Celtics Deal Poirier To Thunder

The Celtics have traded center Vincent Poirier and cash considerations to the Thunder for a conditional future second-round pick, according to the Celtics’ Twitter feed.

Poirier, who saw limited playing time last season, will make $2.62MM next season. He can be a restricted free agent after next season if Oklahoma City extends a $3.27MM qualifying offer.

Boston gives itself a little more cap flexibility with the move. In 22 games during his first NBA season, Poirier averaged 1.9 PPG in 5.9 MPG. He only played a total of 130 minutes.

Poirier led the Euro League in rebounding during the 2018/19 season with Baskonia of the Spanish Liga ACB.

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18 thoughts on “Celtics Deal Poirier To Thunder

    • xtraflamy

      …as long as you offer picks! Presti collecting picks like pokémon.

      Own 1st
      GSW 1st
      MIA 1st

      Own 1st
      LAC 1st
      PHX 1st

      Own 1st
      MIA 1st

      Own 1st
      LAC 1st
      HOU 1st

      Own 1st
      PHI 1st

      Own 1st
      LAC 1st
      HOU 1st

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        And with all of those picks what are the odds that any of them will be as good as KD, Harden, or Westbrook?

        Slim to none is my guess. Lightning (and Thunder) already struck the same place thrice for them in 3 consecutive drafts.

  1. Jeff Zanghi

    I actually think that, given a chance, he could be a decent backup Center. Certainly not a starter — and maybe not even the primary option off the bench… but he looked capable of playing a solid 10/15 MPG in the right scenario and seemed like he could provide decent rebounding and adequate low-post offense. I don’t think he’ll ever really be someone who gets big minutes. But based on how he looked when he played with the Celtics last year (which granted really wasn’t that often) he seems like a guy who could average 5/5 Pts/Rebs if given the opportunity.

    • Luckylefty2

      I think he fits in a system where they’re 3 centers because I definitely wouldn’t rely on poirier to start.

  2. Chris_Favreau

    I obviously could be wrong, but I feel like the C’s are up to something… Maybe a sign and trade with GH?

    • Lars MacDonald

      I can think of a couple of possibilities:

      1) They might be trying to dip under the salary cap if they really lose Hayward. They are within a few million of the $109 million cap.
      2) Their roster is overflowing and they’re trimming the fat so they can grab a few guys in free agency.

      • Chris_Favreau

        I’m thinking sign and trade, honestly. C’s can offer him more money than anyone else and have his bird rights. His only other choices I believe are the Knicks and Hawks as far as teams that can sign him outright at this point. If he’s looking for a large contract, which he obviously is, it more than likely will have to be a sign and trade which has to be a minimum of 3 years.

  3. case7187

    Maybe their going to sign Marc Gasol I think he could fit well with the C’s he’s kinda a mirror image of Love who Danny has a hard on for

      • case7187

        What are you talking about that’s their biggest need do you not watch them or something even the team will tell you they do

    • hiflew

      Gasol is virtually guaranteed to be going to Europe now. I doubt he signs anywhere other than Spain.

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