are still “bullish” on his potential, writes Fischer. They were willing to move him for Bogdanovic because the RFA was considered a “necessary target in line with Antetokounmpo’s wishes.”
  • Before the Bucks struck a deal for Holiday, the Hawks discussed a package that included the No. 6 pick, Kevin Huerter, and Dewayne Dedmon, says Fischer.
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17 thoughts on “Bucks Rumors: Bogdanovic, Giannis, Oladipo, DiVincenzo, More

    • Bogdanovic was a free agent, albeit restricted, and he couldn’t be traded without being signed. He couldn’t be signed until free agency opened. Thus announcing a trade before teams were free to negotiate with and sign free agents was against rules.

      Of course everyone understands a lot of negotiations are going on before these trade and signing windows open, you just aren’t supposed to declare that you have agreements before the window opens so it doesn’t look obvious that nobody really respects the rules.

      • Reflect

        Yeah but if it’s allowed for teams to talk to their own players and it’s allowed for teams to talk to other teams, then theoretically this trade could have been negotiated without actually breaking any rules. Bucks wouldn’t ever have to actually talk to Bogdan. Kings could just ask him in their stead.

        • siggers84

          Sounded like Bogdanovic wanted to see what he could get in free agency anyway. The contract offered in the sign and trade was too low.

        • specialfriedrice

          Your right, but you’ve missed the biggest part of the process…the player agents…

          Players are the ones whose ‘name’ is on the contract…’teams’ make the contract…the players agents however have loop holes within their boundaries that obviously allows for communication with both ‘teams’ and ‘players’…insider knowledge…NBA has got to get the balls to control the contact player agents can have.

          Have you ever heard of a guy called Rich Paul by chance? Just wondering.

        • Yes you can take care of all the negotiating, and a lot of negotiating is done, but I said the issue is where you declare you have an agreement before the window opens… it is like declaring how you are going to cheat on a test before the test begins when everyone knows you are supposed to keep that quiet until after the test so as not to tip off how corrupt some people are in circumventing rules. You can declare how well you did after the test, but you don’t explain how and you certainly don’t telegraph how you are a cheater before the test begins. The rule abiding folks, however few there are, get very hot when they hear about that and will protest for reform — which annoys the cheaters, and leaves everyone upset at you.

  1. What a layer of intrigue to this drama. Giannis is responsible for the big screw up that leaves his championship hopes sidelined this year and the franchises’ prospects of building a contender around him now razor-thin, does he leave knowing he was the one who sabotaged they franchise or does he do his best Sisyphus impersonation to try to get the Bucks to the top?

    • Robert G.

      Giannis isn’t responsible for this mess. Players can and should talk to each other and then try to persuade their front offices to make deals. Giannis did just right; the bucks front office screwed this up.

      • HailRodgers12$

        While ultimately not responsible for how it unraveled, he..and it appears moreso his brother, had a hand in creating the mess. To use not getting “his guy” now as a reason for [potentially] not signing the max deal would be a d!ck move on his part.
        And not that I believe anyone including the bucks front office should be let off the hook, but I am curious who leaked the supposed rumored deal when everyone knew it was a violation to make such a deal at the time.

  2. stubby66

    Well it sounds like Brog broke the rules just as much as the others calling Thanius too

  3. DeathbyDeathwest

    I think/hope the take away for the Giannis camp are:

    1. See how hard it is to play GM? Giannis didn’t land his guy (for now).

    2. The Bucks made a real effort to execute what Giannis wanted – Bogdan balked, and maybe rightfully so.

    3. The Bucks were able to land Jrue, and are maybe marginally better than they were last year.

    • HailRodgers12$

      agree on all points..but #3 is razor thin in my book. Everyone needs to stay healthy for this to be an improved team. Because as things stand now, there’s not much guaranteed help or experience beyond the starting 5.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Holiday makes them a better team. They had the best record in NBA last yr. Bucks will be back. Bogdanovic would’ve made them favorites by far. It seems to me he knew he could get more in FA. So in the end he was looking out for himself. Bucks lost out so they moved on to Holiday. That’s what I see. Now Korver should be resigned. They need shooters.

  5. Yep it is

    Yes don’t allow a trade 3 days before or even talk about it but any free agent can basically announce they have “ A deal” in place and sign 10 seconds afterward.

  6. Looks like the Holiday deal, already an overpay, also cost them BB. GA could have romanced BB, and BB could have come to the Bucks in the ordinary course, and they’d have him. The Holiday deal or its equivalent would always have been there – anytime you’re willing to forfeit picks for the next 7 years, you’ll get a very good player.

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Regardless Bucks are team to beat in East. And Hawks could be top 4. Atlanta had the best off season. Great draft great FA. They are young and for real. Heat still could return. But they are not sneaking up this yr. It’s why I think they should sign a rim protector. Celtics, Heat, Bucks all got a little better. Sixers still gotta show us. But they got a little better. The East is tougher. Even though Lakers might be favored. They are not overwhelmingly better than everyone. There are 6-8 teams that can challenge. And a team like Hawks could grow up in playoffs like Heat did. NBA to me is deeper as there are a lot of good teams. Not GS and Cleveland anymore. Lakers and Heat are not just walking back in to Finals. One of them won’t be there. Maybe both

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