California Notes: Bogdanovic, Clippers, Gasol, McNair

The Kings may have been savvy to let shooting guard Bogdan Bogdanovic walk in restricted free agency, Jason Jones of The Athletic posits. The addition of promising rookie shooting guard Tyrese Haliburton via the 2020 draft made Bogdanovic superfluous to Sacramento’s long-term team-building plans.

The replacement of former Kings GM Vlade Divac with Monte McNair this summer also yielded a different assessment of Bogdanovic’s value with the still-developing club, Jones writes. Bogdanovic’s four-year, $72MM contract extension also would have put Sacramento, a team that has not made the NBA playoffs since 2006, well above the salary cap.

There’s more out of California:

  • Jovan Buha of The Athletic assesses the current roster depth of the Clippers and speculates about how Los Angeles could still upgrade its club, most likely through trading point guards Lou Williams or Patrick Beverley for a ball-handler upgrade.
  • New Lakers center Marc Gasol discussed his fit with his new club, especially with regard to how he intends to contribute on the defensive end of the floor, according to Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times. “I know we’re going to have great communication,” Gasol said. He also discussed his expected on-court meshing with Finals MVP LeBron James“I’m a first pass kinda guy. But somebody — he’s gonna score too at his will whenever he decides to score, he’s gonna be able to score.”
  • Jason Jones of The Athletic takes stock of Kings GM Monte McNair‘s patient approach to his first offseason in Sacramento. Jones suggests that McNair’s reticence to make a big splash on the free agent or trade market indicates a confidence in the development of the club’s young core.
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23 thoughts on “California Notes: Bogdanovic, Clippers, Gasol, McNair

  1. But you know what would have been more savvy than letting him walk? Getting assets in exchange for a player widely pursued.

    • Miklo916

      They tired backfired. And to match it then Thrace they would of had to pay 15% kicker in any trade. And they can’t force him to just where they want

      • They could have traded him earlier, or extended him earlier.

        He probably was going to sign for the amount Milwaukee was offering until it got prematurely announced and teams started telling his agent how much they were willing to offer. So when he got wind of Atlanta offering him more, he spurned the Bucks offer that couldn’t be consummated yet and did the pivot.

        Point is still the Kings could have been much savvier to do something with a valued asset rather than let him walk out the door. Telling yourself it was smart because you might have a young replacement? Foolhardy.

        • The “point is” paragraph is solid, kings reporter paints move in a positive way early in a new gms tenure makes sense too and I get his point, rebuilding teams should never sign someone for 4 years 72 million that’s the way to pick 10-15 and ruin long term trajectory

  2. Sillivan

    Kings salary includes Whiteside Frank and Haliburton
    Total team salary 104m
    Exceed team salary floor
    Therefore they don’t want to spend

    Kings are hopeless,comparable to Wolves and Knicks

  3. Sillivan

    Kings have two types of players
    1 soft
    2 offensive playoffs
    They are in deep trouble for the years to come

    • kingsforever 2

      Evolve Fox, Haliburton and Bagley. Add two 3 and D players, one in the 2021 lottery. And then words with the playoffs 2022/23. Patience. The west is strong. But it is getting weaker soon.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    If somehow Clippers can turn Beverley and Williams. Into D Rose and Griffin. That would be something.
    How about just D Rose .
    (sorry just couldn’t help myself)

  5. Regardless of whether he was in their LT plans (itself not savvy), they screwed up. You never let an asset walk out the door and get nothing in return, when it’s this easy to prevent. They have no further use for cap space this year, no tax concerns and can certainly trade his deal for value before next year.

    If its a savvy move, lots of teams would be doing it every year (walking away from a RFA that was being courted by several teams). They’re not.

    • kingsforever 2

      Fox will get 28 million next year. Then Cap is gone. And bogi, like Hield, are difficult to trade. Barnes worse. Being flexible doesn’t mean paying for everything. Bogi cannot defend himself

  6. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Gasol doesn’t seem to realize that both he and LeBron are turning 36 in a month or two. So saying that LBJ is “going to be able to score whenever he decides to” is blind optimism at its best. Of course most Lakers fans are probably the same, but in a few months they will eventually come to realize the truth of the situation.

    • Noel1982

      James will remain much better then Westbrook till the day he retires ! Russ is showing much more signs of being washed then lebron lol ! Forget birthdays it’s how the body is holding up from past injures ! Even Kawhi at 30 might age out before lebron at 36 !

    • xxtremecubsguy89

      And you seem to forget that Houston isn’t going anywhere in the next 10-20 years.

      • Hannibal8us

        They’ve been saying it for years. It’s the only thing other teams have to hold on to, maybe this will be the year Lebron falls off. I do think he’ll have an un-Lebron like regular season but mostly because of the short layoff. He’ll pick it back up when the games really mean something.

        • Dxit90a

          Well technically This year “Pandamic” shutdown during the season helped Lebron rest up and red/energies. And yes everyone benefited. I doubt he regress a lot this season most likely after that it will start to show .

          • bitterpadresfan

            A chip is a chip but you can’t get nearly as much satisfaction with an entire team of deuche bag free agents as you would with guys your team drafted and grew up up in your organization.

  7. hiflew

    You know you are doing things poorly as a franchise when people start writing about it being a great move when you literally do nothing.

  8. bazutoo

    What if the Hawks get Giannis. They have can trade Collins, Huerter, Cappella, and Hunter.

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