Celtics, Magic, Wizards Exploring Trading Up In Draft?

The Celtics, Magic, and Wizards are among the teams exploring the possibility of moving up from their current spots in the first round of the draft, league sources tell Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer.

Boston, which currently holds the 14th, 26th, and 30th overall selections, have offered all three of those picks in an effort to move up into the middle of the lottery, but no one is biting so far, according to O’Connor.

Orlando has the 15th overall pick and is also trying to move into the middle of the lottery, per O’Connor, though it’s not clear what the club is offering to sweeten the pot for potential trade partners. The Magic do hold all of their future first-rounders and could make one of those available if they want to move up badly enough.

As for the Wizards, they’re currently set to pick at No. 9, but O’Connor hears they’re angling to move up from there. General manager Tommy Sheppard acknowledged immediately after August’s draft lottery that trading up would be a possibility for his club, though it’s unclear whether Washington is targeting a specific player or spot. O’Connor wonders if a high-upside prospect like LaMelo Ball might pique the Wizards’ interest, especially if he slips beyond the top few picks.

Plenty of teams picking in the top half of the lottery, including the Timberwolves (No. 1), Warriors (No. 2), and Bulls (No. 4) have reportedly looked into trading down or would have interest in doing so. In other words, there should be options for the Celtics, Magic, Wizards, and any other teams that would like to move up.

However, given this year’s unusual pre-draft process and the perception that the 2020 class lacks star power, it may be a challenge for teams to agree on fair value for swapping picks separated by a few spots. The draft is still more than two weeks away and the league’s transaction moratorium has yet to be lifted, so we’ll have to wait a little longer to see how much movement there is in the first round.

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27 thoughts on “Celtics, Magic, Wizards Exploring Trading Up In Draft?

  1. Sillivan

    I read that all top-8 picks want to trade up or down
    Trade down

    Trade up

    Trade out

  2. jacobsigel1025

    The Celtics obviously should be exploring to trade up with those 3 picks. If they do end up getting a mid lottery, I see Okongwu and Halliburton as the likely targets. Boston needs more size in the front court. Theis and Time Lord are solid but they’re both more of stretch guys and the C’s can use a big body with Kanter possibly on the way out who also doesn’t help for shit on defense lmao. Halliburton represents a future option at PG with Kemba in his 30’s and Wanamaker entering FA after the following season. Yea Smart can play some PG as a 6th man but I like him better off ball as the 2

        • hiflew

          Although Atlanta would never do that deal. But a team starting a rebuild like Detroi at 7 could consider it. Detroit needs a lot of young players and that could be a good start.

    • traderumors

      Yeah I’m not too confident because the Celtics were unable to combine multiple picks and move up in the draft a few years ago.
      Picks aren’t as valuable as you think so you can’t just wait until right before the draft and also expect the perfect deal Ainge likes to do.
      Especially after taking 4 picks last year and now the whole league knows you have to unload this years picks.

    • formerlyz

      While I think Okongwu would be really good on that team, I also like Theis a lot, and think Robert Williams is coming on strong after the way he played recently. They also have some small lineups they can go to next year. I think there are bigs there for them later on, so a trade up would be for Toppin, who would fit around their defensive guys.

  3. fishy 9 dogs

    Magic get #1, Culver, and Johnson

    Wolves get #15, Aaron Gordon, 2021 pick

    Haven’t thought about it a whole lot. What do you guys think?

    • downeysoft42

      Don’t think the wolves take it. Not a bad trade I just don’t think Gordon and 2 possible mid first out weighs the #1 pick

      • fishy 9 dogs

        I just think it moves the needle if that 2021 pick is unprotected. Allows them a lot more trade flexibility to go after a bigger move.

        • Magic 24/7

          Seriously doubt ORL gives up an unprotected 2021 1st. They might not even be interested in Culver or top of this draft.

          I think they’re more interested in moving up for their guys in the 7-12 range.

      • fishy 9 dogs

        Maybe swap him with pick 33? I like culver, but I don’t think he fits with what this team is trying to do. I think he’d be better off in another situation. Plus, his contract isn’t exactly cheap and we could get solid value at 33.

    • phillyballers

      Gordon doesn’t have that kind of value. I’d say Culver has more value than Gordon straight up.

  4. thekayz

    If I’m Detroit, you get Enes Kanter to opt in and trade
    him to me along with those three picks and #7 is yours!

  5. Simmons>Russ

    I think if your the Wizards (9th) or Spurs (11th) you’d jump at the chance of getting three picks for 1.

    I mean in this draft you have a good front 5 but not amazing. Then there’s a good drop off from 5-9 then another drop off from 10 onwards but those picks between 10-20 all have similar level players.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone picked in the teens become a real star like Donovan Mitchell from a few years back.

    If your the Celtics I’d just hold off on trading all those picks just to move up a couple spaces. I’d try grab James Wiseman or Obi Toppin if they can get into the top 5/6 area but that seems unlikely. Celtics should be targeting a point guard to learn and be back up for Kemba (Cole Anthony, Nico Mannion, RJ Hampton, Theo Maledon, Kira Lewis). Then target a big man (Vernon Carey, Zeke Nnjai, Isaiah Stewart, Daniel Oturu).

    Celtics have a win now team and should be building around Tatum at the 3 and Brown at the 2. So I’d plan on getting a successor for Kemba and getting a impact centre.

  6. I’m guessing the tier breaks in this draft will vary team by team more than usual, but I see a possible hard break at around 11-12, and then a softer break around 20-22.

    Trade ups at the top of the NBA draft are about a specific player on draft day. But it makes sense that at least the Celts and Magic would be looking into it in advance. Not sure about the Wiz, unless they’ve identified someone now.

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    I’m Wizards I’m going for Wiseman. I’m sure they could get a nice deal with Minny for Beal.
    Culver, Johnson, #1 pick, Future #1, another player.
    Walls contract is not going anywhere. This teams future is not about next yr. Its about yrs from now. So why mess around and stall. Go for it now. That trade plus the 9th pick. Makes their future much much brighter. And Wall can be the vet to guide them there.

  8. ch050995

    If I were golden state I’d trade the 2nd and Wiggins or draymond for all 3 firsts from the Celtics , the first next year, the ability to swap firsts in 2022, and a player or 2 with less salary so they can Also shed salary in the process. This helps them fill the roster out with limited finances and saves them $ by not having to pay too dollar with the #2 pick contract

    • thekayz

      BOS is already over (or close to being over) the LUXURY CAP! BOS needs to get rid of salary, not take it on….

  9. formerlyz

    All 3 of those teams makes sense, in terms of the Celtics looking for a top pick, and Washington and Orlando could use another pick somwhere in mid-late part of the first round

    I think the Celtics make the most sense for Toppin of any of the teams in the lottery, but chances are he wont fall to 14, and they’ll have to trade up into him. As of right now, depending on trades and how the board goes, i have them taking Toppin, Achiuwa, and Mannion at 14, 26, and 30 (as well as vernon carey at 47), which obviously would work out pretty well for them

    Meanwhile, both Orlando and Washington could use 1 of those wings in the 10-20 range. I think Tyrell Terry should be there for Orlando at 15, so that shouldnt be a problem for them, as he seems like he would be a great fit for them. I have Orlando taking Zeke Nnaji at 45, and he would be a theoretical fit as well. If they could end up with someone like Aaron Nesmith, Josh Green, Ty-Shon Alexander, or Tyler Bey, that would be a great get for them…Washington could probably use 1 of those guys as well. I currently have them taking Maxey and Grant Riller at 9 and 37, so coming away with pieces like that would be a significant boost to their rebuild

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