Bulls Have Reportedly Offered No. 4 Pick, Carter For Warriors’ No. 2

The Warriors are weighing whether or not to accept a trade offer from the Bulls, according to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, who hears from league sources that Chicago has put the No. 4 pick and Wendell Carter Jr. on the table for Golden State’s No. 2 pick.

Although O’Connor has reported multiple times that Chicago is believed to be targeting a play-maker in this draft, he says that sources believe the Bulls would draft Memphis center James Wiseman if they move up. Wiseman has been considered the most likely target for Golden State at No. 2.

If the Bulls don’t trade up, the belief is that they’ll likely decide between Avdija and Florida State forward Patrick Williams, according to O’Connor.

It remains to be seen if the Bulls and Warriors will move forward on this reported proposal, but it does align with some other things we’ve heard in recent weeks. For instance, Jonathan Givony of ESPN said earlier in November that Chicago is thought to be higher on Lauri Markkanen than Carter. At the time, Givony suggested Carter may have to be involved in a deal for the Bulls to move up in the draft.

Meanwhile, a league source told Connor Letourneau of The San Francisco Chronicle this week that the Warriors would like to trade the No. 2 pick for a “proven, rotation-level frontcourt player” and a pick later in the lottery. The goal would be to add a frontcourt player who could be relied upon in the postseason, while developing a young guard or wing, says Letourneau.

If the Warriors do trade out of the top three, they’d likely target Israeli forward Deni Avdija, according to Letourneau, who says the club has become “infatuated” with Avdija, viewing him as a player who could develop into a “Danilo Gallinari type.” Florida State wing Devin Vassell is another player who has frequently been linked to Golden State in trade-down scenarios. Iowa State guard Tyrese Haliburton could also be an option.

If the Warriors were to acquire Carter from the Bulls, they could either absorb his $5.4MM cap hit into their $17MM+ trade exception or send out a player or two for salary-matching purposes.

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53 thoughts on “Bulls Have Reportedly Offered No. 4 Pick, Carter For Warriors’ No. 2

  1. Little_Dunker_45

    Surprised Warriors not focused on backcourt help. I doubt LaMelo will still be around at 4.

    • Chief Two Hands

      I doubt anyone from that family is an upgrade. They are good at being overrated, though.

      • Little_Dunker_45

        Well he can learn from some of the best guards in the league and then actually have the legs (and arms…) to execute. Warriors should be focused on the future, if you ask me. They’re in for a bumpy road.

    • Halliburton will be there, and is probably a better bet to succeed than LaMelo.

    • GangGreen23

      Being greedy cost the Hawks Luka Doncic. Sure they ended up with Trae Young and Deandre Hunter but the Mavs made the Playoffs and have a Generational talent in Doncic while the Hawks finished in Last place? Warriors should just stay put and draft Wiseman.

    • sportznut1000

      I wont pretend like im the next Jay Bilas but why do you think lamelo to the warriors is a good pick? Thats like the packers drafting Jordan Love with their top pick this year. Why draft a backup when you are just a couple pieces away from contending for a finals bid? Ball is considered to be a poor defender and an ok shooter so how exactly does that help them? When you have 2 of the best shooters in nba history on your team you should be focusing on stretching the floor, rebounding and defense. So either trade the pick or draft someone like wiseman

  2. king beas

    Why haven’t they agreed to this yet? Fits exactly what they want and only move back 2 slots

      • Yes Holding Out for a star, and also this is not an announced because we don’t know if Chicago’s guy will be there at 2. We may not hear this until after Minnesota picks.

        • claude raymond

          I’ve heard that Jordan really wants wiseman and may trade up with Twolves. Which would really throw a curve at gsw (and bulls if the trade occurs). This trade could be on hold until after the first pick.

          Ain’t it funny how this is possibly the most anticipated nba draft ever?

    • Sillivan

      I have this exact trade idea 3 weeks ago. Bulls fans don’t like it

      I viewed in this way
      Carter jr can’t shoot because Bulls don’t have good coaches
      He can shoot 3 if he becomes Warriors

  3. steve dolan

    Bulls are maneuvering to get Gordon Hayward with the #2 pick and Otto Porter.

    • That would be funny. Hayward isn’t worth it, can opt out and sign with Chicago anyway if he wanted.

      • Why? Hayward is getting older and Chicago is still rebuilding. They could get hayward for a much cheaper cost.

        • Dude is it possible Hayward gets 4 for 80 million? That would cause him to reject 34 million for 1 year. Depends on if you think he’s worth the contract like that.

  4. Lionel Muggeridge

    Take the deal! Carter will flourish with the warriors. He will become a legitimate stretch big

      • Warriors don’t need a center that shoots from the outside. They need a center that rebounds and defends around the rim. They already have 3 outside shooters.

      • tward09

        my warriors have steph curry and klay thompson. the outside shooting is pretty covered, so a center that can make deep shots is not a necessity.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        He’s 20 yrs old. .54%FG and 76%FT .?at 24 mins a gm he’s easily a double double machine. Plays solid D. His shot does need to improve. But why wouldn’t it. He don’t need to shoot threes. Basketball is not a three point contest. It’s about winning games. Hes got an excellent future at 4 and can play 5. He can step out and guard wings too. You really should learn the game if you want follow it. Child is scared for his Lakers . Oooooohhhh

  5. Veneaussie

    If the GSW can pull that trade, it would be awesome. They are a win now team so the must get an established Center. By pickinhg up 4th they still get a great future player like Avidja

  6. Tatsumaki

    Warriors went from thinking they would be getting an allstar for this lottery pick to Wendell Carter.

      • Howie isn’t it funny when people take half a story and report it as truth? I hear it all the time. They take the truth, which is packaging the number 2 pick PLUS Wiggins PLUS Minnesota’s pick PLUS two or three young guys to get a star.. and twist it and run with it.

        • Howie415

          Yeah. Everybody is an expert. I think the Warriors are looking for something like the base package to begin with.

          • claude raymond

            This story doesn’t say much about Carter’s defense. What say youse guys? I’m not real familiar obviously

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Sunami is a Laker Fanboy. He’ll talk the competition down and show half truths to support his half wisdom lol.

  7. If they add a 2nd round pick there’s no way the Warriors pass. If anyone can maximize a 2nd rounder it’s the Warriors plus they normally buy one every year.

  8. Luckylefty2

    I hope the warriors declined this , so they can pick wiseman. This is the same team that made looney, chriss & Jordan bell look like rotation players.

  9. raz427

    As a Bulls fan, WCJ is horrible. He gets in so many silly foul trouble, cannot stay healthy. This is the same dude who got picked ahead of guys like MPJ and Mitchell? Another colossal mess up but GarPax. I hope they get Edwards. I think if he’s coached right he can be a Klay Jr and be a 2 way star. Wiseman is the better pro right now but Edwards is the better long term prospect.

    • JBHoops

      Agreed on WCJ. He’s really not better than a fringe starter that still has some shine on him from just being young. I hated the pick immediately. He was the one guy I hoped they didn’t pick as it has been clear that he doesn’t have star potential.

      I could get on board with Wiseman. Not the best but he’s bigger and quicker than WCJ. Wiseman’s jumper looks like he has the ability to shoot but it will take a lot of work. WCJ has shown in 2 years to be a bad shooter and I’m doubting that improves substantially.

      I think it would be pretty clear they trade their center to upgrade center. I doubt they would trade up to get Edward’s and have 3 guards and no starting caliber long term center.

      I also don’t see Edwards and Klay as comparable. Edwards isn’t a quick, long distance shooter like Steph and Klay, which is what makes them so nasty to guard. Edwards has a lot to like but I don’t think he fits with Coby White either.

      • raz427

        I think WCJ coming out of college was overrated. I wanted MPJ badly because it addressed the wing position. We do need an upgrade at center. I wouldn’t mind signing WCS who just declined his player option to a decent deal. He’s still young enough. Good points on Edwards. That’s my fault. I was thinking he is 6’5-6’6 but he’s 6’4. Maybe Oladpio is a better comparison? We do need a real PG who doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be effective, and can run the offense. Halliburton would be ideal but is that a reach at 4? I’m not sure if they value him over a possible wing guy line Avdjia.

  10. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Carter Jr will finally be on a winning franchise. Bulls can take Ball & Okongwu.. Win for both clubs

    • JBHoops

      Uh…. they would only have one pick so they’d only be able to draft one of them.

      • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

        Yes hoops rumor police. I corrected it by saying bulls will draft one of them.

  11. stretch123

    If I’m GSW, I’m offering that No 2 to Washington for No 9 and Bertans in a sign and trade. Since they have that large trade exception. He would be lethal next to Curry, Thompson and Green and fit their timeline better than Wiseman or Edwards. Wiseman would be a nice fit next to Beal and Wall.

    • raz427

      That’s an interesting trade actually. I think Wizards need to attach a future 1st though for that to be Legit? Wouldn’t you?

  12. KnickerbockerAl

    Ask yourselves why they would do this. Wiseman to me is a generational center. But he cant give major mins next yr. Carter is 20 with a solid future. Can play the 4 or 5. Can step out and guard wings. He’s a more ready player for a title run. And if they like Deni that much. It makes sense. Deni fills a big need for them at SF, a big SF. Now they have two young pieces moving forward. Instead of one who are ready next yr. Deny is an IQ player who can play next yr. Makes them deeper and still have TE and MLE to get two good players.
    For Bulls they are giving up a lot. To move up two spots. Plus they will have to wait make sure Wiseman is still there. I like it for both teams. I like Wiseman a lot. It’s a bold move by the Bulls. I like it. And I hate the Bulls

    • JBHoops

      WCJ cannot play the 4. He is not a PF. This narrative has got to stop. Just watch him. He’s not coordinated enough to be a PF. He’s not clunky but he doesn’t have the movement ability for PF.

      • raz427

        Carter can’t shoot, his mobility sideline to sideline is horrendous. He’s out of position numerous times. It’s like watching a younger Felicio.

  13. Simmons>Russ

    Great deal for the Warriors

    Get Carter Jr who’s a solid young centre and then chose from Avdija, Vassell or Toppin.

    Especially with Curry Klay and Green all now in their thirties this deal would make them deeper and stronger now but also plans ahead for life after the big three.

    Obi Toppin would be my pick he looks really good and the death line up with Green at the 5 and Toppin at the 4 would be so solid

  14. biffpocoroba

    It’s also possible that the GSW are letting this get traction today to prompt the Knicks to offer them what they want, which is Mitchell Robinson and NYC’s first-round picks in exchange for the Warriors’ #2 slot and pieces going back.

  15. 4thinfsgt

    I’d take the Bulls offer, trade Looney and Poole to Chicago, try to sign Dunn and hope Okongwu is available at 4. The Warriors and Ball, or any of the Ball bros, doesn’t fit together. The only Ball who played for the Warriors was Manute Bol. insert sarcasm emoji for the less humorous people.

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